Best Golf Drivers Under 300

Golf is a very pretty game, and no doubt, it’s a costly game, but it’s a half-truth only, the truth is, you can have all golf equipment under your budget as well.

For example, golf carts, it is believed that golf carts are used by only rich people because it takes much expense, but you will find the article, where we have stated that anyone can use golf carts by following certain tips.

Similarly, there are many complexes in the golf drivers as well, and people make a mistake to understand it also, and believe that they must have a budget of more than $500 if they want to have the best golf driver.

To flush all these myths, I am going to suggest you the best golf driver under $300 in this article, which will open a new door for your golf segment. 

You will be surprised to know that there is plenty of series of golf drivers under 300 bucks that are better than $500 as well.

So, without wasting time, let’s explore the awesome pieces of golf drivers that can be worth you totally.

Best Golf Driver Under $300

Well, you have gone through the driver buying guide which is enough for choosing the best golf driver for you under 300 USD.

But, only buying a guide is not enough for choosing the 100% right driver, so below are the top 7 drivers for you to provide you the full worth.

So, without wasting time, let’s go through the best picks of recommended golf drivers that can come in for less than 300 bucks for you.

1. TaylorMade M6 Driver

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This TaylorMade M6 Driver has the potential to end your search for the best gold driver below $300 as it has all the premium features that you might be looking for.

This TaylorMade M6 is comfortable for both-handed golfers, so it will give you a lot of benefits.

The Brine M6 driver includes a Speed Injection process, which is designed for maximum distance and consistent ball speed across the entire face.

Talking about flex comes in two variations, stiff and regular, in this case, you need to choose according to your flex comfort. 

With this new feature, the ball will be thrown straighter and generate less spin when contacted on a side, improving your skills and results.

Well, if you want to hit your ball farther, this best TaylorMade driver will help you a lot as it has two variants in the loft — 9 degrees and 10.5 degrees.

Sleek and aerodynamic shape designed to increase clubhead speed for more distance.

With the new Hammerhead slot, golfers can produce a larger sweet spot and preserve ball speed on off-oriented strikes. 

The compression bar, lightweight acetyl handle, and TG2 shaft make for an easy swinging experience.

Reasons to Buy

  • Ball speed is very high
  • Very easy hitting
  • Forgiving is very high and good
  • Good looking and feel
  • Produces a great sound

Reason to Avoid

  • Adjustability is a little bit lacking

2. Callaway Epic Max Driver

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Callaway is one of the most popular brands and is well-known for providing you with the best budget-friendly golf-driver clubs.

Fortunately, it is available for both-handed golf amateurs, so you can have a good choice to select.

Epic MAX’s new artificial intelligence is engineered to give you the fastest speed of any driver in history.

Talking about the shaft materials, it has three variations: Cypher 40G, IM 10 50G, and IM 10 60G.

The new Jailbreak Speed Frame is designed with the aid of AI. It increases stability in the horizontal and torsional direction by improving drop tests by 20%.

You have a good choice to choose the flex, ladies, regular, stiff, and light flex.

The Flash Face is the new design engineered to optimize the Jailbreak Speed Frame by maximizing speed to promote more fluidity across a larger space.

Considering the loft angles, you have varieties to choose from 9.0, 10.5, and 12.0 degrees.

Epic MAX has 19 grams less weight than titanium and uses Triaxial Carbon.

Our engineers had the idea to redistribute the lost weight so that it could help launch the ball and make it more forgiving.

Golfers have a variety of weight distributions to create the perfect shot. The golf clubs also offer 20 yards of correction for shots from problems with the ball flight.

Due to being made with graphite, it is very lightweight and very easy to swing the club.

Reasons to Buy

  • Extremely forgiving
  • Longer driver
  • Greater workability
  • The sounds and feel are very excellent

Reason to Avoid

  • A little bit expensive

3. Cobra Men’s RadSpeed XB Driver

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Cobra Men’s RadSpeed XB driver consists of many latest technologies that are below $300, and affordable for every golfer as well.

