Best Japanese Golf Clubs

The demand for premium golf brands has increased as more people are drawn to the sport. 

In order to keep up with this trend and ensure their products continue being sought after, manufacturers have begun moving production facilities around or even establishing new ones abroad where labor costs can be cheaper than those found at home soil.

A lot of golfers had never even heard of this type before but now that you mention it – I see why everyone is talking! 

The Japanese government has strict regulations when it comes to club manufacturing making them less popular than in other countries in this area.

But, You don’t worry. I have researched for you the top 8 best Japanese golf clubs that are available in the market.

You just have to read the buying guide, select your best golf club and make an order. The club will be delivered to you without any hassle. And you can start your game.

Here Are The List of The Best Japanese Golf Club

Well, the buying process is the same for all kinds of clubs, whether you buy a Japanese club or a regular club.

Moreover, you will find many golf clubs from the Japanese brand in the market, but you must have a recommendation for them as well.

Below is the list of the top 8 best Japanese golf clubs for you among which you can choose according to your budget and comfort.

1. Best for Backswing: HONMA XP-1 Iron Set

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Honma XP-1 Irons are the newest generation of irons from Honma Golf. Honma XP-1 Irons feature a new and improved design that will provide better feeling, playability, and distance control for all golfers. 

The new progressive sole design provides a higher heel-to-toe ratio which allows for more consistent ball striking and control at impact. 

The progressive sole is also designed to help reduce turf drag during the backswing which translates into increased speed through impact resulting in longer iron shots.

Honma has also incorporated their Progressive Inverted Cone Technology (PICT) into the XP-1 irons which is a manufacturing process that allows for a more consistent and faster ball speed across the entire face. 

This results in longer, more forgiving iron shots even on mis-hits.

The Honma XP-1 irons are some of the best irons on the market today.

They are designed to provide better feeling, playability, and distance control for all golfers. The new progressive sole design provides a higher heel-to-toe transition that allows for more consistent contact and improved turf interaction.

The XP-1 irons also feature a new vibration-damping system that provides a softer feel at impact.

Reasons to Buy

  • Explosive Distance
  • Great shot with control
  • Long irons with a hollow body
  • Great in consistency

Reasons to Avoid

  • Can feel expensive
  • Offset is limited

2. Best Light Weight Driver: HONMA XP-1 Driver

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If you are looking for an awesome Japanese driver for your golf, Honma XP 1 driver is a great option for you due to its features.

designed to fit your swing like a glove, these clubs were engineered from the ground up for maximum performance.

A total club package that improves accuracy and distance with every shot thanks in part to precision-engineered engineering paired beautifully together on one head or shaft!

The 43-gram shaft has a soft yet responsive feel that will make your game more comfortable. With its high-speed graphite fiber, this golf Clubhead quickly absorbs shock while providing effortless distance for you!

Super-light ribbed ET40 carbon crown, delivering high MOI and forgiveness with its thin design.

The industry’s finest golf head is here to take your game beyond what you thought possible! 

The lightweight yet strong material offers ultimate support for any skill level or ability as well making it one purchase that will last a lifetime.

The Double Slot increases the face flex across the entire sole to create speed and gear effect on shots struck away from the center, and the lightweight construction makes for an easy and forgiving shot.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very Lightweight
  • Nice Designing

Reasons to Avoid

  • It’s pricey

3. Best Budget Friendly Putter: Mizuno M CRAFT Putter Line

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Mizuno M craft putter line is one of the best Japanese golf clubs that comes under your budget.

The heel-toe design is a classic that has been around for centuries. It’s perfect because it increases performance from any distance with its plumber’s neck, making this shoe recommended in many situations!

This club has a heavy head design which ensures stability on short putts for maximum performance.

Forged from a 1025 alloy, the blade is precision ground and beautifully contoured for an unforgettable feel.

The Deep Face Mill allows your golf balls to start and stay on their intended line, across varying surfaces. Golfers love the softer feel of this greenside accessory!

The interchangeable weight system allows for a wide range of customizable swing weights so you can find your perfect fit!

The Mid toe hang targets players with a moderate rotation in their putting stroke, giving them an advantage over those who do not have this habit.

The cavities are single sight lines, ensuring proper alignment and greater accuracy.

