Best Muscle Back Irons

The muscle back irons are very much forgiving and mostly used by the low handicap golf amateurs, as well as it is very recommended for beginners also.

At first sight, you will not be able to judge that it’s a muscle back iron as its look is traditional and similar to the blade and all common iron, but it is a little bit thicker and more forgiving than all other irons.

The muscle back iron has also other different features that makes it different from other irons, and all are going to be explored with a proper buying guide with the top 5 best muscle back irons within this article.

If you are a beginner or a low-handicapped golfer, you should use muscle back irons as they will give extra-ordinary benefits and you will feel more confident while entering the golf battle carrying the muscle back irons within your golf bag.

Moreover, you will find a vast collection of muscle-back irons while searching it, you need to have a mind map in your mind about selecting the same, which is going to be given within this article.

Here Is The List of 5 Best Muscle Back Irons

As the buying guide gave you everything about picking the best muscle back golf iron, and you will be able to pick the most suitable one following it,

however, I believe, I should assist you by recommending the evergreen muscle back iron club that you can buy blindly as they are full worth of money.

So, let’s start exploring without wasting time!

1. TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set

If you are looking for awesome muscle back irons comfortable for both-handed players within your budget, the TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron set is perfectly suiting your requirements.

It comes with a shaft of graphite and alloy steel amongst which you need to choose one according to your requirements.

Talking about flex, it has three variants in flex, regular, stiff, and extra stiff, and the selection of flex amongst this depends upon your skills and method of golfing.

The loft bend of the golf club is only one degree which provides you with an extremely high distance after you hit the ball.

Additional Features: Forged Hollow Body Construction, SpeedFoam, Low Profile Tungsten Weighting, Thru Slot Speed Pocket, Progressive ICT.


  • Very long-distance provides
  • The look is similar to a blade iron
  • Extreme ball speed
  • Very high forgiveness for low handicappers


  • Not good for high handicappers

2. Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Iron Set

If you are a low handicap golfer and looking for the best iron with muscle back for both-handed golfers, you should keep more attention on this Callaway Golf Apex Iron set for more time.

It offers you to select the shaft from graphite and alloy steel amongst which you need to choose anyone according to your requirements.

Steel shaft – a little bit heavier and durable — Graphite Shaft – Lightweight and less durable than a steel one.

Talking about flex, it is available in three categories, regular flex, stiff flex, and light flex, you should choose according to your need.

The bend of the loft is 21 degrees which can provide you a log distance and high ball flight together.

Talking about the Club Material, it’s graphite which plays a very major role to make it more lightweight than others.

It’s a forged iron designed with AI to provide extreme and superior performance with a better feel for each swing.

To provide more forgiveness on off-the-center hits, it has been implemented by the Tungsten Energy Core system within the clubs.


  • The look is very amazing
  • Offers you a very great feel
  • Distance is very consistent


  • Very expensive

3. Cobra Golf 2021 Men’s RadSpeed Iron Set

You might have to ignore the first one because it’s only for right-handed golfers, but this Cobra Golf 2021 Men’s RadSpeed Iron set is preferred for both-handed golf amateurs.

This is one of the Easiest muscle back irons to hit due to its all-in-one premium features that we are going to explore now.

It comes with the shaft material of KBS Tour 90 which is made from graphite and it makes the iron set very lightweight — the total weight of the muscle back iron set is only 6 pounds.

Moreover, the flex is regular which is very recommended for the low handicappers and beginners as well to hit the ball and control the iron after hitting.

Talking about the golf club loft, it is 5 degrees, able to provide you the long-distance and more control over the club.

The muscle back iron has been made from carbon steel which is very long-lasting and lightweight as well.

Additional Features: Radial Weighting Technology, Forged PowerShell Face, 3D Printed Medallion, Tuned Rad Weighting, Tuned Rad Weighting.


  • Extremely forgiveness holder
  • The look, style, and feel are very modern
  • Expensive, but very reasonable compared to others
  • Comes with more advanced technologies


  • Stronger loft and very low spin may not be preferred for everyone

4. Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set Series

If you are constantly searching for the Best muscle back irons of all time and have not found them yet, this Mizuno MP – 20 Golf Irons Set Series is going to accomplish your requirement right now.

It is available only for right-handed golfers and comes with harmonic impact technology with fine-tuned head geometry which is supposed to deliver the ideal impact feel.

Talking about the shaft material, it comes with two types of shaft Nippon Modules 120 and KBS S-Tapper, amongst which you need to choose your preferred one according to your requirements.

It comes with a stiff flex, so if you are having a little bit of experience golfing for a while and you are a taller golfer, then you should select this one, as the stiff flex is harder than the regular one.

The grip material is rubber and the weight of this best muscle back iron set is only 8 pounds which is very recommended for low handicap golf players.

