How to Make Golf Bag Tubes

If you are using the old golf bag, you might not get the separation and partitions in your golf bag in form of the golf bag.

And if you are thinking to purchase a new golf bag for this feature, then stop, this article will teach you how to make golf bag tubes, which will save your unnecessary expense.

If your golf bag has the tubes in it, you can put your golf clubs very safely and will not collide with each other while you walk carrying a golf bag.

This is the most important benefit, hence, there are other benefits of having the golf tubes in the golf bag.

A proper arrangement of your stuff makes you perfect also, and it creates a good impression on the other golfers as well.

You also can buy new golf bags that come with the inbuilt golf bag tubes to put the golf clubs properly.

However, if you don’t want to buy a new golf bag and want to apply DIY for your golf bag tubes, this article is for you.

What Are The Golf Bag Tubes?

Golf tubes are separated round shapes inside the golf bags where you can arrange the golf clubs properly and they do not get enough space to move around.

Due to this reason, when you float your golf bag to lift on your shoulders or pull up it to put on the land, the golf clubs do not move around it, and they are kept safe.

Why Do You Need The Golf Bag Tubes?

Tell me one thing, can you not adjust without golf bag tubes? Of course, you can, so why should you use the golf bag having the tubes inside it?

It’s similar to the difference between riding a race with a sports bike and a normal bike.

You can ride both bikes, but the results matter, right? A similar concept is applied here.

With the golf bag having tubes, you can arrange your clubs very properly and they do not collide with each other inside the bag while moving the bag anywhere.

It increases the durability and life of your golf clubs and yes, it also protects the golf clubs to get unnecessary stains on them.

Additionally, it saves your time to pull and arrange the golf clubs from the golf bag.

It provides the most ease to find the golf club in the golf bag, and after repetition, you can fetch the exact golf club without seeing into the golf bag.

Making carelessness causes harm to the golf club and you may find that your golf shaft would break from the middle, the flex shaft might be bent permanently, and there may be other harm as well.

If each club has a specific area and slot to lie down, it will suffer the least, and you also don’t have to spend extravagantly.

Sometimes, it happens that if your arrangement is messy, and you lost a particular golf club or driver, or iron, you never come to know.

You only come to know when you need it in the middle of the round, and at that moment, you don’t have enough time, and you might lose that round as well.

But if you are having a golf bag with a golf tube, you catch the missing club instantly while arranging the golf clubs into the golf bag.

Material Needed for Making Golf Bag Tube

You will need some sort of materials to make the tubes inside the golf bag.

  • Plywood
  • Cutter (Jigsaw)
  • Plastik hooks
  • Ribbons

How to Make Golf Bag Tubes

It would not be possible to make the budget for buying the golf bags with tubes built-in, and if you are also one of them, and want the tubed golf bags, you don’t need to worry.

Because adding the tubes to the golf bag is not impossible, well, it’s not too easy, but not impossible, so you can do it yourself, and it would save you a lot of costs also.

So, let’s start to explore the process of how to make golf bag tubes.

First, take the part of the plywood from which you want to make the golf bag tubes and keep the golf bag with you.

Cut the plywood perfectly with the right shape to fit into the top edge of the golf bag correctly.

Drill four holes according to the perimeter of the wood, with a measurement of half an inch, while this process, make sure that holes are being done in the opposite corners.

Now, the shape of the holes depends upon the shape of your golf bag — if your golf bag shape is round, then the holes can be square, and if the golf bag is square, the holes’ shape would be a trapezoid.

The next step is marking a partition of the bag on the wood and keeping in mind to leave half an inch borders.

  • The fairway woods and drivers partition will take the top third of the wood on full width.
  • The partition for the wedge will cover the bottom third of the wood.
  • Iron clubs partition will occupy the mid-third of the plywood.

For better perfection for cutting the edges and shapes, the use of a jigsaw is very recommended.

Insert the ribbon within the hole portion, and tie it to fit with the plastic hook.

Lastly and finally, hand those hooks on the lip of the bag and hang the partition inside.

Your Golf Bag Tubes are ready now!

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Q1: What are the tubes on golf bags for?

Ans: Tubes on the golf bags are for keeping the golf clubs safe and well-arranged.

Q2: How many dividers are best for a golf bag?

Ans: 4-way dividers are the best for golf bags.

Q3: Are full-length dividers good?

Ans: They are good and not good both, it depends upon your selection and way to arrange the golf clubs into the golf bags.


The inbuild tubes in the golf bags might not be affordable for everyone, but it doesn’t mean that they can not avail themselves.

As a benefit, it’s less expensive than the readymade one, and with your creativity, you can make it as you want.

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