Reasons to Buy

  • A very great look
  • Interesting options with the weight kit

Reasons to Avoid

  • Slightly dead sound and feel

4. Best Budget-Friendly Wedge: Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge

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If your budget is not too high and looking for an awesome Japanese golf wedge, this Mizuno T20 golf wedge can complete your desire.

In wet conditions, laser-etched microscopic grooves help channel away moisture and maximize spin.

The blade is designed to increase vertical stability, while still allowing for quick direction changes if needed!

Forging processes are enhanced to create a softer, more pliable metal with increased grain density in the impact area for ultimate consistency and feel.

This club comes with all of the features you could hope for like a dynamic gold Tour issue S400 wedge shaft and golf Pride grip. 

It also includes 60 rounds in each butt configuration so there’s no need to worry about running out during your round! 

And because it stains beautifully either chrome or blue ion finish are available at our store today- don’t wait another minute before picking up one yourself!”

Reasons to Buy

  • The look is very fantastic
  • Performance is very extreme
  • Slightly chunkier than expected

Reasons to Avoid

  • Slightly chunkier than expected

5. Best Light Weight Iron: Srixon Golf ZX Utility Iron

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This Srixon Golf ZX Utility Japanese iron is comfortable only for right-handed golfers and comes with three variations in flex — regular, stiff, and extra stiff.

The backside of ZX Utility’s face is milled to maximize COR for more ball speed and distance on every shot.

The Hollow Design helps golfers hit more balls with greater accuracy, which means they can take less time to get off the green and into the scoring position.

A unique feature of this club is its ability to give forgiveness when used as an iron; meaning there’s no need for extra weight or thickness in order to make sure you’re hitting correctly! 

The new ZX Utility range is the perfect choice for golfers who want to get up and down faster. 

1020 Carbon Steel body which absorbs vibrations when hit soft turf or hard course surfaces alike!

It’s a combination of lightweight and durable because the shaft material is graphite and the club material is Carbon Steel.

Graphite is responsible for lightweight and carbon steel is responsible for durability. 

If you are looking for an iron that can hit your golf ball very higher, you should try this one, because it comes with three types of loft angles — 18 degrees, 20 Degrees, and 23 degrees.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very lightweight
  • Durable
  • ZX Utility’s face

Reasons to Avoid

  • Sending the ball to a far distance little bit difficult

6. Best Premium Set: Mizuno Golf JPX921 Forged Iron Set

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This is a very awesome Japanese golf iron, but to have it, your budget should be very high, in fact, it’s a very nice iron having all premium features.

Grain Flow Forged has been developed to offer the best of both worlds, combining graphite blanks with high-tech manmade materials like aluminum and steel alloys for an incredible performance advantage.

It comes only for right-handed golfers and is a very durable iron due to being made with Blend and the shaft material is alloy steel.

The head geometry ensures that the cue feels just right, with no extra weight or momentum on shots where you want it most.

Talking about the flex, it comes with a stiff flex, so if you are used to playing with a stiff one, you should not think twice before buying it.

The design of the club opens up at the heel to enhance stability and launch. This allows for a more comfortable swing.

The CNC milling process creates a sole with increased ball speeds because of the reduced face thickness.

Reasons to Buy

  • Looked slick at the address
  • High accuracy
  • Very durable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Very expensive

7. Best for Slower Swinger: XXIO Women 12 Iron Set

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Again, if you are having a very high budget for the premium series of golf iron clubs, XXIO Women 12 Iron set will work for you very nicely.

XXIO’s exclusive range of women’s clubs is designed to not only increase speed and accuracy but also lower scores for you on the golf course without any need in increasing your normal swing tempo.

The XXIO 12 Ladies irons offer a new way to get your distance and improve accuracy with ease. 

With enhanced technologies that make it easier for you to swing, these clubs will help create more consistent contact points across the face so every shot counts!

The Fastest faces and thinnest Titanium Iron Face ever allow the entire face to flex more extensively. 

Synchronously, a secondary Rebound Frame flex zone in the sole supported by its rigid body amplifies ball speed to unprecedented levels.

The lower Center of Gravity for Long Irons creates more carry; while the higher one emphasizes control.

Reasons to Buy

  • Dedicatedly made for slower swingers
  • Deep cavity back for forgiveness on off-center hits
  • Lightweight construction
  • High-quality material 
  • Huge forgiveness

Reasons to Avoid

  • Very expensive club

8. Best for Hitting Ball Consistently: Japan WaZaki Hybrid Iron Set

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The new look with traditional Japanese PVD finish technology head is available in two colors, black and blue. 

