A golf game is not just to hit the ball with the golf club and let it fall into the hole, golf is a combination of several rules and equipment, and the golf bag is one of the most important essential pieces of equipment.

You might be thinking why should choose your golf bag wisely, right?

Because it impacts your game and contributes a major part to your performance inside the golf club.

There are a few types of golf bags that you are offered and you need to choose your best one from them.

Now, understand that there is not any thumb rule or certified reasons and process for choosing your golf bag, it totally depends upon you.

But, it’s not about choosing randomly, before you choose your golf bag, you should know everything about the golf bag, such as the difference between the stand bag vs cart bag, which is preferred for you, and why?

This article will let you know the types of golf bags, the differences between them, and the conclusion about your choice as well.

Stand Bag Vs Cart Bag: A Detailed Comparison

You have two options to choose your golf bag according to your game and choice, a golf stand bang and a golf cart bag.

If you understand which one is better for you and what are the differences between both, first you will have to understand what is a cart bag and what is a stand bag.

A Golf Cart Bag

The cart bag is almost the heaviest entity in all categories of golf bags because you don’t have to walk carrying it, the average weight of a cart bag is between 5 kg to 6 kg.

Due to this reason, it’s larger, and you can put more golf equipment as well such as golf clubs, apparel, gloves, shoes, cap, and other stuff, moreover, it has more pockets also on the side.

In the cart bag, you will get more space to put the clubs, and that is why you can carry more golf clubs as well, but you are allowed to carry only 14 clubs on the golf course while playing golf.

Having a cart bag with you, you can easily carry it by fitting in the golf cart and push cart, but it’s very difficult to carry by walking.

And yes, it’s costlier than the other types of golf bags such as carry bags and stand bags.

A Golf Stand Bag

If you like to walk carrying the golf bag or you use the push cart to travel inside the golf course, a golf stand bag could be a better option for you.

It’s not too lightweight, but very lighter than a golf cart bag, and its weight moves around 3 kgs to 4 kgs on average.

Talking in-depth about carrying this bag, it’s more preferred for the push cart than walking.

It’s not as bulky as the cart bag, even though it has more than enough pockets and space to store your golf equipment.

Due to its lightweight and double straps, you can carry it on your back very easily.

Exploring the ease and space, it’s easier than the cart bag to carry but has fewer dividers and space than a cart bag.

But it has one very extreme benefit that it has legs/stands to put on the ground vertically, which makes it different and easier for inserting and pulling the golf and other equipment from it.

Pros and Cons of Cart Bag and Stand Bag

Now, you might be thinking that as a golfer, which golf bag you should choose, if you are a beginner, then you are totally confused, right?

Don’t worry, by going through the pros and cons of a cart bag and stand bag, you will probably be clear with your choice.

Pros of Cart Bag

  • More Pockets: In the cart bag more pockets which are making you enable to store more equipment for golf such as golf clubs, gloves, bottles, caps, attire, tees, golf balls, etc…
  • Forward Spacing Pockets: Due to having forward spacing pockets, you don’t have to turn to use the pockets.
  • Better Club Organization: Due to having more space, you will get the most ease of arranging the clubs inside it.
  • Non-Slipping Base: Due to having more friction at the bottom surface, it’s a slipping-proof golf bag.
  • Easy to Carry on Cart: It has been manufactured in such a way that you can carry it very easily on a cart.

Cons of Cart Bag

  • Cart is a Must: If you want to use a cart bag, you must have a cart, because, without a cart, it’s very difficult to carry.
  • Heavier Compared to Stand Bag: Due to adding more spaces and pockets, it becomes heavier than a stand bag.
  • Expensive: It’s more expensive than a stand bag.

Pros of Stand Bag

  • Lightweight: It’s more lightweight than a cart bag due to having less space than it.
  • Affordable Price: In the pricing terms, it’s more affordable than the cart bags.
  • Comfortable For Shoulder Straps: Due to the double straps, it’s very easy to carry by your shoulders while walking on the golf course.

Cons of Stand Bag

  • Less Storage Than Cart Bag: It has enough storage, but less storage than a cart bag.

Which Golf Bag is Best For You?

It depends upon your game, habits, and choice that which golf bag is better for you.

For example, if you like to determine the distance by walking then a stand bag is better for you, and if you do the same using a cart, you should choose a cart bag.

If you are stronger and able to lift the golf bag, then the stand bag would not be problematic for you, else should use the cart bag using a cart or pushcart.

Moreover, talking about other aspects, the pricing factors also depend, on how much equipment you are used to carrying with you, these aspects play a very major role in the selection of your best golf bag.

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Convert Cart Bag to Stand Bag

If you are thinking that is it possible to convert a cart bag into a stand bag, then let me tell you, neither it is possible nor it is impossible.

I mean to say that it’s possible but very difficult and there is not a guarantee that it will work.

Because the cart bag doesn’t come with the in-built legs, you have to purchase it externally.

After applying it to the cart bag, it’s not sure that it will survive, so it’s difficult to come to such a conclusion.


Q1: Can you use a stand bag on a cart?

Ans: Yes, a stand bag is suitable for a cart, so you can use it very easily on a cart.

Q2: Can you walk with a cart bag?

Ans: Yes, you can, but it’s very difficult, so it’s not recommended to do so.

Q3: Can stand bags go on the trolley?

Ans: Yes, stand bags can go on the trolley if you push more.

Q4: Can you carry a cart bag?

Ans: Yes, you can do so, but due to being very heavy, it’s not advisable.

Final Words

Finally, we can conclude that neither of both is good or bad, it totally depends upon your choice and aspects, the nature of your game, budget, and habits, along with your physical capacity.