Best Golf Driver For Short Person

There is not any doubt that golf is a much prettier game, but there are many obstacles that change person-to-person.

Someone is too high, someone is too short, ladies, seniors, kids, and there are lot many variations that you see, right?

But the good news is every obstacle has a key, and that is why golf is surviving now for a very long time.

If you are reading this article, that means you are facing some sort of problem, and you are looking for the best golf driver for short people.

It indicates you are a short person and looking for the appropriate driver for you.

It becomes very hard when you are looking for a particular featured and categorized product, and that is why Golfershan is here for you.

In golf, taller and stronger players have a better chance of scoring well than shorter players. 

Taller and stronger golfers are able to create a wider arc of movement in their swing which means that they are able to end up with a high ball speed. 

This has the effect of achieving more distance on their shots.

Well, this article is going to answer your all question, so keep reading this article till the last word of it.

Best Golf Driver For Short People – Top Suggestions

You will find plenty of results for your product, but you have to choose only one, and it’s a very crucial task.

To avoid your confusion, we have listed the top 5 best golf drivers for short golfers which will reduce your confusion, let’s have a look at them.

1. TaylorMade M4 Drivers Men

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TaylorMade is a brand that does not need any sort of introduction for trust, it has gained the trust from its quality and service itself.

Now, talking about the TaylorMade M4 Driver For Men, it is strongly recommended by Amazon itself, and it has been included in the list of Amazon’s choices as well.

With this driver, you don’t need to worry about your hand orientation, because it’s available for both-handed golfers.

Next, if you are looking for a lightweight driver club for the short golfer, this Taylormade is perfect for you, as the material used for the driver and shaft is graphite.

Talking about the flex has 3 variations — regular, stiff, and senior flex, among which you can choose according to your natural game.

As you are a short golfer, it might be difficult for hitting the ball too far, and that is why this driver club is beneficial for you.

It comes with two lofts — 9.0 and 10.5 degrees, that are enough to hit the ball far.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great look and greater feel
  • More impacted
  • Reduces the sidespin
  • The very big sweet spot

Reason to Avoid

  • Limitations in adjustment

2. Callaway Golf Mavrik 22 Driver

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For shorter golfers, this Callaway Golf Marvik 22 Driver is one of the most preferred drivers.

If you are a right-handed golfer and looking for a long-distance hitting driver, you should choose this because it comes with 10.5 degrees loft angle.

New A.I.-designed golf clubs have features that allow the ball to travel with more speed, increasing the distance traveled and making each shot more reliable.

A bonus is that the shaft and driver have been made from graphite, and that is why very lightweight which provides you the ease of swinging.

Two Jailbreak bars connect the sole and the crown to promote fast ball speed while the lighter carbon crown allows us to redistribute weight for higher MOI.

Talking about flex, it comes only with a stiff flex, so if you are good at playing with the stiff staff, that’s the best one for you.

Titanium was used in the faceplate, which is lighter and stronger than traditional titanium.

All-new Cyclone Aero Shape, now with better aerodynamics to make your head speed fast.

With this adjustable loft, you can adjust the trajectory and ball flight for your shots. The wrench for adjusting the loft is not included and must be purchased separately.

Reasons to Buy

  • Greatest for addressing
  • Titanium face
  • The sound is very great
  • Low spin off the tee

Reason to Avoid

  • Available only for the right-handed players

3. Cobra Golf King RadSpeed Driver

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The cobra golf king RadSpeed driver is one of the most preferred drivers for short golf amateurs.

Luckily, it is available for both-handed golfers, so you can choose according to your hand orientation.

The key feature of Radial Weighting is weight placement relative to CG to maximize the direction and forgiveness of the course. Speed is also increased through this process.

This driver is durable + lightweight because the shat is made from graphite and the club is made from titanium.

Talking about flex comes in three variations, stiff, regular, and extra stiff.

The face is 95% wider than it would be with a traditional design. This provides the maximum ball speed possible.

The Carbon Wrap system is home to a new carbon fiber material which cuts weight by 30% and gives you an extra 6 grams of wiggle room.

The T-bar design is lighter, enabling you to position the weight where you want it most.

The Radspeed driver has 16g of fixed weights and 12g of adjustable weight that will deliver a ball at the fastest speeds possible.

Reasons to Buy

  • Loft variation is very impressive
  • Looks brilliant
  • Smart gripping
  • The price is very comfortable

Reason to Avoid

  • The name seems very old

4. Orlimar Men’s Slice Killer Golf Driver

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In search of a lightweight golf club for shorter golfers, you have come to the right driver.

Orlimar Men’s driver’s shaft is made from graphite and that is the reason that it’s very lightweight and you can hit the ball too far with minimal energy effort.

