Best Women's Golf Clubs

As a woman golfer, when you go to buy golf clubs, you have lots of options to buy the same, and at a certain point, you are confused about the selection.

While getting too many variants, you are not able to decide, and there are many chances of picking the wrong one, right?

At this time, you need a buying mentorship, which means, you should be clear with the fundamentals of buying the best women’s golf clubs to pick the best golf club set.

In this article, you are going to get the perfect step-by-step buying guide for the best golf clubs for women along with the top 5 recommendations.

So, check the points mentioned in this article before you order the golf clubs set as a woman.

List of Best Women’s Golf Club Sets

After reading a buying guide, you must be aware of the checklist that you should follow.

And if still you are not sure or facing issues, no worries, I have shortlisted the top 5 best golf clubs for ladies which you can buy without doing further research.

1. STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Sets

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The Strata women’s golf set is trending on Amazon with the stars ratings of 4.7 out of 5 and 3,279 people are already using it with the fully positive feedback.

It comes with the ladies golf club flex and both hand orientation technology and is made with aluminum materials.

The shaft material is graphite which makes the club lighter and a lady golf gamer can swing it very easily.

The weight of this women’s golf club set is around 16 pounds which is a little bit heavier, and it comes with the putter grip type.

This golf club set has been made for those lady players who want to hit the shots from tee to green, and you are one of them.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a women’s golf club complete set, you can go with this one.

Reasons to Buy

  • Generates a good average fast swing speeds
  • Face putter is milled
  • The iron widths are very progressive
  • The sweet spot of the driver is the larger

Reasons to Avoid

  • The price is a little bit higher
  • It’s a little bit heavier

2. Wilson Women Profile SGI Complete Set

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This one is the best women’s golf club for high handicap players, if you are one of them, you should opt in for the Wilson profile SGI complete set.

It comes with the petite cart size and regular golf club flex and is available for both hands orientation.

The material of this best ladies golf clubs set is composite, the shaft material is graphite and the grip type is the putter.

Reasons to Buy

  • The shaft is made from graphite for lighter weight and higher-speed swings
  • Less expensive – The price is very affordable
  • High lofted driver
  • Both hands orientation is available

Reason to Avoid

  • No stand is attached to the cart bag

3. Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Club Set

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If you are looking for the best women’s golf clubs for advanced players, you should go through Wilson women’s ultra complete golf set.

It comes with the regular golf club flex and the orientation is made only for the right-handed players.

So, if you are a left-handed player, this will not work properly for you, you need to dig into the next one.

The material of this golf club and shaft is graphite which makes it lighter and allows you to play high-speed swing shots.

The driver of this women’s club set has been made from the 460 cc titanium which creates a plentiful sweet spot.

If you want to hit the ball straight with distance, the driver’s head provides you with massive stability.

The graphite shaft of this women’s golf club provides more stability while the ball is launched.

Reasons to Buy

  • Launching is improved
  • The sweet spot is larger
  • It’s a very lightweight club
  • Shafts are too flexible

Reason to Avoid

  • Not durable for long-lasting

4. Aspire XD1 Ladies Right-Handed Golf Clubs Set

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If you have a high budget for your perfect club and looking for the best women’s golf club, hold on, look into this Aspire XD1 lady’s right-handed golf club set in depth. 

This Aspire XD1 complete golf set is designed for the player looking for style and performance.

If you’re looking for something stylish, this Aspire XD1 complete golf set is for you. 

It also offers an excellent performance so that you can win every time and look good doing it.

Woods, hybrids, and wedges cover the full spectrum. They each provide forgiveness, high quality, and style in their own unique way.

With this complete set, you won’t have to worry about not having access to the things you need. It has everything you need.

Talking about the additional features, it comes with the ladies club flex and is comfortable only for right-handed lady golfers.

Considering the materials, the club material is stainless steel and the shaft material is graphite, so it’s durable and very lightweight due to the great combination of materials.

The grip type is non-slip rubber, so you can hold it with very much comfort while swinging the golf club.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very lightweight golf club set
  • Titanium driver head for added distance
  • The bag feels like it will last a long time
  • The bag feels comfortable and can be carried very easily

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only 9 clubs included
  • The driver hosel feels a bit weak

5. Cobra Golf Women’s Airspeed Complete Set

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If you are looking for the best women’s golf clubs for intermediate players, you need to dig into this one definitely.

This amazing club set comes with the ladies golf club flex and right-hand orientation only.

If you are a left-handed female golfer, you should jump on the next one, this will not work for you.

The shaft material is graphite and the loft of the golf club is 55 degrees which enables you to hit the higher shots.

The weight of the product is 19.9 pounds, the grip size is standard, and the grip type is Lamkin Rel 360 black.

The design of the driver is very lightweight which reflects the best mixture of forgiveness and higher speed.

