How to Clean a Golf Bag

Golf is a sophisticated and stylish game, and that’s why your impression matters, right?

You will find most of the reputed and higher-class people as golf players on golf courses, I think you know better than I do about this.

So, it becomes necessary to show yourself as a genuine and caring person, well, it might be challenging for you.


Because golf is not a very clean game, your golf bag, shoes, club, and other tools and equipment become dirty while playing golf.

Is there not any solution for it?

Yes, It is!

You need to keep every tool inside and outside your golf bag, and yes, your golf bag as well.

And this article is dedicated to the golf bag, and you will learn how to clean a golf bag so you can maintain your prestige in your golf circle well.

8 Steps To Clean Your Golf Bag: A Step By Step Guide

Let me tell you that cleaning a golf bag is not as simple and easy as we wash or cleaning normal clothes, shoes, and normal bags.

Hence, it’s not quite difficult, but you should follow a certain process through which you can save your golf bag from becoming useless before time and keep its look new to new forever.

Now, it’s the time to go through the step-by-step process to clean a golf bag, so let’s begin to explore how should you wash your golf bag to make it clean.

1. Materials You’ll Need

You will need such materials to make your golf bag neat and clean, which is as mentioned below.

  • A dish soap
  • Stain remover in case you are having heavy-duty stains
  • A piece of clean cloth for washing 
  • A rag for dry wiping
  • Water sources such as water pipes, faucets, or hoses

As a source of water, the recommended is a hose, a soap that you will use should be mild by which you can wash the dishes.

2. Make Your Golf Bag Totally Empty

The first step in the direction of cleaning your golf bag is to prepare the golf bag for washing.

In order to do so, you must empty your golf bag very first and make sure that no object is left inside the bag.

While emptying your bag, don’t forget to double-check the pocket of your golf bag because many golfers forget to check the same, and some pieces of cloth are left inside it.

3. Apply The Dry Wipe or Vacuum

You have two options to make your golf bag dry completely, either you use the rag to dry your golf bag or use the handy vacuum cleaner as well.

Well, both are good to do, it doesn’t matter what you use, the output should be qualitative.

Moreover, both methods are easy to do, if you are using the vacuum, you just have to roll it everywhere, every corner and pocket of your golf bag, and in the wiping, it’s the same as well.

4. Make Your Golf Bag Lightly Wet

After making your golf bag empty and applying the vacuum, your bag is not at risk to use water.

But this step is crucial, and you have to take it with prevention, i.e. don’t apply the water in over quantity, as it may harm your golf bag.

You should make sure that you are applying the water on the bag in the form of a spray so that you can apply it in only the required quantity.

You may use a bottle with a light spray, or else you can wash it under the slower force in a sink to make it slightly wet.

5. Scrub With Soap and Clean With Cloth

In this step, you have to take care that doesn’t apply the soap to the bag directly, first mix the dish soap in the water, and then apply it to the bag with a piece of a clean cloth, and rub the bag smoothly with it.

6. Again Wash, But Under The Hose

Now, it’s time to clean the bag, but here, the spray will not perform well, you need to wash your golf bag under the hose or faucet until it gets totally clean.

7. Use The Stain Remover For Strong Stains

The golf bag cleaning process has over now, now it’s time to inspect the golf bag carefully.

You need to check whether there are stronger stains they are still remained after washing and cleaning a golf bag.

If you find any stains on it, it’s time to clear them, and for that, you need the stain remover.

Stain remover can be applied directly on the golf bag to remove stains, and for scrubbing, you can use a clean cloth, sponge, bristle, or wipe away as well.

8. Dry The Golf Bag, Keep it Away From Direct Sunlight

After you follow all the processes, it’s time to dry your golf bag, but before it, if you have applied the stain remover, repeat the rinsing process again.

Now, it’s time to dry it, for that open the bag thoroughly, even all pockets must be open, and keep it drying for one day.

You must take care that you are keeping it away from the direct sunlight, it can harm your golf bag.

Things Keep in Mind While Cleaning Golf Club

  • Double-check that all the pockets are open in the golf bag
  • Do not keep the golf bag to dry in the direct sunlight
  • Use the slower force of water spray while washing the golf bag in the first round
  • While drying the bag, every corner and pocket of the golf bag must be open
  • Don’t use a harsh brush while applying the stain remover

Benefits of Cleaning Golf Bag

Cleaning a golf bag can give you many benefits, it will look new for a very long time, and it will not let the golf club become dirty because the golf bag is very neat and clean inside itself.

If you keep cleaning the golf bag for a frequent time, it increased its durability as well, and your golf clubs can perform well as well.

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Q1: Can you steam clean a golf bag?

Ans: Yes, you can steam to clean a golf bag, use the garment steamer and hold it six inches away from the bag.

Q2: Can golf bags get wet?

Ans: If your bag is slightly wet, it will not affect anything, but if it’s very heavy weight, it can harm your golf clubs inside it.

Q3: Is it bad if golf clubs get wet?

Ans: The wet golf club is very difficult to hold and control, it reduces your control over the grip, so you should not wet your golf club unnecessarily.

Final Words

Cleaning a golf bag is a very simple process, but it’s not as simple as cleaning another object, because it has different types of materials.

Moreover, a golf bag is not a very cheap product that you will buy it again and again, and buying it frequently is also not a good thing for a good quality golfer as well.

If you follow the steps mentioned in this article, you will never face any problems regarding the golf bag, and yes, it will also help to perform the golf club better and better.

You should not miss any of the steps mentioned in this article, it’s sure that your bag will survive for a very long time.

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