How to Break 80 in Golf

If you are playing golf for a long time but are still not able to break 80, and you are struggling for the same, this article is specially made for you.

In this article, you will quickly learn how to break 80 in golf, and yes, it’s quite necessary.

Because it’s very embarrassing if someone has come after you and succeeds to break 80 before you.

Well, there may be many reasons behind it, but you should focus on making golf better and try to get expertise on breaking 80 on the golf course.

Well, it’s not too hard, BUT, it’s also not too easy, you need a great combination of best practices and tactics that you are going to learn through this article.

So, let’s get ready for breaking 80 in the game of golf, but yes, along with this strategy, you should know all the related factors about this such as how hard breaking 80 in golf, what are the myths about breaking 80, which kinds of mistakes you should avoid, and what are the premium tips by which you can improve breaking 80 in a short time.

Myths About Breaking 80

Now, once you make up your mindset for breaking 80 in golfing, you might be distracted by some popular myths that you need to avoid believing.

Here the list of myths that you should be avoided:

  1. Some people – some golfers can not achieve this goal — not due to their ability, but by underestimating their ability by believing these myths.
  2. Breaking 80- in most golfers’ minds, it means hitting pins and making birdie after birdie. However, the majority of this game is actually about not screwing up too badly and making sure your weakest parts are strong enough to carry you through the round.
  3. Making seven mistakes will most often result in a solid or near-solid round of golf. If you start making mistakes, it becomes exponentially more difficult to finish the round with a score that is not below 80.
  4. Some golfers believe that crossing less than 80 in golf is impossible for beginners, well, it’s not completely true. The selection of the beginner-friendly golf club set and other gear also plays a very major role in your achievement as I had already discussed in the golf improvement article.
  5. One more myth is also very popular female golfers can not break 80 in golf, that is totally a myth. Practice and tactics are common for everyone, a practice, and tactics that are providing results to men, the same results will be achieved by women as well.
  6. The next myth is that achieving less than 80 scores in golf takes too much time, well, this is neither true nor false. Why? Because it all depends upon your seriousness towards the golf, frequency of practice, and how much you are using the tricks to improve your golf to achieve a less score than 80 to complete the golf.

Tips For Breaking 80: Simple Guide

Breaking the lower score of 80 may be more challenging for you as a beginner or intermediate golfer, but it’s not impossible.

Everything could succeed if it is done in a proper manner with symmetry, similarly, here are the process and tips to break 80 in golfing very quickly.

1. The Selection of The Direction

The best thing you can do to break 80, is to improve your ball striking. 

If you keep your tee shots in play and make sure you hit a ton of greens, then you will most likely be breaking 80 most of the time.

Don’t worry, it’s harder than it sounds. Improving your game means improving your golf swing, which requires hours in the lab to get right.

Most people don’t have time to play every day, so they need something that’s going to give them just as much of a workout and keep them on their toes.

With the help of this guide, over time, every golfer on earth will be able to quickly improve their game with their wedges and putter. 

It will help you dramatically improve your ball striking.

2. Figure Out The Low Hanging Fruit

If you pinpoint the part of your game where you are deficient, focus on that instead of a strong area. 

If you make big jumps in a struggling area, it will be more effective than the marginal improvements in an already strong one.

Each golfer holds different and unique techniques for the game, and that is why no one can tell you perfectly the recipe for breaking 80 in golfing.

But it makes sense to take a hard look at your game, analyze your stats, and make a plan on where you are going to improve.

3. The Short Game

Getting 100 yards out of your wedges and your putter will also be helpful in breaking 80.

All players can see different results when they spend more of their practice time on this part of the game. 

If a fundamental change in your practice system is made, it will have an easy impact on a few strokes off your score.

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Mistakes You Should Avoid to Break 80 in Golf

Even, while practicing and playing golf with a target to complete the round in less than 80 scores, many golfers do some mistakes that you need to avoid.

1. Start With Prior Knowledge

A golfer starts it without prior knowledge about completing a round with less than 80 scores in golf takes a long time.

Because he is not aware of what he should not do, he does so and learns from it, this process takes a little bit more time to achieve the goal.

