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How to Choose a Golf Bag: A Complete Buying Guide

The golf bag is a very important aspect of your golf career, and that is why you should not neglect importance of the golf bag.

Now, if you are thinking that only buying a golf bag is enough then let me tell you that you are thinking wrong somehow.

Because the quality and pattern of the golf bag decide the life of the golf clubs and the other golf gear.

So, in this case, it’s clearly accepted that a golf bag is too much important and you should not make even the silly mistake to purchase a golf bag.

If you don’t know how to choose a golf bag, or how to make a purchase for a perfect golf bag, then this article is dedicated to you.

Because in this article, I have explored the step-by-step golf bag buying guide that will make you enable to have the full worth of your golf bag.

So, be ready to make a smart purchase of the golf bag, and before that how you should buy the golf bag.

Types of Golf Bags

I don’t know whether you know or not, and that is why let me acknowledge to you that a golf bag has not only one typical type.

There are plenty of types of golf bags that give you the choice to have the preferred one for you.

So, let’s explore the golf bag types first then we’ll move on to the golf bag buying guide.

Cart Golf Bags

Cart bags are designed specifically for being used on a push cart or on a powered golf cart. They offer lots of storage to hold all your items like clubs and balls.

These bags are significantly heavier than their stand and carry counterparts, weighing around 5 to 9 pounds.

Golf carts typically have a single strap and do not have built-in stands, since they are not meant to be carried around on a golf course.

Cart bags have all the clubs facing forward so that everything is accessible when you are using them with a golf cart. 

They usually come with dividers, which are full length, and make it easier to keep your clubs organized.

Stand Golf Bags

Stand bags are for players who like walking the course. They have a built-in stand mechanism and are designed to carry clubs.

Stand bags are the most versatile type of golf bag. Stand bags weigh 3-7 pounds, depending on the features.

A bag on your back can be used for weight balance and to reduce fatigue.

It is important for the bag to have comfortable straps, as well as a padded section on the back of the bag.

Utilizing a dual strap system, the bag is distributed over both sides of your body, which is better than the single strap.

The golf stand bag has a pass-through for your cart strap, which is behind the valuable pocket. 

This is an often underappreciated and overlooked feature of the stand bags.

With a lightweight stand bag, you can reduce the weight of an individual bag, but it is sometimes less durable and has less storage space.

You can see a difference between tour staff bags and the stand bag because of the inventory space. 

Tour staff bags have enough room for many layers of clothing, balls, and snacks. 

They also have large pockets so that you can bring your tissue paper with you.

Carry and Sunday Bags

These small, compact bags can be worn like a backpack or carried in your handbag. 

They’re easy to store, and typically don’t have a lot of extra pockets which is why they’re the most practical on the course.

Lightweight golf bags are great for playing a quick round before work or if you want to bring your sticks on the road but you’re tight on storage space. 

Your clubs will fit in easily with a large pocket, and often a ball pocket as well.

Ladies Golf Bags

There are some differences between women’s golf bags, but they still have the same features. 

Usually, they weigh less, come in a variety of colors, and are shorter than men’s.

Women may enjoy some benefits from a lady’s golf bag but will have to forgo others.

How to Choose a Golf Bag: A Step by Step Buying Guide

A Perfect Buying Guide for Choosing Golf Bag

Well, it is very important to be aware of the types of golf bags, so that you can be clear with your adjustability of buying the golf bag.

Now, there are many aspects that you must consider while making a purchase of the right golf bag.

You may be confused somewhere due to the paradoxical opinions of different sources, but you should not feel so.

This article will give you the clear guideline to buy the perfect golf bag for you, so let’s start exploring!

Comfortability of Carrying Straps

If your golf bag straps are uncomfortable, make sure they are padded and contoured. 

You take the stress off with a good grip on the bag and courtesy to your shoulder muscles.

If you are traveling with your golf clubs, it is crucial that there is a comfortable and sturdy carrier.

Sturdy Materials

A golf bag should be made of high-quality materials in order to ensure a comfortable and fun experience for the golfer. 

It is important not to purchase a mediocre golf bag because holes in the pockets or a loose strap can ruin the day.

Pockets and Features

Golf bags today contain insulated pockets to protect drinks and phones, lined pockets to collect valuables like keys, and more.

You also want to consider how many pockets you need in your casual wear and what you typically carry with you on the golf course.

