How to Carry Golf Bag

The golf bag is mandatory while entering the golf course and playing golf inside it until and unless you are playing in the golf simulator at home.

If you like to walk with your golf bag instead of carrying it in the cart, then the golf bag’s weight, size, and carrying method matter a lot.

In this case, you must know how to carry a golf bag to avoid the side effects impacting your body due to carrying it wrongly.

If you carry the golf bag in the incorrect way, it can impact your shoulder and create strains as well, and create back problems as well.

But one more thing you should remember is that the right method of carrying a golf bag depends upon such factors as the size of a golf bag, weight, and type.

To achieve all the points correctly, the very first aspect that you have to apply is to choose the right golf bag, and then these points will work.

Well, this article will let you know how you should carry the golf bag in the right way so that you can be stress-free and your caddie can support you at a maximum level.

How to Carry Golf Bag?

Carrying a golf bag properly becomes very easy if you make perfection in small events like choosing the right golf bag, stretching the straps, deciding the weight of the golf bag, etc…

The first septs that come ever for carrying the golf bag properly are the selection of the right golf bag, there are three types of golf bags from which you have to choose the preferred one for you.

Golf Cart Bag

If you are using the cart bag, then it’s obvious that you are using the cart to relocate from one place to another place on the golf course, and it doesn’t impact you because you are not going to carry the golf bag on your shoulders for a longer distance.

Golf Carry Bag

The golf carry bag could be a good choice if you go from one place to another place carrying the golf bag on your shoulders.

Generally, it comes with the stands as well with straps so that you can carry it nicely and put it on the stand to pull out or insert the golf clubs and other stuff.

The carry golf bags come with one stripe and two straps, so you need to take care while checking out, the double straps carry bags are good for weight distribution and provide you the ease of carrying.

This category of golf bag has another good feature of the facility of attaching it will the pushcarts, if you are not using the cart, and not walking with carrying the golf bag, instead, you are using the pushcart, the golf carry bag is the best for you.

The Golf Stand Bag

The golf carry bag is also another best option to carry the golf bag properly while traveling within the golf course.

It comes with a stand tripod to keep it upright to pull out the golf club from it or insert the golf clubs and other stuff into it.

Now, the golf stand bags come in different types of designs, so you should choose one that is allowing you the weight distribution while carrying the golf stand bag i.e. you should choose the double strapped golf stand bag.

Moreover, similar to the golf carry bag, it has a fitting part to attach it to the pushcart which is its additional feature.

How to Organize Golf Clubs in Carry Bag

The organization of the golf clubs in the golf carry bag also plays a major role to decide their weight and ease of carrying for you.

The arrangement of golf clubs in the golf bag must be in a proper way so it can distribute the weight of the golf bag and you can carry it easily, you should arrange the golf club as mentioned below.

  • Empty The Golf Bag
  • Categorize The Essential Equipment
  • Clean All The Contents
  • And Last, Arrange The Golf Clubs Properly

Single Strap Vs Double Strap Golf bag

Whether you are carrying your golf bag yourself or have a caddie to do so, the selection from a single-strap and double-strap golf bag is very important.

As it impacts your body and mind, we can not say which one is better or worse, it totally depends upon your choice, budget, and ability to carry it.

There are perfect processes to carry single and double-strapped carry bags, so you don’t need to worry about if your budget is restricting you, just follow the below steps, then it doesn’t matter whether you have single strapped or double-strapped golf carry bag or stand bag.

How to Carry a Golf Bag With One Strap?

If you want to carry your golf bag in one step, the first step you will have to take is to make sure your golf bag is loaded properly.

Don’t let your golf bag be one-sided, it could be the cause of messing up with your posture and back, and create strain on your shoulder as well.

While arranging the golf accessories, make sure that they are spread in the golf bag to avoid the weight of the whole bag at one point.

This is necessary because even a small weight-carrying for a longer time creates irritation on the person’s mind, right?

While carrying a golf bag with one strap, you should carry the bag on your stronger shoulder as it has more stamina.

Carrying on that shoulder, when you feel that you can not bear more now, switch the shoulders to relax the first one and repeat this process until you reach the destination.

During doing this, don’t forget to keep adjusting the golf bag on your shoulder, so you can carry it longer with easiness.

How to Carry a Golf Bag With Two Straps?

While carrying the golf bag with two straps, the one-strap golf bag technique will not work properly in the two straps golf bag because you can not switch from one shoulder to another shoulder.

In this case, you will have to focus on the weight distribution of the accessories that you have organized in your golf bag.

When you carry a golf bag with two straps, the weight problem is very common and it is harmful to your back posture if you have not distributed the weight equally — especially with the stand golf bags.

A good and advisable strategy is to adjust the length of the strap before you hang the golf bag on your shoulder.

If you hang it as it is, and it’s not comfortable for you, it can send you to the chiropractor after a certain time for treatment of your back, so don’t do the big mistake of forgetting to adjust the straps before you carry it on your shoulder.

How will you know whether the adjusted or non-adjusted length of straps is perfect or not?

It’s simple!

After carrying the golf bag on your shoulder with both straps, if the bag is hanging upside of your back-end portion, it’s perfect, but if the bag is crossing it, you should reduce the length of the straps.

Here also, don’t forget to adjust the straps while running with your heavy or lightweight golf carry bag, it will enable you to determine the longer distance with the least strain.

Benefits and Safety Tips For Carrying Golf Bag

There is a belief that carrying a golf bag causes an improvement in health and burns extra calories.

Lifting the weight of the golf bags continuously helps to make your upper back portion bearable as well.

But another fact is that utilization of pushcarts and pull carts is also able to burn the same amount of calories and protect you from the unnecessary loading that can cause back spinal cord problems.

As for safety tips, you should not stand far from the bag while lifting it and don’t bend your waist too much to do the same as well.

Change the shoulder after a certain distance if you are carrying a golf bag with one shoulder-strapped bag.


Q1: What does a professional golfer’s bag weigh?

Ans: The weight of professional golfers is between 30 pounds to 50 pounds.

Q2: Is it better to push or carry a golf bag?

Ans: Yes, it’s good to have a push or carry golf bag, hence, it depends upon you with which you are more comfortable.

Q3: Do you need a golf trolley?

Ans: It totally depends upon which kind of golf course you are playing on, if you playing on a flat course, you should have a golf trolley, it’s better for you.

Final Words

I believe, this article has given you the right direction and checkpoints about carrying the golf bag, as it has advantages and disadvantages as well.

It can send you to the chiropractor for back and shoulder treatment as well if you lift and carry in the wrong way, so kindly follow the mentioned process in this article.

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