How to Fix a Slice With a Driver

If you are a right-handed golfer, you may be struggling with the slice while playing your favorite hits on the golf course.

Facing the slice causes the left of the golf, but many golfers don’t know how to fix a slice in golf with a driver, but you must know it in this article.

This article will let you know what a slice in golf is, why it occurs, and how you can fix it with a driver very easily.

It does not happen with right-handed players only, it also happens with left-handed players, but right-handed players face more slicing while playing golf.

Well, some pro golfers play the slice shots intentionally as well, but they have certain calculations and a lot of experience, but for beginners and high-handicapper golfers, it’s a very big headache.

What is Slice in The Golf?

You might have read the article about fixing the hook with a driver, the slice is the opposite of the hook shot — in both mishits, the ball moves just the directions are opposite.

When a golfer hits the ball, his aim is to drive the ball to the destination, but many times, the ball does not go straight and gets curved while the flight is in the right of the left direction, and it is called hook or slice.

In the slice, when a right-handed player hits the ball with the golf driver club, the ball gets curved from left to right, and for the left-handed players, the ball moves from right to left slightly, and the final falling destination of the ball gets changed.

What is The Reason to Slice The Golf Ball?

When a golfer plays the shot with an open clubface position, it creates more chances to generate sliced shots.

The reason behind this is generally the setup issue of the clubface or the swing path of the golfers.

In addition, the swing methods also play a very major role in creating the slice in the ball’s flight, the direction of swing outside to inside is more responsible for the same majorly.

These are the two major reasons for generating the slice in the golf ball during the flight, and the combination of both creates a stronger slice that has the capability of changing the direction and the destination of your ball.

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How to Fix a Slice in Golf With a Driver?

Fixing the slice in golf with a driver is not a big deal if you follow the steps mentioned in this article — well, we are writing this article by considering you a right-handed player, and if you are a left-handed golfer, just flip the process to know how to fix a slice in golf with a driver for left-handed golfers.

Here are some essential steps following which you can completely avoid the slice in golf using the drivers.

Aim Should Not Be Left

If your aim is not straight, it might be to the left, and when you hit the ball, it starts to fade to the right and moves to the left, and slices are created and you miss the hit.

As long as this happens, the ball leaves the fairway and flies over the outside of the fairway, and lies at the thick bulk of trees from where becomes difficult to drive the ball to the hole.

You need to aim straight, be confident, and yes, in the beginning, you will not be able to play very straight, so relax, and keep practicing, after a certain repetition, you will get a good command of aiming and hitting the completely straight hits.

Positioning of Golf Ball

The position of the golf ball that you keep on the tee matters a lot whether the ball will slice or hook or not during the flight.

Many golfers keep the ball too far from the stance, and there is a huge distance than it should be, and it creates chances to generate the slice in the golf ball.

This incident is responsible for generating the outside-in swing path, due to which a golf amateur faces hurdles to reach the ball, and is not able to hit a perfect shot off the tee to the ball.

In order to avoid this mistake (responsible for slice), you need to keep the ball further back to the stance.

This method is quietly beneficial for you as it does not take much time to return the result, it starts working very quickly.

Just move the ball slightly back in your stance, and you will feel that you are able to swing very naturally according to your ease of hitting with accuracy.

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Adjust Your Grip

For beginners and high-handicappers, this method is one of the easiest methods, and they can overcome it very quickly by gripping the golf club perfectly.

The grip of the club impacts very high which decides how the club will contact the ball while hitting.

Let me let you know that a very weak grip generates more slices in the flight of the golf ball after you hit it.

If you have gripped the golf driver club with both thumbs downside the shaft straightly, it is considered a strong grip, but if one hand is moved in the counter clock direction from the strong or neutral grip, it is considered a weak grip.

In order to overcome this event, you need to turn your one hand or else both hands towards the shaft, and the slice will not happen during the flight of the ball.

Final Words

As you knew that slice creates trouble in your game and causes a high-scoring match which is not good for your golf records, so it is very necessary to avoid the slice.

In fact, it’s not as easy as it seems, but if you will follow the mentioned methods in the article, it will take a very few days to get fixed completely.

Focus more on gripping, as it will work as a catalyst to achieve your goal which is to fix a slice in golf with your favorite driver.

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