Best Golf Driver Under $100

A golf driver is the most important piece of equipment for a golf game. The proper driver can improve your driving range, driving accuracy, and distance.

So do you have a low budget? 

Don’t worry this article will help you find the best golf drivers under 100 dollars.

Finding the right driver is really tough stuff, and if you are having a low budget, it becomes more difficult.

If you do have a low budget, that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with the quality.


With a lower budget as well you can get the best golf driver, but you have to do a lot of research for it.

But, if you don’t want to do so if you want it with the least research with trust, this article is with you.

Best Golf Driver Under 100

Finding the best driver under budget is crucially difficult because there are very less products in this range, but it’s not impossible.

You might face some problems finding it, and after a certain effort, many golfers give up, so to avoid this for you, we have listed the top 5 best golf driver clubs for you, that will give you total worth against the money that you will be spending.

It’s believed that one can not have branded products in the low range, but it’s a myth, for proof, let’s go through the below golf drivers below 100 bucks.

1. PGX Offset Golf Driver

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If you are looking for an offset driver under $100, the PGS offset golf driver is the perfect one for you.

This PGX offset golf driver has been loved by more than 3400 people yet, and still, it continues, do you want to be the next one?

It is available for both-handed golfers so you should choose according to your hand orientation for betterment.

Talking about the flex, it comes with the regular flex only, so if you are used to playing with the regular flex, it’s best for you, and if you don’t, wait for the next one.

It comes with 10.5 degrees loft angle which is more than enough to send the ball to the second end of the golf course.

PGX offset golf driver is very lightweight, just 200 grams because the shaft of it has been made from graphite.

The bonus includes the offset anti-slice technology, 460 cc club head, and head cover.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very budget-friendly
  • Have a great design
  • Very forgiving
  • Too lightweight

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not very much durable
  • Comfortable only for the right-handed golfers

2. Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver

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Callaway is a very popular brand, and if you are getting a driver under $100 from Callaway, you should not miss the chance to order it.

If you are a right-handed golfer and looking for a branded golf driver for under 100 dollars, this is the best chance to grab the deal.

It comes with two variations in terms of shaft material — alloy steel and graphite.

If you want a long-lasting driver, then you should choose the alloy steel shaft, it would be a very little bit heavier.

If you want a very lightweight driver, you should choose the graphite shafted driver, but it would not be as lasting as the alloy steel shafted driver.

Talking about the flex, it is made with the regular flex and ladies’ flex, so if you are not good at swinging with the regular flex, don’t worry, check the next one.

A very good point of this club under 100 bucks is 10 degrees and 12 degrees which are good enough for sending your ball to the whole in one shot.

Talking about the driver’s material is made from alloy steel and that is why it’s very durable.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very much forgiveness
  • Best for golfers looking for reducing slice spin
  • Very affordable price

Reason to Avoid

  • Does not work for golfers who hook the ball

3. Adams Golf Speedline Driver

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If you are looking for a very lightweight and budget-friendly golf driver for beginner golfers, the Adams Golf Speedline driver is the end of your search.

It offers you a Speedline that is very high performance with a 460 cc driver with lower aerodynamic drag.

It’s long-lasting + durable because the shaft of this golf driver has been made from graphite and alloy steel, and that is why it’s lightweight (graphite) and durable (alloy steel).

The clubhead speed is equal to 2.5 – 4.2 mph and higher, with less drag from the Speedline driver.

Talking about the flex, it comes with the stiff flex only, so if you are used to playing with the stiff flex, it’s a very good deal for you, and if you are not, scroll to the next one.

Solutions for Optimal face area with the transition from face to body.

A very nice thing is that the loft angle of this club is 9.5 and that is why you can hit the ball farther with accuracy by applying the minimum effort.

The core material of the club is graphite and that is why it’s very lightweight that provides you the easiness to swing the driver perfectly.

Reasons to Buy

  • Aerodynamic driver
  • Great distance for beginner golfers
  • Very affordable price

Reason to Avoid

  • Available only for the right-handed players

4. Callaway FT-9 Driver (Draw)

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Again, if you are a right-handed beginner golfer and looking for a lightweight branded golf driver under $100, the Callaway FT-9 draw driver is supposed to fulfill your requirements.

Due to being a shaft from graphite, it’s very lightweight, and as a beginner, the lightweight golf driver is very recommended for you.

Talking about the flex, it comes with the senior flex only, so if you are used to playing with the senior flex, it’s good for you.

Again, the material of the entire club is graphite, it’s the double benefit and makes it more lightweight.

As an additional feature, it has Hyperbolic Face Technology, Fusion Technology, OptiFit Weighting System, and Visible External Web Weighting.

Considering the loft angle (which is very important), it’s 13 degrees, which offers you higher and longer shots.

