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How to Change Spikes on Golf Shoes?

I assume that you might have slipped while walking on the golf course or playing golf on the same, and it is irritating you a lot, and the major reason for it is either you are using spikeless shoes or the spikes of your golf shoes needed to be changed.

Generally, it does not happen, and these kinds of incidents happen in the rainy atmosphere and season majorly.

You can not control the season and atmosphere, but you can change your strategies, and your shoes, and if you are not able to change the shoes, you can change the spikes of your golf shoes which will save you cost very much.

Golf shoes are very important components of golf and you must take care of them very properly, you clean your golf shoes on time because you need expected support from them.

Some golfers directly replace their golf shoes instead of replacing the spikes only — yes, it is also a recommended way, but only when all the functions of your golf shoes are not working properly.

Now, if there is only

In this article, you will learn how to change spikes on golf shoes so that your feet can stick on the ground and you can escape from slipping unexpectedly and win the match.

How to Know When You Need to Change The Spikes

Change Spikes on Golf Shoes

Practically, the changing time and frequency of golf shoe spikes depend upon many factors such as how many days you play golf a week, on which type of golf course you go, how much you walk during the rounds, and which quality of golf shoes you are using, etc…

In general, the experimented and experienced standard time to replace the spikes of golf shoes is once every 20 rounds or twice a year.

  • The spikes flatten out
  • The spikes start to chip away
  • Use lose a spike
  • You’ve played over 20 rounds

Sometimes, only changing the golf shoe spikes is not enough, you would have to change your golf shoes instead of only the spikes.

You should be alert and plan to change your golf shoes when you found the below symptoms.

  • Your feet start getting wet from the course
  • There are tears or rips
  • The holes for golf spikes are stripped
  • Your feet hurt

How to Change Spikes on Golf Shoes?

When you come to know that you will have to change your golf shoe spikes, you should start preparing to do so.

Well, it’s very easy to do but you have to follow a certain process which includes removing golf spikes first, cleaning them, and installing the new spikes in the golf shoes.

It’s a DIY process so it’s very recommended that you follow the exact steps that are mentioned in the process to the same.

Step 1: Removing Golf Spikes

The spikes are not the same for every golf shoe pair, different golf shoes contain different kinds of spikes, so it’s very important to have the proper golf spike tool while removing the spikes from the golf shoes.

Firstly, fit the prongs into the two spike holes and rotate them in the direction of the counter clock, it will lose the spikes from the shoes, and then you can use your hands.

While doing this stuff, you need to take care that you are not applying too much force on it, and also don’t apply a very less force, otherwise, it will not loosen, just apply the required torque on it.

Now, what if you don’t have the standard tool for removing the spikes from the golf shoe?

In this condition, you can use the home tools such as pliers or else a screwdriver to fetch the spikes out from the golf shoes.

Among them, the best and recommended tool is a plier which is very comfortable to fetch the spikes from the golf shoes without any damage.

But, conditionally, if there is a lot of dirt on the spike, the plier may not be able to pull the spikes, in this case, you should use the screwdriver.

Step 2: Cleaning Golf Spikes

The reason for losing the traction of the golf shoes is the dirty spikes and you can lose your balance as well while swinging the golf club to hit the golf ball.

Many golf courses provide you with the brush to clean the spikes of the golf shoes that you can get to the pro shops.

But if you are playing on a golf course that does not have a brush, you will have to apply another way to clean the spikes of your golf shoes.

You should hit the golf shoes by their bottom together many times, and all the dust and grass stuck on them will be fallen off instantly.

Now, there is another possibility that your golf shoes are too dirty, and hitting them will not remove all the extra dust, in this case, you have to fade them very fast, it will work.

Step 3: Installing Golf Spikes

Now, after cleaning and removing the spikes from the pair of golf shoes, the final step is to install the golf spikes into the golf shoes.

Before installing the new spikes into the golf shoes, you need to confirm two things — you have proper and exact spikes for your golf shoes, and there is no point in the dirt in the holes of the spikes.

You need a proper tool to install and push the spikes into the golf shoes, keep the spike on the holes, hold tight by the tool and rotate it in the clockwise direction.

If you do not have the tool, you should not use the home tool such as you used while removing spikes from the golf shoes.

To install, instead of using the home tools, take them to the golf course, and let them install the spikes for you.

They may charge, or they may not charge for installing the spikes, it depends upon them, it will take some time, but spikes will be installed safely in your golf shoes.

How to Remove Spikes From Golf Shoes Without Tool

It’s very recommended to have the tool to remove the spikes from the golf shoes, but in case, you don’t have the tool, still, there is one way to do so.

Yes, without tools also, you can remove the spikes from the golf shoes.

Use the home tools such as pliers or screwdrivers to remove the spikes from the golf shoes, but you should take care that you are not applying heavy force while rotating the home tool, else, it can harm your golf shoes.

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Tips to Improve The Life of Spikes

Generally, you have to change the spikes of your golf shoes twice a year after every twenty rounds, but you can extend this period if you take care of your golf shoes and improve their lives.

You should hit the golf shoes with each other after every round so that the extra dirt and grass stuck on them fall off completely.

Keep cleaning them within a certain time frame so that it does not lose their sharpness and can be more durable.

Avoid walking on the wet surface of the golf club unless you must have to do so, it means, without reason, don’t do that.

Use the spiked golf shoes only for playing golf — instead of using other sports and occasions, etc…


Q1: How often should you change golf shoe spikes?

Ans: Generally, you should change your spikes on your golf shoes every 20 rounds, or twice a year, well, it also depends upon how you maintain your golf shoes, this time can be extended and decrease also according to your maintenance.

Q1: How many spikes should a golf shoe have?

Ans: Generally, there are six to eight slots of the golf shoes, which is enough to create the required traction.

Final Words

Changing the spikes on golf shoes is very necessary and easy as well, there is not any high-sensitive thing that you have to take extra care.

Some golfers change the golf shoe pair, when only changing the spikes is enough, well, it’s a personal decision, but I recommend that you should avoid the extra and unnecessary expense by changing only spikes if it is enough.

The main thing that you have to make sure is of purchasing the right spikes for your golf shoes.

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