Radial Weighting is a strategy used when designing clubs to do the best they can without being too bulky or heavy. 

Optimize speed, forgiveness, and flight direction from off the tee by placing weight around the club in tricky spots.

It is comfortable for both-handed golfers and comes with four variants of flex — regular, stiff, senior, and extra stiff.

Infinity edge face design expands the milled area by 95%. This increases the zone of maximum ball speed.

The Carbon Wrap Crown system features a new composite material that is 30% thinner which provides weight savings of 6 grams.

We have developed a better chassis design with a refined T-bar speed. 

It’s very durable because it has been made from titanium.

The new design is 7 grams lighter, which gives us the opportunity to position more mass within the frame to optimize performance, and you can adjust from 6 grams to 14 grams, depending on your needs.

Reasons to Buy

  • Much forgiveness and a great feel
  • Gives you more distance 
  • Greater feel and sound

Reason to Avoid

  • Not very lightweight

4. Cobra Women RadSpeed XD Driver

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If your budget is allowing you to go up to $300 for a driver, you need to deep dive into this Cobra Women RadSpeed XD driver with focus.

If a golf ball’s weight is moved to the edges, it has a decreased area of friction and starts to spin quickly, which gives it more forgiveness. The ball also flies in a straighter line.

It’s coming only for the right-handed golfers and having the ladies flex, it’s special for the women golfers only.

The infinity design edge gives you a larger area for play and maximizes the potential of your ball hitting the pins.

It’s very durable because it has been made from titanium coming with a 12 degrees loft angle, and that is why you can hit the ball very further.

The Carbon Wrap Crown system features 30% thinner carbon fiber, which also makes it lighter at 6 grams.

A refined T-Bar speed chassis design saves 7 grams, which can be put where it is most needed.

The RadSpeed XD Draw Driver frame has an oversize shape and is heel biased for a straight ball flight.

Reasons to Buy

  • Look and Feel-very great
  • Made with the latest technology
  • Free Arccos shot tracking

Reason to Avoid

  • Little bit heavier

5. WILSON D9 Men’s Golf Driver

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Every millimeter of the D9 driver has been made to increase performance. With zones on the face tailored to different performance needs, you can use them to strategically improve your game.

Luckily, it’s available for both-handed golf lovers, so you have a wide choice to choose from according to your natural game.

If you’re like me and love playing drums, this is the perfect drum set for you.

The K-COMPOSITE CROWN features adjustable dampening to eliminate any unwanted vibration, providing a solid feel with a satisfying sound.

Talking about the material, the club material, and shaft material is graphite and that is why it’s very lightweight.

The light weight of the club head increases the speed and promotes better ball flight for more distance.

Loft angles have three variations — 9.0, 10.5, and 13.0 degrees, which helps you to send the ball higher and further as well.

Reasons to Buy

  • Real worth for money
  • Easy launching and more forgiveness
  • Very lightweight golf club

Reason to Avoid

  • Maybe muter of sound

6. PXG 2021 0211 Driver

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This PXG 2021 Driver is a very highly demanded golf driver that it’s not available every time easily on eCommerce sites.

This driver has a versatile head design and provides more power to golfers of every skill level.

It comes for both-handed golfers, so you can choose one according to your hand orientation.

The web-like rail extends from the heel to the toe, which enhances both the sound and feel of this shoe.

It’s a very lightweight golf driver under 300 bucks as the shaft and club, both have been made from graphite only.

Distance golf balls usually have a single weight port, to ensure accurate trajectory and high forgiveness.

Talking about the flex, you have many options to choose from extra stiff, ladies, senior, and stiff flex of the shaft.

HZRDUS offers golf clubs in 60g, 50g, and 40g in Extra Stiff flex, Stiff flex, and Senior flex. In addition to the lofts, they also offer golf clubs in 9-degree, 10.5 degrees, and 12-degree lofts.