This clubhead has an improved surface that makes it easier to hit the ball consistently while reducing glare for better visibility under all circumstances! 

The whole-black or gold colored heads are perfect if you want something sleek looking but still durable enough not only last through summer heat waves like crazy hot weather conditions too.”

The new Speed face is thinner and of different thicknesses made of lightweight material. 

This 2022 WL-IIs model offers more speed over the course of its cast, increasing distance with every swing while also making it easier for players to square off on center hits! 

The body promotes lower forward CG location which provides high launch shots as well as low spin actions when compared to other wood models within this category.

It is available only for right-handed golfers, and regular flex only, and the golf loft is 55 degrees which throws the ball very higher.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very extreme look and feel
  • Improved club head with surface
  • Thinner face and lightweight

Reasons to Avoid

  • The loft angle is very high

Buying Guide For Japanese Golf Clubs

Before you buy the best golf club set, you must be aware of some points that are mentioned below.

Know Your Skills

What’s the best club for you? That depends on your swing. A pro shop attendant or golf instructor can analyze it and recommend which components would work well with yours, based on their expertise in analyzing swings!

The best way to invest in gym equipment is by trying out different rental clubs or friends’ home courts until you find the one that works for your game. 

If investing time into improving technique with a good swing coach, they can help fix any bad habits which are most likely causing problems on their own!

Grip Selection

The grip is used to hold the club properly while hitting the ball and in this case, if your golf club’s grip is not proper, you will have to face too many difficulties.

Do you know what is the swing speed of your golf club when you swing the club to hit the ball? It’s 80 mph to 120 mph, and it’s critical to manage it, that is why, if your club’s grip is correct, you can hold and control it very easily.

Talking about the types of grip, there are many types of a golf club grips. The most popular sizes are standard size, mid-size, and oversize, among which you need to choose the matched one according to your comfort.

Now, you might be thinking, as a beginner golfer which one you should you choose, right?

Well, you need to choose the grip size according to the size of your hand and palm, so you should choose a thicker or thinner grip.

Selection of Club Loft

Loft off the golf club plays a very important role in the performance of your game, and that is why you can not ignore this aspect while selecting the golf club for you.

It is the module that plays a major role in determining whether your ball will go higher or longer, and how long or higher it will go.

If you have the lower loft angle, it will send the ball farther, and the more loft angle will push the ball higher, so you need to decide how is your favorite game, higher shot or long shots, and then select the loft.

The Shaft of The Golf Club

The shaft is the bridge between the grip and club head, and it’s one of very most important parts of the golf club.

You must consider the material of the shaft very seriously, as it decides the weight of the golf club as well which affects your swing speed and quality.

There are three major types of golf shafts.

  • Steel Shaft: Steel shafts are heavier, but they are very durable, and if you are an intermediate or expert in golf and have enough experience to play with the graphite shaft, then you should buy the steel shaft.
  • Graphite Shaft: Graphite shaft is very lightweight, so it provides you the ease of swinging with accuracy, but they are not as durable as steel shaft.
  • Multi-Material Shaft: The multi-material shafts are made from different metals such as carbon, graphite, steel, and many other objects, they are durable and lightweight, as a beginner you should avoid this if possible.


What does JDM mean in golf?

Japan is a popular spot for golf clubs and accessories. The Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) has many companies selling their products, including Callaway Golf Company which sells both high-end equipments as well as low-cost options so every golfer can afford something!

Are Japanese golf clubs better?

Yes, Japanese golf clubs are better.

What is the most popular golf brand in Japan?

Mizuno is the most popular golf brand in Japan.

Is Honma made in Japan?

Mizuno is the most popular golf brand in Japan.

Is XXIO a Japanese brand?

Yes, XXIO is a Japanese brand.

Final Words

Japanese golf clubs are some of the best in existence! If you’re looking to take your game up a notch, then these impressive manufacturers will have what it takes.

More and more small companies are starting to work their way up the ranks. A lot of them have been popping up in this area, which is great news for golf fans everywhere!

The difference between a good golf club and one that is great can be dramatic.

The best clubs in the world will help you hit more balls per hole, score higher on every shot of your round—and have less frustration along with it!