How Much Does a Golf Club Weigh

Being a golf lover, it may not be very necessary to know how much does a golf club weigh because you love golf and you don’t care about the weight right?

But essentially, as a golfer, you are supposed to be aware of every module of golf including the weight of the golf clubs.

Moreover, suppose, if you want to ship golf clubs from one place to another place, at that time this information will help you a lot.

Very few golfers are aware of this kind of information who are legends and I wish you to include the list of those players.

In this article, you will come to know about the weight of different golf clubs such as drivers, hybrids, putters, irons, etc..

How Much Does a Golf Club Weigh in Kg

The golf clubs of different brands have different weights in Kg, however, we can estimate the average golf weights which are used by beginners in golf.

Talking about the average golf club weight, it is around 0.33 kilograms on average, **it varies with different brands as well**.

According to this calculation, if we total the weight of the entire golf club which includes a maximum of 14 golf clubs, it becomes around 4.63 kilograms.

This is just an overview of the weight of golf clubs, now let’s dive in-depth into the golf clubs’ weight separately.

How Much Does an Iron Weigh?

A player, even if he is a beginner, intermediate, or senior he uses the iron the most due to its compatibility and ease of hitting.

Moreover, iron 7 has been made in such a way that provides a very easy comfort and that is why it is the favorite of most golf amateurs. 

Talking about the weight of the iron, it weighed around 0.41 kilograms or else 0.93 pounds.

But one more thing you know is that there is not only one irons, there are 7 numbers of irons with variations among which each one has a different weight.

  • Nine Iron – 0.95 pounds or 0.44 kilograms
  • Eight Iron – 0.94 pounds or 0.43 kilograms
  • Seven Iron – 0.93 pounds or 0.42 kilograms
  • Six Iron – 0.92 pounds or 0.41 kilograms
  • Five Iron – 0.90 pounds or 0.40 kilograms
  • Four Iron – 0.89 pounds or 0.40 kilograms
  • Three Iron – 0.88 pounds or 0.40 kilograms

There is not a very huge difference between the weight of each iron — techniques, and features are a little bit different.

What is The Average Weight of a Putter?

The putter is considered the heaviest golf club within the golf bag, and the average weight of the putter is around 0.53 kgs, — 1.1875 pounds.

Well, a putter is not an iron, but due to the manufacturing of it is more similar to iron than wood.

And, the heavy weight of the putter will not create a minute problem for you, because you don’t have to move it with force.

Moreover, a putter is used only on the green pitch, so the weight will not matter a lot while hitting a powerless shot, right?

Wedge Average Weight

You might be thinking that the woods are heavier than the irons, are you thinking that?

I know you are!

But let me give you a big shock by disclosing that the irons are heavier than the woods!

Yes, because in the woods, the wood material consumes more part in the head section of the club and it makes it very lighter.

Whereas, while making the irons, the metal part occupies more space in each module of the golf club and metal is heavier than wood — this reason makes the iron heavier than wood.

Talking about the average weight of wedges — it has a weight of around 0.375 kg on average.

  • Two Woods – 0.38 Kg
  • Three Woods – 0.385 Kg
  • Five Woods – 0.395 Kg
  • Seven Woods – 0.405 Kg

Making the average of weight of all these woods together, it becomes around 0.388 kilograms.

The Average Weight Of Sand Wedge

The putter is considered the heaviest golf club but practically, the heaviest golf club in your golf bag is the sand wedge.

And the average weight of the sand wedge is around 1.13 kg which is the heaviest among all golf clubs.

There is a very clear logic behind being so heavy in this golf club — a player needs to hit the ball from the sand, and it needs accelerated force while hitting.

During this event, the club must not break, so the material must be strong and the manufacturing must be thick.

Due to this reason, the weight of the material of different modules such as the shaft and club head becomes heavy.

This is a reason why sand wedges are the heaviest among all golf clubs.

How Much Does a Driver Weigh?

Typically, the drivers are used at the very first in the game to hit the ball from the tee point.

In general, the drivers are not too heavy nor too lighter, they are the median in terms of the weight.

As we talked upper, it weighed between 3 pounds and 5 pounds depending on the brands and quality of the golf clubs.

The average weight of each club is sitting around 0.33 kilograms.

Average Weight of Golf Club Set With Bag

The individual weight of each golf club is different according to its intent, manufacturing procedure, material used, and quality of material.

But what about the total weight of the entire golf bag including all the 14 golf clubs within it?

See, it depends upon which golf bag you are using to carry all the golf clubs.

This information will be helpful to you whenever you will be shipping the golf bags from your location to another location.

First talking about the weight of only the golf club set — the weight of all the golf clubs becomes around 6.8 kg excluding the golf bag.

If you are using the carry bag, the total weight is supposed to be around 8.2 kg.

Else you don’t want to use the carry bag and use the cart bag instead, you will have to carry a total weight of around 9.1 kg.

Or else, if you have more capacity to lift the weight, you can use the staff bag which will weigh around 15.9 kg.

In this case, if you want to ship the golf club set along with the bag to another place, the recommended golf bag is just a carry bag, I hope you would understand the reason.

Factors That Affect The Weight Of Golf Clubs

Either the weight of the golf club is less or more, there are reasons behind it that affect the weight of the golf clubs.

So let’s explore how the weight of the golf clubs is determined and which are factors which are responsible for the weight of golf clubs.

  • Materials used to make the golf clubs such as the shaft, clubhead, and grip
  • The brands — each brand uses a different quality of materials in each module of golf clubs.
  • Shaft Material: There are two types of shafts — Graphite and Metal. Metals are generally heavier than graphite.


Q1: What does it cost to ship golf clubs?

Ans: The charges of shipping the golf clubs depend upon the total weight of your golf clubs package, distance, and service provider of shipping.

You should inquire with various shippers from the internet where you get the affordable golf club shipper to your location.

Q2: Are heavier golf irons better?

Ans: Technically, the heavier golf irons are better because due to heavy and strong materials, they can transfer more energy and force to the golf ball, but at last, it depends upon your practice and comfort.

If you are not able to hold and play well with the heavier iron golf clubs, you should use the lighter ones.

Q3: Is there a maximum weight for a golf club?

Ans: Opposite of your assumptions, there is not any limit for making the weight of golf clubs. A manufacturer can make the heavier golf club whatever he wants according to the comfort of the golfers.

Final Words

Generally, no one cares for the weight of the golf clubs apart from the special reasons such as if someone wants to send the set of golf clubs to another location.

Because, the weight of a golf club is about nothing against the human’s weight, and that is why it doesn’t affect the game of golf lovers.

In spite of that, as a golfer, you must be aware of this kind of information because you are a golfer, and that is the bottom reason.

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