It’s better to have prior knowledge about the deadly mistakes that you should avoid while playing for breaking the 80’s score on the golf course.

2. Don’t Start Too Early

Don’t start too early, what most golfers do is start the practice without understanding golf and its tactics completely.

Due to a lack of knowledge and pro tips, they have to keep practicing and they do not see any noticeable results.

3. Don’t Ignore Practice Putting

Putting the ball into the hole at the least attempts plays a very major role to reduce your score and complete below 80.

Do a lot of practice to putt the ball with different and long distances and get expertise on it.

Even if you are good at all other points such as hitting the ball perfectly and making it reach near the hole, if you are not good at putting, your score will not reduce and you will be completing the round with a normal or higher score.

4. Don’t Lose Consistency

Consistency is a very premium key to success, and many beginner golfers can not achieve their golf only due to this lack.

In spite of having all other skills, if you are not consistent with your passion for golf, you will take too much time to complete a golf round in less than 80, or maybe you will never come to reach your target.

Because the lack of consistency prevents sharpening your skills and lack of consistent practice will lose the power of your other skills.

Tips to Improve Breaking 80

Well, for success in any segment, you have to have two factors, what to do and what to not do.

You have come to know what mistakes you need to avoid in the journey of breaking 80, now let’s focus on what are the important tips to break 80 very quickly in golf.

1. Believe Yourself – Very Most Important Tip

You might be thinking why I am sharing this tip as it is not related to golf, right?

Let me tell you that this is the first key that connected with your goal indirectly because breaking 80 in golf is deemed impossible by many golfers(which is a myth).

Until you are not affirming yourself that it’s easy to stuff for you, in spite of having the best mentors, tips, tools, and tactics, you might not be able to crack 80 in golf.

2. Use The Enough Clubs

You should not rely on one or some fixed golf clubs, be familiar with all the golf clubs, and use them as a necessity.

For example, if you are not used to using the sand wedge, and in case you have to pull the ball from the sand, it will take many retakes if you use any other golf club.

Make a practice to get expertise on each club according to the requirements so that you can use them as a normal and usual golf club.

Taking another example, if your ball is near the hole, but your putting is not strong, you are not good with the putter, it can take multiple attempts in par, and due to this, you might cross 80 unnecessarily.

So, don’t leave any club to be an expert, use enough clubs.

3. Selection of The Proper Golf Club And Other Equipment

This is a very important and crucial factor in the journey of breaking 80 scores in golf.

The wrong selection of golf clubs and other tools such as golf shoes can create hassles while swinging the golf clubs to hit the ball.

The lack of accuracy in swinging directly affects the direction, height, and length of the ball and you may lose the shot as well.

It’s a very big impact that can reduce the chances of achieving the break of 80 in your golfing career.

You may be a senior, you may be a younger golfer, or you may be a lady golfer, whatever you are if you are a beginner, you should choose the best golf clubs for beginner to intermediate.

Because, you will not be a beginner forever, and spending meaningless money doesn’t make any sense.

If you are a lady golfer, the selection will be twisted and you should choose the best women’s golf clubs for beginners.


Q1: How long to break 80 in golf?

Ans: You can improve your golfing skill if you practice for 10 to 15 years and consistently get better. If you don’t want to go pro, it will take around 10 years of experience and training before hitting the 80 mark.

Q2: Can average golfers break 80?

Ans: Many golfers deal with the frustration of never breaking 80, which would signify good golf. Achieving this is rare, but possible to achieve if the right conditions are in place.

Q3: How many putts does it take to break 80?

Ans: Generally, the 95-shooter is supposed to take 37 putts per round on average, and a pro player shooting near 71 can take around 29 putts.
Well, the final data depends upon you, your strategy, and your skills.

Q4: What percentage of golfers can break 80?

Ans: According to experiments and experiences, around 2% of golfers succeeded to break 80, well, you can break this with an extreme attitude and practice following all the tactics mentioned in this guide.

Final Words

By the way, during the entire article, you might have understood that breaking 80 in the sport of golf is easy but lengthy and asks for effort.

It’s not a quick getting formula and that is why you will have to wait with patience and keep practicing with the great combination of all the tactics.

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