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How to Measure Golf Club Length? (3 Easy Methods)

For better performance in golf, the golf clubs are supposed to be fitted for the length, because it plays a very major role.

Whether you are a female golfer or male golfer, it’s very essential to verify that the club you are using is appropriate for you or body and length.

If you are an average heighted person, then it’s not so important, but if you are taller or smaller than a regular height, in this case, it becomes critically important for you to measure golf club length.

But, how to measure golf club length? Is there any tool, or is there any special method to measure the length of a golf club? 

All these questions are going to be answered in this article, so keep reading this article till the last line.

Why The Fitting is Truly Important For The Length?

If you are playing golf with a very short or very long golf club, it can produce uncertain results.

It means, the ball will not travel according to your calculation of swing, force, direction, and distance with height.

It can produce the uneven swing which has too many chances to convert into the ball strike.

Very Short Club

First talking about a very short club, if you are playing with a very short club, you will have to bend more than needed.

This event will affect the calculation and quality of short, your focus will stick on your position rather than your target.

As a result, your hit will not get the perfection that it needs.

Very Long Club

Inversely, if you are playing with a very long club, you will have to stand straight while playing a hit.

In this situation, you can not apply the full force and energy to the shot which it needs.

As a result, the ball will be unable to reach the destination, and your score will increase.

But, when you are playing with the golf club which has the perfect length according to your body and height, you can focus fully on the shot, and reduce your score.

By focusing fully on the shot, you are able to play to take the exact swing, speed, loft, distance and height that the ball needs to reach the hole.

Methods to Determine Club Length

How to Measure Golf Club Length 1

If you are confused about measuring the club length, then let me tell you that you can determine the club length by a special method.

For that, you need to consider only three parameters.

  • Overall height
  • Wrist to floor measurement
  • In swing consideration

1. Overall Height

The measurement of your overall height is the first step towards determining the golf club length.

This method is one of the most basic methods of measuring the golf club, but it does not provide the full accuracy in data.

While measuring the club length, the overall height of the golfer is utilized, however it’s a reference of his body to determine the length.

2. Wrist to Floor Measurement

The measurement of wrist to floor is used commonly in a vast base to determine the near to exact length of the golf club.

Because it reflects almost exact value in fitting and adds an additional module for measuring and returning more accurate results.

This method adds more accuracy with combining the method with overall height measurement.

It’s very known that the length of hands and legs can be different for two people having the same height.

So that these factors are truly important to measure the fitting whether they are completely fit for a particular club length or not.

While determining the measurement of your wrist to the floor, you should be standing in the ideal condition.

It means you need to stand on the siff floor hanging both of your both hands freely, wearing regular shoes so that you can get the exact judgment.

3. In Swing Consideration

The above two methods are considered the static methods because the player is standing at one place straight while measuring the club length during those methods.

The swing consideration method is called the dynamic method because in this method, the club length is observed while the club is in the swinging motion.

By this method, a fitter can clearly observe if a player is facing any issue while playing the shot, and according to the reading, fitter can suggest the changes in the shaft length, and other modules as well.

For instance, if a player is playing with a longer club, a fitter can observe that player is not bending his waist properly and that is why he needs the shorter club.

You can also go through the guide on Best Beginners Golf Club Set and select you best one and end the game earlier than your competitor.

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Importance of Shaft Length in The Golf Club

The shaft is directly connected with the swing speeds, and that is why the length of the shaft plays a very essential role in determining the swings of your shot.

The length of the shafts decides how fast you will be able to swing the ball.

The longer shaft is responsible for the faster clubhead speed, and the longer shaft will produce the longer distance than the shorter shaft.

Due to this reason, the longer shafts are mostly demanded for the last several years.

How to Measure Putter Length?

The putter is the finalist club, and that is why it’s too important to use the putter of appropriate length, so it becomes mandatory to measure the length of the putter before you take it in use.

But how to measure the length of the putter?

Is there any special method or formula?

Here You Go!

Credit: Scotty Cameron Putters

What is standard golf club length?

By the method of measuring the golf club length, you might come to know that the length of a golf club depends upon the body characteristics of a player such as his height, hands length, leg length, waist bend etc…

Moreover, on the basis of overall height and wrist to floor measurement, the average standard length of the golf club is between 34 inches to 35.5 inches.

Final Words

The length of the golf club is connected directly with the quality of your shots and result of the game.

The perfect length of your golf club helps you to complete the game with the lowest numbers of hits.

So that, you should choose the golf club having the perfect length, and there are some methods that you should use mentioned in this article.

One more thing that you should take care that you must not ignore the quality of the golf clubs while focusing on the length factor of the golf club.


Q1: What happens if your golf club is too long?

Ans: If you use a very long golf club than your body, you will not be able to move your body lower while you swing the golf club properly.

You will not be able to focus on the shot, and the ball will not reach the destination determined in your mind.

Q2: How can I know what size of golf clubs I should use?

Ans: You can use the above mentioned methods to determine the best golf clubs for you in terms of the golf club length.

Amongst them, if you want the near to exact result, you should use the method of wrist to floor measurement.

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