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How Many Holes in a Golf Course and Also Know The Reason

There are 18 holes in a golf course and there is little-to-no consensus on the answer to this question.

So if you are a beginner, this article is for you! We created a guide to help you understand the basics of the game, making it easier for you to start playing.

People play golf for multiple reasons. For one thing, 18 holes are the standard around the world and every course has that number it doesn’t matter if it’s an established rule or not.

There are four par-3 holes, four par-5 holes, and four par-4 holes. You have completed 9 holes of golf at 3600 yards or 2700 meters. If you play each one of those rounds, it will make up for your round of golf!

The addition of a 9-hole course to a golf course causes an increase in the total number of holes played and is therefore considered as another full round.

In a nutshell, if you want to be a pro golfer, you must have all minor and major knowledge about golf.

The number of holes in golf is one of them, so let’s explore how many holes are in a golf course and how you can play them as well.

How Many Holes in a Golf Course?

holes in golf course

A golf course is 18 holes. A full round of golf is 18 holes and ½ of a round of golf is 9 holes. There is a logic behind being 18 holes on a golf course, and that is what we are going to explore in this article.

If you want to expand your knowledge about golf holes, you should not skip a single line of this article.

Standards of Design of 18 Holes Golf Courses

A golf course is a type of sport that players play on an 18-hole course. The course includes the tee, fairway, and green area where you putt.

There are hazards to chance like bunkers, roughs, and water hazards depending on the golf course design.

Men’s golf courses typically range in length from 6,500 to 7,000 yards.  The distance between a player’s teeing ground and their hole is 18-holes.

Stronger adults will be less likely to injure themselves playing golf because they are more likely to lose control while swinging and hitting balls. For kids and women, this is less of a concern.

Making an 18-hole course meet international standards requires consideration of many factors.

It includes the following factors.

Tee Box

A tee is a small square-shaped piece with which golfers create an elevated platform for the ball to stand.

Teeing up the ball is a common practice in golf to ensure the ball remains level before striking it with clubs.

The fairways are made of grass surfaces and surrounding holes where players can position their ball with the tee and drive.


Golfers try to hit the ball on the fairway instead of in the rough. If you hit it in the rough, it will roll off into a sand trap or off of a golf course.

Players can create higher scores if they make use of numbers 3-5-45 on 4 and 5 par holes. To do this, players should take the shortest route down the middle with no distractions.

Green Grass Surface

The grass near the hole is a high-importance area because that’s where you roll your ball after a successful shot.

An area is designed to be smooth and has grass that can push or pull balls back towards the center of the play.

Bermuda grass is used as the surface material for athletic fields mainly because it is equally durable, even though it is used for hours every day.

Double Green is a clever golf course design that enables two separate games on the same course.

Alternate greens for golfers may be used on the same hole. This allows a golfer to use one green before switching to the other side of the green.

If the spaces between holes are large, players will employ a caddie to carry their clubs for them. This is a common sight on golf courses and can save players time.

18 Holes Design As Per Par System

Now, according to the par system, you should understand the holes design of the golf course, there are 3 standards according to par — par 3, par 4, and par 5.

Par 3 Standard Hole

For the golf pro, a par-3 hole is short and can be played with three shots.

A good player will be able to get the ball into the green for Par 3 holes with their first shot. They will then use two strokes per hole for sinking or holing out the ball.

Par 4 Standard Hole

A par-4 hole is from 230-430 meters. Lengths of holes on golf courses are generally the same range since that facilitates measurement of the average yardage for shots.

Par 5 Standard Hole

A par five hole is the longest and most difficult shot on a golf course. It takes at least 5 shots to successfully complete a par five hole.

Though 241 holes have been designed in total, designers are advising not to make them shorter than 431 meters. 

Other holes can be around 3.2 kilometers and still serve as suitably difficult obstacles for experienced players.

Most will use 1 foot to hit the ball into the fairway and another to help it get down the green in a way, while others choose to use a 3 foot or kick.

Reason For 18 Holes in a Golf Course

Golf courses are 18 holes because of the example set by the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland.

Even until 1851, the idea of an 18-hole golf course hadn’t taken foot. 

The first British Open took place at Prestwick Golf Club, but only had 12 holes which resulted in a total of three rounds to reach 36 holes.

Golf courses are 18 holes because, in 1873, two rounds of golf were played over 36 holes. The first repeat was in 1881, which included nine holes at Prestwick and a change from 18 to 18 holes.

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Q1: Do golf courses have 9 or 18 holes?

Ans: The Old Course at St. Andrews is the first golf course ever built, and because of its example of 18 holes, most courses have followed suit.

The importance of the course with respect to golf history is also taken into account as a representative example of what a golf course should be like in general.

Q2: How many holes are in professional golf?

Ans: You can play a six-hole course twice to make 18 total holes. Nine holes courses are also available.

Final Words

Golf is a challenging, yet fun game. The sport can be played by anyone and there are many levels to compete at. 

Most people find the basics of golf surprisingly easy – mastering it might take some time, but you will eventually be able to play it with ease.

In a game of golf, there are many factors such as the size of the hole, how far you need to drive the ball, and which club you should use based on distance.

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