It provides you with a better-enhanced feel due to the inclusion of copper underlay of a thin layer of nickel chrome.


  • Excellent look
  • Very much better feel
  • Very suitable for the power players


  • High spin rate

5. Srixon Golf ZX4 Irons (8 Iron Set)

If you are having a budget of more than $1200 in search of the best muscle back iron for low handicappers, the Srixon Golf ZX4 Irons set is here to conclude your desires.

It is mostly preferred only for right-handed players and comes with two types of flex; regular and stiff, amongst which you are supposed to choose one according to your requirements.

Talking about the material, the shaft material, and club material is alloy steel, and that is why it is a little bit heavier and very long-lasting.

The grip size is standard and the total weight of a set of muscle-back irons is 9 pounds which are not too heavy, one can control and deal very easily.

The mainframe with the milled pattern on the backside maximizes the COR that returns more ball speed and extreme distance for each hit.

Srixon Golf ZX4 Iron becomes forgiving while striking the ball across the face due to its hollow design.

Even if you strike the ball slightly, it glides very smoothly through turf due to V-shaped soles, isn’t it amazing?


  • Very high forgiving
  • Extremely great distance
  • Launching is very high and fast
  • Game improvement irons with forged feel


  • A little bit harder to work shots

What is Muscle Back Iron

The muscle back iron is looked similar to the classic blade iron, but it has a larger sweet spot than it, it is a little bit smaller than the cavity irons.

The forgiveness of muscle-back iron is more than the other irons and it can provide you with higher launching of the ball as well.

You should use the muscle back irons if you want to improve your swing speed and want to feel better with more forgiveness.

Comparing the pricing factors, the muscle-back irons are much costlier than the other irons due to their unique premium features.

How to Choose The Best Muscle Back Golf Irons

Buying a muscle back iron may become harder stuff for you if you are not aware of the checkpoints that you need to follow while so you should follow the below guide to have the best one.

Flex Selection

Flex is a pretty much important factor that plays a very major role in the club selection, picking the iron randomly and ignoring flex can be a reason for big regret.

Golf clubs come with majorly six types of flex — light flex, regular flex, senior flex, ladies flex, stiff flex, and extra stiff flex.

You should select the flex according to your position and category, if you are a beginner lady, senior lady, or a younger lady, the best selection are among the ladies, light flex, and regular flex.

And if you are a male golfer, you should choose any apart from stiff, extra stiff, and ladies flex, that’s recommended for you.

Shaft Selection

Shaft verification is extremely not supposed to be ignored while finalizing the best golf club for you as it plays the most important role in your game.

Generally, there are three types of shafts made from different materials — graphite, metal (mostly from alloy steel or carbon steel, or stainless steel), and hybrid (a combination of graphite and metal).

All these shafts have different characteristics according to the martial and manufacturing process.

The graphite shaft is very lightweight but more expensive than the steel shafts and not more durable, whereas the steel shafts are a little bit heavier than the graphite but very long-lasting and less expensive than the graphite.


Let’s suppose you are a right-handed golfer and ordered a very great iron set from Amazon, and when you start playing, you came to know that it’s preferred only for left-handed golfers, how would you feel?

Make sure this would not happen to you, never miss to check the hand orientation while finalizing your best iron muscle back otherwise it will not work properly for you and you will have to waste time and money for a replacement.

Length of Iron

If you are a male golfer, the length of your irons should be between 37 inches to 40 inches and if you are a woman golfer, then your iron length is supposed to be between 35.5 inches to 38.5 inches.

The length of the iron matters a lot while swinging and controlling it before and after hitting the ball — a very long iron is very difficult to hit and control, so never ignore the length factor while picking the best muscle-back golf iron club for you.


Q1: Are Muscle back irons hard to hit?

Ans: Due to a large sweet spot, wider bottom section, and more forgiveness, the muscle-back irons are not hard to hit.

Q2: Do Muscle back irons go further?

Ans: Yes, because the muscle-back irons are thicker bottom modules than the blades and that is why they are more forgiving. Due to being more forgiving, it produces a longer distance.

Q3: Are Muscle back irons forgiving?

Ans: Yes, muscle-back irons have a thicker bottom than other irons and due to this reason, it is more forgiving and produces a longer distance.

Final Words

It’s time to conclude which one you should buy, I know even though you have gone through the buying guide, you might be a little bit confused about finalizing your best one and that is why I am sugging the best muscle back iron club for you.

The best option for you is Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Iron Set as it has almost all the features that you required, whether you are a beginner or a low handicap golfer, it is supposed to fulfill all your requirements.

It is a little bit expensive, and you might feel hard to afford it, but it’s very durable so you can consider it a one-time investment as well.

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