Best Drivers for Mid Handicappers

If you are a mid handicapper golfer, you should not miss this article to read till the last line of it, as you going to get the invaluable treasury within it that will change your game from 1800 from now onwards.

In this article, you will come to know how should you buy the best driver for mid-handicappers along with the top 6 collections of the best mid-handicapper golfers.

Remember one thing that your golf club is very responsible for is the result of the game along with skills, experience, and method to hit the ball.

Moreover, you start your game by the driver itself, so never keep approaching to buy the driver club randomly, or by attracting to the various offer.

However, it’s your responsibility to pick the best one from all of them and GolsherShan is taking the opportunity to show you the right direction toward it.

Best Golf Drivers for Average Golfers

While searching for a suitable handicapper driver set, you will find a vast category of it, and now you are having a perfect buying guide too.

Still, you are confused and not able to decide and want our strongly researched suggestion, below are the top 6 recommendations for the best mid-handicapper drivers that you can purchase even with closed eyes.

1. PGX Offset Golf Driver

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What if you find the driver strongly recommended by a very authentic source and people love it too much?

If you are looking for that one, then PGX offset golf driver fulfills all these criteria for you, it is the #1 best seller on Amazon and holds 3000+ very positive feedback from current existing users of Amazon.

This PGX offset golf driver is available for both hand-oriented players, so whether you are a right-handed mid-handicapper or a left-handed golfer, you stay away from worrying, you can choose according to your comfort.

Talking about the flex, the golf club flex is regular which is most recommended for the mid to high handicappers to win the game.

The golf club loft is 10.5 degrees — returns you a very long distance and is the most recommended loft angle for beginners and seniors.

The shaft material is graphite and due to this reason, it became very lightweight of just 200 grams, so you can not avoid buying it.

Additional features: Offset anti-slice technology, clubhead of 460cc, included the headcover, offset driver.

Reasons to Buy

  • The look is very elegant and attractive
  • Comes with two flexible options
  • Very great worth against the money you spend
  • Very lightweight
  • Available for both-handed players

Reason to Avoid

  • Not good for very pro and top-level golf amateurs
  • Comes with insufficient packaging

2. King Par TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men’s

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You should hold your cursor here if you are searching for the best forgiving driver for mid-handicappers.

The king par tec plus driver comes with 460cc size, and golf regular club flex provides ease of hit to the handicappers.

The shaft of graphite makes this driver very lightweight and proves this right, the weight of this mid-handicapper driver is only 840 grams — very comfortable to swing with less energy.

Talking about the hand orientation, here you will find one loophole as it is available only for right-handed golfers, so in case you are a left-handed golfer, you should select from the above ones or scroll down to find your perfect one.

Additional premium features 460cc volume, highly MOI design, Xtreme design shaft, and free headcover included.

Reasons to Buy

  • Provides higher flight and longer distances consistently
  • The sweet spot is very large and easy to locate
  • Comes with the free headcover
  • Very easy to swing for the handicappers

Reason to Avoid

  • Available only for the right-handed players
  • Not so good for very experienced and pro players

3. TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver Men

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If you want the best value driver for a mid handicapper with certification from a reputed source, TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Driver Men’s is the best choice for you.

The TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Driver Men’s is listed in the “Amazon’s Choice” and trending on Amazon with 250+ positive feedback from the current existing users.

It is available for both-handed players, so you don’t need to worry whether you are a right-handed golfer or a left-handed mid handicapper, you can buy it without hustle.

The material of the driver is titanium and the shaft material is graphite — this combination makes this one a very lightweight and durable driver club for mid-handicap golf lovers.

Talking about a very important module – it comes with five variants of flex — regular, stiff, extra stiff, ladies, and senior flex.

Here your category matters totally in choosing the flex, if you are a male beginner, regular flex is good for you, if you are a senior mid handicapper, senior flex is better for you, and if you are a beginner or senior lady golfer, you should regular or ladies or senior flex.

Reasons to Buy

  • Extremely distance generator
  • Very much forgiving
  • No noticeable weakness

Reason to Avoid

  • Little bit expensive

4. Cobra Golf 2021 Men’s Radspeed XB Driver

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Cobra Golf 2021 Men’s Radspeed XB driver is one of the best forgiving drivers for mid handicappers due to its premium and latest features.

Fortunately, it is available for both-handed golfers, so if you are a left-handed player or a right-handed mid handicapper, you can purchase this one if all other aspects are fulfilling your requirements.

The shaft material is Fujikura motor XF3 (3 more variants), which is a very high-quality material that makes your driver very durable, and the grip type is lamkin crossline connect.

Talking about flex, it comes with 4 types of flex — regular flex, stiff flex, senior flex, and extra stiff, among which you are not supposed to touch the stiff and extra stiff flex as a mid handicapper, you should buy from the regular and senior flex.

The next important aspect is a loft, and there are three variants of loft, 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees, and 12 degrees, this is the range, among which you can pick anyone, so you don’t need to struggle more to select the loft angle.

Additional Features: Radial Weighting Technology, CNC Milled Infinity Face, Thin-Ply Carbon Crown, Lighter T-Bar Chassis, and Extreme Back Weighting.

Reasons to Buy

  • A very impressive amount of the loft variation
  • Feels very stable during the hitting zone
  • Look and design is very attractive
  • The gripping system is very awesome

Reason to Avoid

  • Not available easily on e-commerce sites due to heavy selling

5. Callaway Golf Epic Flash Driver

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If you are searching for the best driver for mid to high handicappers, Callaway would be the best selection for you due to its premium features within your budget.

Callaway is a brand that does not need any certificate from anyone, it is one of the most popular dominating brands in the US and the overall market for all kinds of golf clubs.

