How to Get Better at Golf

It is not acceptable that you perform below average in golf after spending a certain time in it, hence, there may other players be performing well.

So, you need practice, but with practice, it’s very essential for you to know how to get better at golf, because without support, you may face challenges in your practice sessions.

There are many golfers who do not do too much practice, in spite of they perform well because they have the hacks that they mix with practice and generate extreme output.

If you also want to be that kind of pro golfer and want to improve your golf, you must read this article till the last line of it.

In this article, I have mentioned the 10 tips that can make you the better, not better, pro golfer.

Moreover, make sure that you are following them thoroughly, so they can reflect better results for your golf journey.

10 Ways to Become Better at Golf

Firstly, you should keep in your mind that practice is mandatory, without practice, these tactics will not work.

Only practicing can not make you perfect soon, practice makes a man perfect, but it takes time.

By following the mentioned strategies and tactics, you will get expertise in golf very quickly. 

1. Practice With The Worst Ball

Develop the skills of a well-rounded golfer with the Worse Ball drill. 

Begin by hitting two balls from each position on the tee, continuing until you have reached the green.

Maintain your pre-shot routine and focus on every shot. The key is to play a ball that you know will be your worst.

The more you practice with the worst ball, the more your skills will be sharpened and you will be gaming with a good new ball very easily.

2. Walk More and Maintain The Fitness

Well, the game of golf doesn’t require high fitness, but you need to be fit to balance your body before, while, and after hitting the golf ball.

On the ground, you have to walk too much if you are not using the cart, so keep practicing walking and make it habitual.

3. Get The Proper Posture Before You Hit The Ball

To help give you the best chance of getting the ball where you want it, there are a lot of things to keep in mind before you even think about hitting the ball from the tee. 

This includes the width of the stance, the distance between the club and the body, bend in your knees, posture; and many more factors.

If you don’t consider any of these factors then chances are that you will spend more time on the rough territory than expected.

4. Swing More at Home

Again, I am focusing on practicing, but not on the golf course, at home, if you do not comfortable practicing without the ball, you can set up a golf simulator at home with minimal cost, and continue swinging practice

Doing this stuff regularly, your mind will be used to play the perfect shot, and you will not rely on the predefined shot, and it helps you to become a better golfer.

And this detailed guide for improving your golf swing can also help you become a better golfer. So, don’t forget to read it too.

5. Don’t Lose Your Posture After Hitting Every Shot

Your goal should be to hit a good shot, which means you should strive for finishing in a great position. This usually happens if your swing was properly synced, had a good rhythm and the speed was in a good place at the finish.

6. Selection of Golf Clubs and Gears

Tools and equipment can not affect more golfers who are already pros, but if you are a beginner in golf, you must take care when selecting the golf clubs and other gear.

Your golf club must be best for beginners, don’t opt for the golf clubs randomly, go through the suggestions for the best golf irons for beginners, match them with your skills, go to review, and pick the best golf club for you.

Similarly, the golf shoes, identify whether you should use spiked golf shoes or spikeless golf shoes for better golf, and make the best selection for the golf bag as well.

7. Track Your Golf Stats

One of the most important things to know when learning golf is what you need to focus on. 

You also need to know how far each club in your bag goes, so you’ll be able to figure out which club can provide the best solution for any situation.

Track every moment and action of your game, note it down, analyze it, find the drawback, and work constantly on their improvement.

8. Make a Goal in Your Mind When You Practice

Don’t practice blindly, you must have a specific and significant goal while you are practicing.

If you play golf at home without any target or goal, you will be playing with the same mindset on the golf course, and your practice and hard work will be meaningless.

9. Work on Your Alignment

When you hit a golf ball, you need to turn your head and body around in order to put pressure on the ball correctly.

To make sure that you are lined up correctly, you must line up your shoulders and hips.

This can be difficult for beginners as it isn’t intuitive. The good news is that alignment is an easy thing to work on consistently. 

You can use a golfer’s device (like a club), or just two of your own clubs, to check your alignment when practicing in order to improve your skills.

10. Follow Your Mentor

A mentor is a very important key to success, you must have a mentor who can guide you in every step in golf.

Now, you might be thinking, you can not afford the mentor, someone is charging too high, etc…

But having a mentor does not mean that you will have to register in an expensive community or coach.

You can follow a YouTube channel or blog where the experts are sharing their experiences, tips, and information about golf, and follow them.


Q1: How quickly can you improve at golf?

Ans: It can take six months or longer for a beginner to become proficient at playing golf.

The hardest part is developing hand-eye coordination which is the second most important factor in how quickly you’ll learn.

Q2: How do I get mentally hard in golf?

Ans: All the mentioned steps in this article are having the strongest potential to become mentally hard in golf, you just need to follow them thoroughly, without missing a single step.

Q3: How many times a week should you play golf?

Ans: If you want to improve, it is best to practice on the range and in the chipping area. Playing these areas four times per week will help your game improve as well.

It depends upon your quality as well, if you are focusing completely and playing golf, there are many chances that you will completely improve your game in less than the expected time.

Final Words

Whether you are playing golf or in any other activity, if you want to be the best, then you need to combine two things properly — practice and tactics.

Neither of them works alone, combination is a must, and yes, don’t miss having a mentor from whom you can inspire yourself and learn new things constantly.

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