How to Address a Golf Ball With an Iron

It’s very essential to address and set up the ball when you are playing a game of golf on the golf course.

In case you don’t address the golf ball, and the address position is not on, it may create chaos in your position as well.

It’s very essential to get the knowledge of how to address a golf ball with an Iron during your game, which will help you to make your game smoother.

Of course, it’s not too easy to get the perfect impact position for a beginner, however, it could be a little bit easier when you are able to return to your spot having the setup and addressing.

In this article, you are going to know the impacting aspects that you need to take care of while addressing a golf ball with a golf iron.

4 Steps to Address a Golf Ball With an Iron

As you know each thing has a certain process for any segment, in golf, there are six key components by which you can address a golf ball with an iron.

Addressing the golf ball with the iron club helps you to play a perfect shot, but the process of addressing should be done in a proper way, so let’s start exploring the addressing process of a golf ball with an iron golf club.

1. Ball Position

The ball position is a very important aspect when you are playing your hit, it is supposed to be within the center of your legs.

This position is considered the standard position while hitting the ball however, it varies with the club that you are using to hit the golf ball.

Now, while hitting the ball with the long iron, you should keep the ball near to the center, and with the short iron, the ball should be put a little behind the center.

Let me tell you that you will not achieve perfection for this addressing component with a few numbers of attempts, you would have to do practice for some time.

Here many golfers do the mistake that they don’t pay attention to the positioning of the ball after getting to the center, but you should not do that mistake — pay more attention while arranging the ball in the center point.

The stuff of holding the golf iron club and addressing the golf ball with more comfort will make your game smooth and easy for you.

2. Your Feet Position

The position of your feet while swinging the golf club addresses the distance of your feet and the angle that you set them from the club.

If you are going to play the mid-iron shot, your feet are supposed to be about the shoulder width which will help you to judge the perfect alignment.

In case you are using the long or short irons, you can change the approach a little bit as well, no issue will be there.

Let me guide you with short and long irons — you need to keep your legs slightly together if you are using the short irons, and your legs are supposed to be minutely further from the shoulder width if you are playing with the long iron.

In this method, you may face problems if you are using one-length irons, as each iron has the almost same length, so your stance also should be the same as well.

One more thing that you should remember is that you should not avoid the positioning of your legs while you are referring to the angle of your legs.

Keep in mind that while taking the position, your right leg should be square to the targeted line, and your left foot should be angled minutely to the left of the target.

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3. The Choice of The Golf Iron

All apart strategies are incomplete without the right golf iron for the golf ball that you choose, so it’s very essential to choose the right golf iron for addressing the golf ball.

In this case, the loft of the golf iron matters more, if you choose the golf iron with more loft, it should be to your stance back, and less lofted golf irons should be in the direction of the front.

For this aspect, your adjustability works a lot, you need to know which golf club is the best for you.

4. Your Balance

You need to keep and maintain the balance while swinging the golf club, it will let you finish the shot with perfection.

While starting the swing to ending the same, your weight should be distributed within the two legs that you need to take care of.

For this, there is not any rocket science, you just need to keep equal weight on both legs and balance yourself.

Don’t more weight let fall on your toes and heels, or don’t let it impact your swing, again, be calm and balance yourself while swinging your golf iron.

Well, it’s not too easy from the first day, but with more practice, you will get a perfect command of it, and you will not find any issue with addressing the golf ball with an iron club.


Q1: How should the clubface look at the address?

Ans: For the straight shots, the clubface line should be perpendicular to the target line.

Q2: Does the lie of a golf club affect setup position?

Ans: The lie angle matters a lot because it impacts the direction of the clubface which it is pointing at the moment of impact.

Final Words

Addressing the golf ball with an iron is difficult but pretty much important for all categories of golfers.

Moreover, each time you would not be using the same iron, you will be changing according to the requirements, and according to the changed one, you will have to take the position.

In this case, you will have to practice a lot to get a good command of it, you should not expect to get a perfect grip by attempting on the first day or for a few days.

While playing every shot, keep yourself balanced, focused on yourself and the shot, and then hit the ball, success is yours!

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