Reasons to Buy

  • You will get all clubs in the set that you need
  • The quality of grips is very high
  •  The bag has a larger storage space
  • Great for beginners and intermediate women golfers

Reasons to Avoid

  • The backup straps on the bag are missing
  • Not so good for the fastest swing speed

Buying Guide For Selecting The Best Golf Club for Women

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate lady golfer, it becomes essential to buy a perfect golf club set for a better game.

But how will you buy the best golf club set for you?

Here is the Buying Guide with checkpoints that you should follow.

Selection of Golf Club Set

According to PGA, a golfer whether it is a man or woman, is allowed to carry a maximum of 14 golf clubs inside the course area.

Now, it is very important to choose those 14 golf clubs very wisely. As a lady, you need to include the golf clubs in such a different order than a man golfer.

Ideally, as a woman golf player, you are supposed to include 7 irons, 3 woods, 2 wedges, and one putter.

Inclusion of Hybrids

Typically, many golfers replace their long irons such as 3-irons, 4-irons, and 5-irons with the hybrids.

Hybrids are golf clubs holding a mixture of iron features and wood features.

Now, it’s not possible that a golfer will not play a single mishit in his or her life, so hybrids are necessary for that.

The hybrid golf clubs provide you the ease to hit the longer shots and they are designed to be more forgiving of mishits.

Selection of Club Face

The club face plays a very important role to hit the ball from the center, and that is why, you need to pay more focus on the club face while selecting the best golf sticks for lady golfers.

The latest golf club has the larger sweet spot which provides the ease of hitting the ball from the middle of the club.

It’s necessary because closer shots from the center of the club generate more accurate shots with long distance.

So, the moral of the story is that even if you are a beginner or intermediate, you should choose the golf sticks having a larger club face.

Golf Shaft Selection

Again, the golf club shaft performs the essential role for accuracy and distance, so it’s very advisable to monitor the club shaft very wisely while ordering your golf club for women golfers.

Always prefer the flexible shaft in the golf club as it generates the long distance and harder or extra harder shafts are very challenging to control.

Club Fitter

If you are a shorter woman golfer, you will perform with the short shafts, because it will make you comfortable for controlling the club and producing the precise hits.

Else you are a taller female golfer, you will need the longer shafts to play accurate shots along with controlling the club.

In order to accomplish this aspect, you should visit the fitting expert who is able to find the best club to make your game the best.

A legit club fitter will suggest you the best club after measuring your swing speed, loft, lie, and trajectory of ball flight.


The flexibility of a golf club is truly determined by the bend of the shaft in it.

If you are used to generating the least amount of clubhead speed, you should use the more flexible golf clubs.

The most flexible shafts are denied as an “L” for the lady golfers which you should choose.

Weight and Loft Aspects

As a pro or beginner lady golf player, you should choose the lighter golf club, because women are used to sweeping the ball frequently.

Due to this major reason, you need to choose the golf club with a higher loft and light weighted golf club.

Choose the drivers having larger heads with light weight to be more forgiving and play the precise shots.

These are some essential points that you need to check while ordering your women’s pretty golf club. Now let’s shortlist the top 5 women’s best golf clubs that make your game a winner.

FAQs: Get Your Answers in Short

Q1: What is a good brand of ladies golf clubs?

Ans: Considering the brands, there are many brands that are good for the ladies golf clubs, however, if you play golf regularly, then you should opt for the brands of Callaway, Wilson, Aspire, Cobra, and Precise.

These are the brands in which you will get the best-featured golf clubs at a very affordable rate.

Q2: Should a tall woman use men’s golf clubs?

Ans: Practically there is no issue if the taller woman plays golf at the men’s golf club.

If a woman’s height equals a man’s height, then she can use the men’s club, but the weight of the golf club also matters.

Because it is not necessary that a taller woman will have as much physical strength as a man. 

So, the answer is that she can do so, but she needs to consider the other aspects as well, ideally, she can use the men’s golf club.

Q3: What clubs should a woman have in her golf bag?

Ans: Ideally, the bag of a woman contains a good combination of the golf clubs such as a driver, lofted woods like 5, 7, and 9, a-6 iron, 7-iron, 8-iron, and 9-iron.

It should also include a hybrid, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and an effective putter.

Q4: What height should ladies golf clubs be?

Ans: If you are thinking that the length of a ladies golf club doesn’t matter, then let me tell you that you are thinking in the wrong direction.

It matters a lot, and that is why manufacturers are making dedicated golf club sets for women.

A woman whose height is between 65 inches to 69 inches should use the shorter golf club which provides her the ease of making a perfect hit at every module of the game.

Final Words

Before reading this article, you would be very confused about buying the best golf club for women, but this article has given you the perfect step-by-step guide.

The focus area of women’s golf clubs is the weight of the club, swing speed, and shaft material.

You should always choose a lightweight women’s golf club made with a graphite shaft, and having a higher swing speed.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert, these aspects are always common while ordering the best golf clubs set for lady golfers.

In addition, never forget to consider the price factor as well which is one of the most important factors.

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