The Callaway FT-9 Driver is a 9-degree lofted driver, meaning it is designed for players who hit the ball more off the heel and mid-heel. 

With this in mind, you want to aim the club face open and out from your body.

The club head has a slightly narrower shape which will provide more forgiveness on off-center hits.

Reasons to Buy

  • Large clubface for more forgiveness
  • Shorter shaft for more control
  • Draw-bias technology to help fight a slice
  • Very lightweight
  • Can be customized to fit your swing

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some golfers find the club difficult to hit
  • Can be difficult to control if you have a slow swing speed

5. Warrior Forged Titanium Driver

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If you are looking for a very long-lasting driver for beginner golfers below $100, this warrior-forged titanium driver.

The world-champion titanium wrench driver will make your swings feel like heaven. 

Talking about the flex, it comes with the Uniflex shaft, and that is why anyone can use it.

Due to being made with titanium, it is very long-lasting, and also due to having graphite as a shaft material, it’s very lightweight.

Yes, the shaft has been made from graphite and that is why it’s very lightweight, which is very recommended for beginners, and even if you are a senior golfer, it’s very good for you.

Extreme long-distance design is the way to go when looking for the most distance.

As an additional benefit, elevated and easy ball flight, no matter your swing speed.

With maximum perimeter weight, warrior custom golf clubs are more accurate and of higher quality.

Reasons to Buy

  • Titanium construction is durable and will last long
  • Low price point
  • Forgiving head design

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some loss of accuracy compared to more expensive clubs
  • Not the longest driver on the market

Considerable Things While Buying The Driver

Before you buy a new golf driver in your budget, you should consider some very important things, and if they are not being fulfilled, you should not buy them.

So, what are those things? Let’s explore them, moreover, if you want to explore them in-depth, you can go through the perfect driver buying guide as well.

Shaft and Flex

You should use graphite shafts if you have a slower swing speed and stiffer shafts if you have a faster swing speed.

Even if a shaft is stiff, it can have desirable properties, such as increased club distance. You may need to experiment to find the right shaft.

Drivers come in various sizes. Consider your height, weight, and swing speed before choosing a driver.

A longer shaft may be necessary if you have a slower swing speed. If your golf club is too short, the ball might be hit on the toe, producing poor results.

The weight and height of bowling balls play a role in how the ball will react. Heavier balls may produce lower trajectories, while lighter balls may produce higher trajectories.

Fast swing speed means you should pick a stiffer shaft because it flexes faster.

The best way to figure out which flex you need is by knowing your club head speed and ball flight.

Generally, a softer flexing shaft will flex faster for a player with a quicker swing.

Adjustability and Size With Materials Used

Golf clubs can be customized to fit your needs by changing the lie and loft. A good way to find the right club for you is with an adjustable driver. 

It’s best if it is fitted to your swing profile and has the balance that feels most comfortable.

You can find a step driver to fit your play frequency, whether you’re a frequent golfer.

Golfers that are able to play more consistently will spend more and experience better Golf swings with titanium drivers. Stainless steel drivers are heavier, but easier to control when descending.

Golfers can count on driving more fairways when a 460cc driver, because of its lower moment of inertia.

Center of Gravity

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a driver, and one important factor is the center of gravity.

You can adjust the weight of your club by what type of stroke you are using. The player can adjust the weight balance on their driver to change how it plays.

The Loft of Driver Club

The angle of the club face for drivers should be based on your swing speed. Drivers differ in the loft from 8.5° to 15°.

New two-piece golf balls are most optimal for recreational golfers that are looking to put a little more spin on the ball.

If you have an average swing speed, you should use a driver with 10.5° to 12° of the loft.

These are the points there are importantly considerable, but these are not enough, you should visit the complete driver club buying. 

It may be harder for you to get all these points in one driver, so you should choose the driver which can fulfill the maximum features, and that is why you will see them above.


Does an expensive driver make a difference?

You may use higher-quality drivers and longer shafts for added game control. These features can give you the distance and accuracy needed for challenging shots. Sometimes, these features are adjustable to help you customize your shots more effectively.

Do golf drivers lose distance over time?

For golf drivers, it takes thousands of uses before they lose their effectiveness. Although metal fatigue can affect the club over time, this is rare for professional players since they use their clubs rarely.

Final Thoughts

Buying the best driver is really a big deal, and the lower budget increases your exercise to do so.

For this, you need a lot of research and reviews, but what if someone does it on your behalf of you?

Yes, the same I am thinking and that is why I have listed the best drivers for you under 100 bucks by doing very in-depth research.

You can choose anyone from above, all are the most beneficial for you, yes, you need to choose one of them according to the nature of the game.

You can also go with the best golf driver for under $200 for more features.

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