You are reading this article, it indicates that you are a golf player.

When it comes to choosing the ball to play golf, so many players get confused about which ball they should use, and whether they should use pro v1 or pro v1x.

Well, if you are also facing the same confusion, leave worrying about it, in this article, you will be clear about the difference between pro v1 vs. pro v1x.

What exactly is the thing that makes the difference between both balls – pro v1 and pro v1x, and which should be your choice, all the details are going to be explored in this article.

Pro V1 Vs Pro V1x

Before selecting the best golf ball, you need to identify the difference between Titleist Pro v1 and Pro v1x. Here we have shared a table that will help you to compare both golf balls easily and also save your time.

Pro V1Pro V1X
Invented in 2000Invented in 2003
Made with three-piece technologyMid-level flight consistency
Generates long spinLong spin in-game
less spin in ironmore iron spin
High shot gameLow shot game
Smoother clubfaceLess smooth clubface
Lower counts dimplesHigher counts of dimples
High-level flight consistencyHigh level flight consistency

Interesting Fact: When Pro V1 was invented, it was for the production of less spin, but in 2017, its pattern was revised and made comfortable for making more spin than Pro V1.

After coming to know the features and basic differences between pro v1x vs. pro v1, it becomes easier to make the selection from both golf balls.

It depends upon you and your skills whichever you choose for your golf, moreover, this article will help you more to make a proper selection during the game of golf.

Sometimes, even though you have proper knowledge and understanding, an individual gets confused to selecting the golf ball, and that is why we (your domain name or site name) are here to solve each problem regarding the golf game, isn’t it interesting?

Which Ball Should You Use? Pro V1 or Pro V1x?

The overall selection of golf balls depends upon the golfer because after considering each aspect of golf and equipment, the game depends on the golfer’s skills and habits at last.

But yes, the technical aspects also matter a lot, we can compare it with the race of bikes, it creates different output if you use a normal bike and a sports bike while racing.

So, even though your skills matter, the selection of golf balls also matters a lot which we are going to conclude by having a proper analysis.

If you want to struggle with interminable driver spin, you want to keep your peak height down, and if you are good at playing golf on a softer green side, then you should choose pro v1.

And if you prefer a higher flight, you need more resistance power in the green course, and if you prefer a harder green surface, you should definitely go with Pro V1x.

Both golf balls have their own characteristics, from which you should select according to your game and skills.

Pro v1 vs Pro v1x Swing Speed

There is not a major difference between the swing speed of Pro V1 and Pro V1x, during certain tests, some results have been caught which can give us an outline of the swing speed of Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls.

While tasting, it was observed that the average speed of both golf balls was 50 mph to 50.5 mph with an average distance of 45 yards.

Talking about the spin rate, the spin rate of pro v1x was 6,751 rpm whereas the spin rate of pro v1 was 6,561 rpm on average.

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FAQs: Pro V1 Vs Pro V1x

Q1: Is Pro V1 or Pro V1x better for slower swing speeds?

Ans: If you want the better golf ball for a slower swing speed, then pro v1x is better for you both of them.

Pro V1x has a harder surface having four-piece technology and that is why it works better for slower swing speeds.

Q2: What swing speed is needed for Pro V1x?

Ans: If you are playing with Pro V1x, according to the characteristics of Pro v1x, the average swing speed of Pro v1x is around 50 to 50.5 miles per hour, and the spin rate is around 6,750 rpm.

Q3: Are Pro V1x good for beginners?

Ans: As a beginner, you will get better results with the lower compression and the balls with lower spinning, and that is why you should start with Pro v1x as a beginner.

So, the answer is: yes, pro v1x is good, not just good, but it is better for beginners.

Q4: Which is better, Pro V1 or Pro V1x?

Ans: Both are better, it depends upon your skills, match, and which kinds of shots you will play.

But I suggest you go with pro v1x if you are a beginner because as a beginner, lower-flighted shots will improve your skills.

If you are more experienced, have been playing golf for a long time, and have a good command of it, you can use any of both, it doesn’t matter.

Q5: Who Should Use Pro V1x?

Ans: The players who want to play the high-ball shots, and want the lower swing speed, should use the Pro V1x.

Moreover, I would suggest that if an individual is a beginner in golf, he should definitely go with Pro V1x.

Q6: Which is longer prov1 or prov1x

Ans: During the testing, it is found that pro v1 gets the lower peak height, and it flows almost 2 yards lower than pro v1x.

While, on the iron shots, the trajectories become very closely similar, moreover, the Titleist pro v1x gets less spinned.

Q7: Which is better, Pro V1 or Pro V1x for high handicap?

Ans: Absolutely, as a handicap, if you want to save your shots, and want more precise results, you should use Pro v1, if you have a good budget.

Final Words

If we see there is a huge difference between pro v1 and pro v1x, and if we consider the other side, the difference is very small.

But, at last, the result of the match depends upon the golfer, but we can not neglect the role of the balls and clubs during the match.

As I gave the example of a normal bike and a sports bike during the race, if the same skilled racer drives the bikes, the sport biker will win.

If you are a beginner, you should go with pro v1x. As long as you grab more experience, you can go with pro v1.

Moreover, it depends upon which kinds of shots you want to play, and you should choose your golf ball accordingly.