Orlimar’s Slice Killer driver drastically reduces slices, in some cases as much as more than 90%. Trust your normal swing and let the Slice Killer do its job.

The 460cc driver has an ultra-light graphite shaft that easily delivers maximum distance. 

Moreover, it comes with two types of loft angles, 10.5 and 12.5 degrees, both are enough capable of long distances.

The face design of the driver minimizes any impact to square up the face and ensures a clean swing.

Talking about flex has two variations — senior flex and regular flex among which, you can choose your preferred one.

As a bonus, free gift, you will be getting a nice piece of the club head cover as well.

Reasons to Buy

  • More forgiveness
  • Longer distance provider
  • Clean swing generator

Reason to Avoid

  • Comes only for the right-handed golfers

5. Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver

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Again, if you are looking for a trusted short golfer driver from Amazon, this Cleveland launcher XL lite driver is that one, it is listed in the category of option Amazon.

This driver without the weight-adding adjuster sleeve is lighter and longer than the one with it, which makes it swing faster, which means more distance off the tee.

This is huge because the MOI, or “Mass Moment of Inertia” is more than you’ll find in other drivers. 

The head size for these clubs is big, helping increase the golfer’s range and fun.

As you take a swing, the flex, and stiffness of the shaft alternate between rigid and flexible zones in order to direct more energy into the golf ball. 

More ball speed and distance result with every swing.

A weight inside the handle improves balance and control without adding any extra work.

To get the same precision as other places, this custom setup is an inch shorter and isn’t offset.

Talking about its manufacturing and construction features, It comes with two loft options (10.5 and 12 degrees), three various flex (Regular, Elderly, and Lasted), and is made with titanium.

Due to being made with titanium material, it’s very long-lasting and you have a choice to choose the flex according to your natural game as well.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very forgiving
  • High-launch golf driver club
  • Very lightweight
  • Shaft with counterbalance

Reason to Avoid

  • Available only for the right-handed players

Tips to Buy The Driver For Short Person

Buying a driver specifically with wisdom is a good step and indicates your maturity towards golf.

You should not buy the driver randomly without checking any factor, because you are not buying a common and normal driver for the general category of golfers.

You are looking for a shorter golfer, so you should focus on some points.

Length of The Golf Club

There is variation in the length of a driver, depending on the model. Each golf club company makes different lengths, so you have to decide what would work best for you when choosing one.

Drivers cannot be longer than 48 inches. This is because a longer shaft holds the club head in motion faster, creating a more potent force.

If you are off the mark with your swing, it is more likely that you will send your ball off to the side.

To be successful when playing golf, choose a driver that is long enough to get past the flag accurately according to your height.

Loft Angle

Golf clubs have two differences that affect the ball in play. Swing speed dictates the club’s loft and weight distribution.

Golfers should use a driver with 10.5° to 12° of the loft which creates the optimal launch angle and spin rate for new two-piece balls.

Moment of Inertia (MOI)

A higher MOI is less likely to twist when hit off-center, and this prevents the accuracy of your shot from being altered.

Single clubs such as the driver use the clubface to indicate which way the ball will go when hit. 

The clubface twists open if struck off the toe, and closed if struck off the heel.

You will perform better in contact sports when you have a high MOI. 

Hitting the ball with the center of the bat will allow it to move more smoothly and lessen the chance of losing it to an off-center hit.

This is done by engineering the club with a range of features that reduce torque and vibration, leading to a more efficient transfer of energy which in turn increases the speed of the ball.

Selection of Brand and Price Factor

When you’re looking for the best golf driver, you should ignore the pricing factor and brand selection.

You can find great quality golf drivers that are affordable. Some brands are very expensive, but with more research, you can find similar, more affordable ones.

One important factor to consider when purchasing clubs is how much you’re willing to spend. 

You should stick to a price range and not invest in more expensive clubs – that is, if you want to get the best for your money.

If you don’t find the club having the features that you don’t need, or something is missing, you should find another one instead of buying it.


Should shorter people use shorter golf clubs?

Shorter golfers are better off with shorter clubs, so they will be able to reduce their club head speed and still give it enough power to hit the ball. Lie angle also is important, but not in the way you may think. If your lie angle is too upright or too long, then you’ll have difficulty meeting the ball on the proper sweet spot.

Should shorter golfers stand more upright?

For shorter golfers, it may feel more natural to stand a bit further away from the ball at set up.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a golf driver is not a big deal, but if you want a golf driver with specifications, it asks lots of research work with understanding.

This is the place where most golfers get confused, and that is why Golfershan is here to guide you properly.

Your height matters a lot in the selection of the right golf club to hit the ball, so I hope you might have gotten your answers to your question regarding the golf driver selection for shorter golfers.