How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

A golf cart can be an exciting experience. However, whether you are shopping for your first or fourth one, you might wonder if the battery-operated model is right for you. 

It would depend on the activity and location of use.

According to the report of Isle Golf Cars, if we maintain the battery properly, it lasts around four to six years, and a private owner can carry it for around six to ten years.

Golf cart batteries have a comprehensive life expectancy depending on the type of use and your budget. 

Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect one!

When you’re choosing a golf cart battery, it’s better to research the life of your battery depending on the type of use, and your budget.

To make your car batteries last at least 10 years, you should charge them correctly and take proper care of them.

People are usually hesitant to use battery-operated golf carts because they think that the batteries will deteriorate after a while.

For all the benefits of golf carts running on electricity, there is no escaping their inevitable expiration date. 

Even though their lifespan is only 10 years long, many are not aware of when to eventually get rid of said device.

Average Life Expectancy of Golf Cart Batteries?

The lifespan of a golf cart battery can range from months to 5-7 years with the appropriate upkeep. 

Factors that contribute to the lifespan include usage, new technology, and the environment.

Leaving your car for long periods of time in high temperatures can affect its lifespan.

Proper care and maintenance are important for insuring your golf cart battery will last for a long time. 

Replacing a dead battery can be extremely expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating.

Factor That Reduces Your Golf Cart Battery Life

There are many things that are the cause of reducing the lifespan of your golf cart battery and that is why you must take care of them, and avoid doing so.

Well, there are not big things and that is why many golfers neglect them, and as a result, they have to invest more without reason, so let’s explore what are they.


One of the leading factors in golf cart battery lifespan is overcharging batteries. 

This usually happens when a charger continues to pump power into a battery, even when it is fully charged. If you keep on doing this, your battery will not last.

With most chargers being automatic, the charger will switch off on its own whenever the battery’s full.

If you use the proper charger and power supply, you will be sure that your phone is not overcharged.

A good charger should have an automatic switch-off function so that you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn off your charger when you go to sleep.

In order to ensure that your battery never overcharges, you should set a low percentage through the settings. 

This will allow them to work better and last longer due to less damage.


Making sure your battery is charged before you do anything to it will help the battery last longer. 

One month without watering them will diminish their lifespan, and it’s important they’re watered underwater, not tap water.

Dead cells and corrosion should be cleaned with a battery brush to prevent significant damage.

Good battery maintenance includes regularly charging them, and leaving them empty for long periods of time is bad. And also it takes time to charge them and back to the game again.

Brand and Quality of Your Golf Cart Battery

With golf carts, you get what you pay for. Some budget options are more than capable of lasting, but the average life span falls short, so it’s best to invest in a more expensive model.

Another option for battery life is the option to pay more upfront and get a battery that lasts up to ten years.

Usage Frequency

Extend your battery life by purchasing a specific type of battery. These batteries last up to ten years and can be obtained through various means of payment.

If you’re playing golf three times a week, on average, your battery is less likely to last as long as someone who’s using their battery 100% of the time.


Keep your golf cart battery cool when storing it away. Warm temperatures will have a negative impact on its lifespan.

When it comes to battery storage, you should avoid storing them where the temperature is expected to reach below freezing. 

It’s also recommended that you monitor your batteries’ voltage and give them a boost charge when they are at 70% or less.

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

By going through the above points, what do you think about how long do golf cart batteries last?

Well, it’s yet to decide, and we are going to conclude the same, let’s start!

In the worst case, you may only get three years out of a battery if you frequently overcharge it, neglect its maintenance and store it incorrectly.

If you properly care for a battery by adhering to proper charging routines, cleaning it often, and maintaining an appropriate water level, you can get 10 years out of the product.

Tips to Improve Your Golf Cart Battery Life

Well, you have to follow some important steps to maintain the life of your golf cart battery, and those tips are here!

Always Use Distilled Water

Remove the plastic caps on the battery cells and top off the water reservoir.

Engage in this task in well-ventilated areas and make sure the surface is level to avoid electric hazards.

Do not use tap water as a cell phone battery liquid and always keep the fluid level in the battery cells below their plates. 

Never let the level of water touch the plastic lip that goes down into the battery from the plastic cap.

Just put enough acid into the battery to cover the tops. Putting too much may overflow onto the floor and ruin your garage.

Use a Proper Battery Charger

After every time you use it, charge the battery for 3 hours by attaching the charger’s red lead to the battery’s red pole and connecting its black lead to the battery’s negative pole.

A 3-phase charger charges the battery more quickly than standard chargers and must be connected by attaching the positive lead to the red or positive pole of the battery and pressing them tightly together.

The negative wire should also be joined with the negative pole of the battery, which is often black. It is also necessary to charge a battery after it has been used.

If you found that the charger is not working. You can test the battery charger and re-plugin it.

Prevent The Corrosion

The most effective way to prolong a battery is not letting it be drained more than 70% of its time, in order to avoid excessive heat buildup and ruining the battery by oxidizing the plates.

Use Anti-Corrosion Lubricants

To avoid corrosion, wire lug terminals should be coated with non-hardening sealant.

It is important to conduct routine maintenance on your battery, such as removing the accumulated dirt or rust and applying a layer of Vaseline for more protection.

Final Words

Golf carts have different maintenance requirements than other vehicles because they’re driven in different ways. 

The battery requires regular monitoring to ensure its longevity.

To keep your golf cart in top condition, use the above-mentioned tips to maintain your car battery.

How long a deep-cycle battery will last is complicated, with a number of factors contributing to its longevity. 

It’s impossible to predict the exact length of a single one’s life.


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