Reasons to Buy

  • Better quality against the cost
  • Very lightweight
  • The hosel is very adjustable
  • Many shaft options there are
  • The Center of gravity is very deep

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only available in an all-black finish
  • Takes a long time in shipping due to the high demand

7. Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver

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If your golf driver budget is allowing you to go up to 300 bucks for the best quality golf driver, you need to look into this Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver with concentration.

It is a very lightweight driver as it has been made from graphite and in addition, the shaft material of it also is graphite.

Whether you are a lady golfer, younger golfer, or senior golfer, you can order this now, as it has all types of flex — regular, stiff, extra stiff, and senior flex.

Talking about the loft angles, they come with 3 variations in it — 9.5, 10.5, and 12.0 degrees.

The weight of this awesome golf driver is only 2.3 pounds which is comfortable for each category of golfer.

The suggested users by the manufacturer are men, but it’s not like a printed line, if you are a woman golfer, still you can use this one.

Reasons to Buy

  • Modern and technology
  • Maximized Performance
  • Plenty of stock shaft options

Reason to Avoid

  • Crown design aesthetics might be tough

How to Buy a Golf Driver (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Before you go for buying a golf driver, it’s very mandatory to have proper guidance on buying the driver so that you can have the best one against the money that you are going to spend.

Head Size of Driver

American golf associations approve driver heads that are 460cc in size. These larger heads have bigger faces, and their weight falls partially on the club’s lower backside.

These golf clubs have head sizes that are very easy to hit, making the club a popular choice for amateur players. 

This design is more useful for novice players because it allows for increased power and momentum when driving the ball.

For less experienced players, smaller club heads provide more speed, leading to a better finish on the ball.

Driver Length

All golfers, both men and women come in different sizes. There is no standard for length, as every manufacturer produces different models with different lengths. 

Longer shafts provide more “potent” force but there are practical limits to this limit.

If you miss it too much when you play golf, then you might hit the ball too far from the hole. 

The best way to solve this problem is to use a long drive which is accurate.

Always remember that your goal is not to feel good about yourself in front of everybody else, but rather to get into the position where you can score the most points.

Shaft Flexibility

A stiffer shaft allows players to generate the most force, but this isn’t ideal for players with slower swing speeds. 

You may need to experiment with different shaft types to find the right mixture of flexibility for your driving distance.

You should choose a driver’s size based on many factors. You need to consider the length of the shaft in relation to height, weight, and swing speed. 

A shorter length may result in poor contact with a higher trajectory.

A heavier shaft will cause a lower, longer shot or less spin on a ball. A lighter shaft will cause a higher, faster shot or more spin on a ball.

Because of swing speeds and ball flight, the best way to determine which shaft flex to purchase is by knowing your club head speed and ball flight.

To get faster, you need to pick a shaft that is stiffer or firmer. Having a fast swing speed is important for performance reasons.

The Hosel Adjustability

The variable-loft driver will help you optimize your shot patterns with the adjustable hosel and face angle.

An adjustable hosel will change the loft and face angle of a driver to help optimize shot patterns.

You can optimize your driver based on your typical strike to create a lower trajectory or a higher one depending on your needs.


Does an expensive driver make a difference?

Appropriately priced drivers are of high quality than cheaper ones and may provide distance, but won’t make a huge difference to your game. They usually come with adjustable weight settings that help add a natural draw or fade to your shots.

Do different drivers really make a difference?

Different golfers have their own unique swings, which means the results vary. New drivers will improve ball speed and hitting strength, thus producing longer drives. Before buying a driver, be sure to test it out on a launch monitor to see how far it goes.

Final Words

I hope you would have found your desired golf driver under your budget, you should know that there is not any price or quality barrier in the golf driver.

You just need to explore your research in the particular segment, well, if you don’t want or don’t have much time to do so, you should subscribe to this blog that is responsible to suggest you the most appropriate equipment for your golfing.

In this article, you have gone through the best golf drivers under 300 dollars that are a surprise for you, and you can choose any from them because they have been listed front as the best picks.

If you want more features and a killing gold driver, you can select the top golf driver under $400.