Features you may want to consider when purchasing a golf mat include an umbrella holder and rain hood.

The Strap System of The Golf Bag

A golf bag is most commonly held by its straps with the help of handles.

These are found on the top and bottom of the bag for easier lifting when traversing from inside the house to outside the house.

Carefully consider the number and quality of the straps on bags before purchasing for multipurpose use. 

Golf bags typically have one strap, cart bags have one strap, and stand and carry bags will often have two.

You want a bag with a wide and well-patted strap that is adjustable to your size. 

It should also be self-balancing so you can keep your clubs upright in the bag.

Weight of The Golf Bag

Many golfers love to walk while they are on the course, but some modern golf bags have sacrificed weight to make them more sturdy.

On average, golf bags weigh 3 lbs. but some can be as light as 3 lbs. if you are looking for a bag with few pockets and storage options.

Carry lighter luggage instead of heavy baggage to prevent your bag from standing up over time.

Golf Bag Storage

You may need some accessories, like a brush or GPS, in your golf bag. A good golf bag includes golf balls, tees, and gloves for your convenience.

With an AI, you don’t need to constantly worry about your glove fitting a full wardrobe before traveling.

A golf tournament is not complete without your water bottle, marker, and scorecard at the ready. More event bags have fleece-lined pockets for valuables so the golfer can keep their wearables on until it’s showtime.

Club Dividers

Golf bag makers use dividers to separate your clubs to keep them from hitting one another. 

These dividers are generally full-length and can be used either to create rows of pockets or to separate and divide items that would otherwise be cramped together.

There are many types of dividers used in golf bags. Choose one that is right for you and ensures that your clubs can fit comfortably inside the bag.

Typically, a golfer should have two pockets for their woods and then one pocket for their irons. One pocket should be in the middle for the rest of their irons.

Hooks For Stuff

If you don’t want to hold an umbrella in one hand, you may also want a hook. 

It is also helpful if you display bag tags to have a hook as well. 

All bags come with a place to hang your towel, but some have hooks and others do not.

Pricing Factor of Golf Bags

You can choose to get a good golf bag for between $120 and $150. You will be able to purchase a good-quality golf bag for $90. However, you may be willing to spend up to $400 on your golf bags.

Consider starting at a weight of 150 pounds and going from there. There are many options to choose from that come with a comfortable weight and enough storage space.

Style Factor (Very Important)

For people with a more practical taste, the style might be their last consideration. 

However, the way they dress and the pride they take in the quality of their belongings can profoundly affect mental and physical performance.

Dressing for the type of player you want to be, not the one you are, will take your game to the next level.

You have to look at the part of the type of player, you want to be. If you dress like a professional athlete, you’ll feel like one and eventually become one.

Having style and swagger will make you want to own some stylish bags. You don’t need to have a style or swagger; it might be time to get one.

Golf Cart Bag Dimensions

The average height of a golf bag is 36 inches (122 cm) without clubs. If you add clubs, the height of your bag may be anywhere from 40 to 50 inches tall.

A golf bag typically has a 10-inch diameter. This is big enough for all the things a golfer might need to carry on the course. 

To be more convenient, only pack the clubs you will be using. Being conscious of what you are packing will help ensure that your carrier is the right size to not be too heavy or bulky to lug around.

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Q1: What is a Sunday Golf Bag?

Ans: Within the golf industry, there are two types of golf bags: Carry Golf Bags and Sunday Golf Bags. 

Both are lightweight and compact but Sunday Golf Bags have more room for tournament-appropriate equipment.

Carry bags are better than most bags in that they can hold a full set of clubs, but the main benefit is their ability to hold just a few golf clubs.

Q2: What should I look for in a golf bag?

Ans: The best golf bags are strong and collapsible with comfortable straps to help you keep your clubs, water bottles, and rain gear organized.

Final Words

We hope that this article helps you make an informed decision when looking for a perfect golf bag. 

We have made a guide that will show you the types of bags, their pros, and cons, as well as which one is right for you.

You should buy golf bags from well-known companies, ones made with high-quality materials and whose straps fit your shoulders comfortably.

It is important to test the bag before purchasing it, so you can avoid having to return it later.

Golf bags are the most common way to store your gear while you are out on the golf course. 

However, they come in a few different styles, with cart bags and stand bags being the two most popular. 

Having two types of golf bags is helpful if you’re going to different courses or playing under different conditions.

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