Talking about Callaway golf epic flash driver, it comes with the regular golf club flex, and the loft is 12 degrees which is exactly perfect for mid handicapper golf amateurs.

In addition, it is available only for right-handed players, so if you are a left-handed player, you should scroll down to find your best one.

The shaft material is graphite which makes it very easier, and that’s why the weight of this mid handicapper driver is 570 grams.

It is integrated with the Flash Face the latest technology to help the golfers get high speed for longer distances.

Moreover, it becomes more forgiving due to including the lighter triaxial carbon crown which distributes the weight.

Reasons to Buy

  • Due to epic flash face technology, you will get very high speed and longer distance
  • Look and feel are very extreme
  • Very lightweight driver for mid handicappers

Reason to Avoid

  • Expensive

6. Titleist TSI2 Driver

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Titleist TSI2 driver performers on a very extreme level for beginners and mid-handicap golf amateurs on every golf course.

Talking about the premium feature of this best driver for mid to high handicappers, the size is 10, the golf club is senior, and the hand orientation is right.

It comes with a loft of 10 degrees that provides a very long distance — this is the best-recommended loft for beginners and mid-to-high handicapper golf lovers.

The material of the driver is titanium which makes it very long-lasting and you don’t need to change your driver again and again.

Reasons to Buy

  • Launching is very high
  • Lower spin for a forgiving driver
  • Forgiveness is very great for this driver
  • Very long-lasting

Reason to Avoid

  • Very much expensive

Checklist For Buying The Best Mid Handicapper Drivers

Hence, buying the best mid handicapper driver is easy stuff if you want to pick it randomly instead of going strategy.

But you are not supposed to do it if you want to enjoy your game and want to keep playing golf for a very long time.

If you want to, you should make yourself aware of the buying process of drivers first, and then you should start looking for the best golf driver for the average golfer.

Here are some very important points that you should consider while ordering your midcap driver club on Amazon or other e-commerce sites.

Check The Shaft

The shaft is a very important module within the driver or any other golf club and you need to double-check whether it provides you comfort or not.

In general, shafts are made from two elements — either they are made of graphite or made from metal.

Metal shafts are heavier but long-lasting, whereas graphite shafts are very lightweight, but not very long-lasting.

You would confuse here that which one you should buy, right?

Let me suggest that you should buy a driver for mid handicappers having the graphite shaft because shafts are replaceable, so when you want to change your shaft, you will not have to buy a new driver, just buy a new shaft and replace it with the older one.

Flex of Golf Driver Club

The next very important factor is flex which plays a noticeable role in the swing speed, as a beginner, you don’t need a very high swing or very low swing, you need the median swing speed because, in the beginning, accuracy is firstly preferred to become a pro player of golf.

There are many variants of flex — regular flex, senior flex, ladies flex, stiff flex, and extra stiff flex, amongst which you are not supposed to touch the stiff flex and extra stiff flex as a beginner mid handicapper.

Now, the selection of flex depends on a combination of many aspects —whether you are a male or female, mid handicapper or high handicapper, beginner or expert, younger golfer or senior golfer, etc…

If you are a younger male beginner, you should choose regular flex, if you are a younger lady beginner, you need to choose regular or ladies flex, if you are a senior player, you can choose any flex apart from stiff and extra stiff flex.

Pricing Factor

It may not happen after you purchase a driver and received it at your home and then after you realized that you have paid more money compared to the features.

In addition, pricing becomes a very major reason not to buy your desired one, it may be more expensive than your decided budget.

So, when you start finding suitable drivers for mid handicappers, you should keep the pricing factor in your mind.

Weight of The Golf Driver

Weight is indirectly connected with the swing speed, ball height, and distance — despite the manufacturer’s claims of the long distance from the driver, if the weight is very high, you will not able able to swing it with full energy.

Even if you will apply your full force, due to the heavy weight of the driver, you will not be able to gain a high and enough swing, and your ball will not get a longer distance and flight.

As a beginner especially, you must select a golf club that is very lightweight, and if you want a combination of lightweight and durability, buy a driver made from titanium and a shaft that should be of graphite.

Hand Orientation

What if you are a left-handed player, you ordered a driver randomly, and when you received the item at your home, then you realized that this driver can be used only by the right-handed players?

In this case, you will have to follow the avoidable and unnecessary replacement process (if a seller agrees to replacement) and it may irritate you. In some cases, you may have to pay extra money as well.

So, it’s very recommended to double-check the hand orientation of the driver while ordering.


Q1: What is considered a mid handicap?

Ans: Well, there is not any official determination guide for the mid handicap, but for your understanding, if someone is playing with a handicap between 11 to 20, he is a mid handicap.

Q2: Is it worth buying a new driver?

Ans: Buying a new driver is worth and not worth as well — this is a situation that changes person-to-person. There are many aspects considered to find the answer to this question.

If your driver is very old, then you will have to upgrade it to a new one, because despite having extreme skills, if your driver does not support the feature, you can’t play well.

In the other situation, if your driver is very latest and upgraded but you are not enough skilled, you don’t need to change the driver but upgrade your skills.

Final Words

Choosing the best driver for mid handicapper becomes tough when you are having multiple choices having similarly featured products.

In this situation, the chances of choosing the wrong product are increased very much, and that is why you must be aware of buying guide for the mid handicapper drivers.

If still you are confused about which one is better or best for you and not able to decide, let me suggest you — considering the universal requirement of a mid or high handicapper player,

you should select Cobra Golf 2021 Men’s Radspeed XB Driver, as it’s very lightweight, more forgiving, distance generator, and pricing is very affordable.

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