How Much Does a Golf Bag Weigh

Golf seems a straightforward sport, and it is! But as usual, you know that every coin has two sides: challenges, and ease, and similarly, golf has the same too.

You might be thinking, what would be the challenges in golf? Whether it is walking on the course for the next shot or collecting the ball, or the rainy atmosphere, or the availability of the golf course, etc.

Yes, they are, but in this article, we are talking about one challenge is the weight of a golf bag — now, it might be challenging for you, it might not, but for most golfers, it becomes hard to walk with carrying the heavier golf bag in the golf course.

In this article, we are going to explore how much does a golf bag weigh? Whether it is challenging or not, and how can you escape from it, i.e. tips for making the golf bag lighter so that you can handle it very easily.

How Much Does a Golf Bag Weigh?

It’s a valid question if you are a golf amateur and focusing on every aspect of the game because mental moral plays a very major role during the game.

If you are facing problems constantly in other aspects than swinging the golf club, it also creates a little negative effect on your gaming attitude, and a heavier golf bag is one of them.

So, it’s truly important for you to know how much a golf bag weighs, and a simple answer is 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms).

Keep in mind that this is an average estimated weight, hence, the actual weight of different golf bags depends upon different aspects such as brand, the material used to make golf bags, dry, wet, size, number of golf clubs, etc…

There are also other factors that come into the game such as golf balls, golf clubs, and accessories, and if the apparatus is dry or wet also plays a noticeable role in concluding the final weight of the golf bag.

We are going to explore all this information in this article, so you should keep reading this article till the last line of it.

What is The Average Weight of a Golf Bag?

Fortunately, with the passage of time and evolution in technology, the weight of today’s golf bags is lesser than the earlier ones.

As you know that the weight of a golf bag depends upon many factors, as per the estimation of experts, the weight of the golf bag fluctuates between 1.4 kgs to 2.3 kgs which varies with the other components added to it.

How Much Does a Golf Bag Weigh With Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs are the main and primary components that will definitely be added to the golf bag, well, we have gone through the average weight of the golf bag in the ideal condition.

Now, what about the golf clubs, without a golf club, you can not go to the golf course, it’s not possible, so it’s very important to consider the weight of the golf bag along with golf clubs.

Now, talking about the golf clubs, it also varies with such points as how many golf clubs you are carrying in the golf bag, what materials are used to make them, etc…

Let’s Explore This!

According to the opinion of a golf segment expert, the average weight of the golf club is around 0.33 kilograms and we are assuming that you are putting 14 clubs in the golf club, so the total weight of the golf club becomes a lumpsum of 4.62 kilograms.

Here I have used the word lumpsum because here we need to notice that some irons are heavier than regular ones, and their weight impacts a lot.

So, here we should try to consider the average weight of each golf club around 0.450 grams (equate to 1 pound), and then make a proper calculation of the final weight of the golf bag including all 14 golf clubs.

So, now it becomes around 6.3 kilograms plus the weight of an empty golf bag — in a nutshell, the final weight of the golf bag depends upon which kinds of and how many golf clubs you put into the golf bag while carrying it into the golf course.

How Much Does a Golf Bag Weigh Without Clubs?

One question for you — if a total weight of a golf bag depends upon the components added to it, does the empty weight of an empty golf bag vary?

Probably, your answer would be “No”!

But The Real Answer is: Yes!


Let’s Explore!

Talking about the carry bag or stand bag, its weight is around 1.3 kg to 2.72 Kg whereas the cart bags are heavier due to having extra pockets and other accessories in them.

So, basically, the weight of an empty golf bag also depends upon many factors such as the type of golf bag, size of the golf bag, pre-loaded accessories, etc…

How Much Does a PGA Tour Golf Bag Weigh?

One fact we should accept is that how much the golf bag is heavy doesn’t impact the golfer, well, the caddie has to think about it, because he is the person who has to carry the golf bag all the time.

Talking about the weight of the PGA tour golf bag, it has never been empty, it contains dozens of golf balls, golf clubs including heavy irons and hybrids, golf shoes, an umbrella, rain gear, and many other things, which makes it between 30 pounds to 50 pounds.

Again, this is an estimated range, the actual weight of the PGA golf bag depends upon all the factors I have mentioned above in this article.

Tips for Making Golf Bag Lighter

You might be thinking, why you should make your golf bag lighter, right?

Let me tell you that carrying the heavy weight constantly can irritate the caddie, and it impacts your game as well, so it’s advisable to keep your golf bag maximum, possibly lightweight.

  • Don’t carry more golf balls than you require, probably you need around six golf balls, eliminate the others that you don’t need.
  • You need around two ball markers, so exclude the extra ones from your golf bag to make it lighter.
  • The two golf gloves are more than enough, so don’t exceed the number of required gloves.
  • Choose the right golf bag and what exactly you need, i.e. if you need a stand bag, don’t go for a cart bag due to avoidable reasons.
  • If you don’t need the wheels loaded at the bottom, remove them (only if you don’t need them, otherwise you can keep them if they are truly required).

Remember that a single gram of weight in golf bag matters, and because, you don’t know a gram that you are avoiding one by one to reduce, will become a kg combining all, so keep the accessories in your golf bag what you exactly want.

Advantage/Disadvantage of Having Golf Bag Heavy

There are some advantages and disadvantages of becoming a golf bag heavier, but before that, the reason for making your golf bag heavier must be valid.

I mean, it should not be that you are having a very branded carry golf bag that has too many features, and most of you don’t need it, it doesn’t make any sense to have that one.


  • You can carry more equipment within the bag while traveling
  • Your caddie will be able to save your time to pick the new club
  • You will not have to go to the place of accessories to have any equipment such as replacing gloves, balls, shoes, or anything other else
  • Mostly, the branded bags are heavier, so it can be predicted that they will be very long-lasting


  • Your caddy can feel irritated by carrying the heavier bag continuously, which can impact your game
  • You can face many problems while traveling with a heavier golf bag
  • While international traveling, you will have extra unnecessary cost


Q1: Why are golf bags so heavy?

Ans: Golf bags are heavier due to the equipment pre-loaded within them and loaded by the golfer himself such as irons, clubs, golf balls, etc…

Q2: How heavy should my golf clubs be?

Ans: It depends upon your age, gender, swing speed, skills, shaft material, and many other factors, such as if you are a beginner male golfer, it could be 300 grams as well.

Q3: What is a good weight for a golf bag?

Ans: A good and ideal weight for the golf bag is between seven pounds to eleven pounds.

Final Word

After reading the article completely, you might have come to know that the weight of a golf bag matters a lot for both golf lovers and caddies.

Eventually, it’s up to you whether you want to keep your golf bag lighter or heavier, it can not be judged by others.

If you really have more equipment within the golf bag, there is not any other option apart from carrying the heavier bag, so you should take a decision according to your conditions.

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