How to Polish Golf Clubs

We take a bath everyday to keep our body clean. Similarly, if you love your golf club, you are supposed to polish your golf club with a certain frequency of time.

It’s very necessary to maintain our golf club to improve its look and protect it from external affective aspects such as water, due, and environmental aspects.

Because only hitting a ball with the golf club on the field could not be a golf game, you should take care of your golf club like your child if you expect consistent performance from it.

If you are a golf lover, you would not forget the golf and put it into the corner of the room after playing the game, but you will take care of it and make it polished frequently.

In this case, you would definitely like to know how to polish golf clubs and what is the best way to maintain the golf club, right?

Don’t worry, here you go, this article will guide you in the same.

How to Polish Golf Clubs?

You have come to understand the importance of cleaning the golf clubs regularly, but how can you polish the golf clubs?

No worries, there is a very simple method to clean the golf clubs in a very simple way, you just need to follow some easy steps.

Before you start polishing the golf clubs, you will need some basic stuff as mentioned below.

Things Needed Before Polishing Golf Clubs

Before you start to polish your golf clubs, you need to collect some required tools that make your stuff too easy.

It’s essential to know what tools you need to clean your golf clubs, so refer to the below guide step by step.

  • A small water bucket
  • Hot Water
  • The Dishwashing powder or soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Useless big paper or an old newspaper
  • Cotton cloth
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Metal Polish
  • Sponge

All these things are easily available that you can purchase online or else you can get it from your nearest store as well, and luckily, it will not cost too much.

What Polish to Use on Golf Clubs?

There are many polishes in the market to clean golf clubs, but the recommended polishes are metal polish and chrome polish.

If you want to clean your golf clubs with polish, you should choose one or both of these two.

How to Polish Golf Clubs at Home?

If you want to clean and polish your golf clubs at home, it’s very easy to do so. It contains very simple steps.

First, wet the club and sprinkle the Bar keepers friend powder and keep it idle almost for one minute if it is very dusty and dirty, or else you can idle it for half a minute as well.

Then make the sponge wet, and start cleaning each part of the club including the club shaft.

Now, take the older cleaner toothbrush and clean every groove of the golf club to the golf club face.

Next, wash the club with very clean water to make sure that nothing is yet to wash, every part should be rinsed.

Spread the dab of dish soap on a wet towel, start cleaning the grip of the club, and rinse with a clean wet cloth as well.

Scrub smoothly (to dry) the golf club and the club grip with a dry clean cloth.

In this case, you can also use metal polish or chrome polish to clean the golf club, and here you will have to follow the instructions given on the product i.e. metal or chrome polish.

This is the process by which you can clean and polish your golf club at your home with a very nominal expense.

This method will make your golf clubs new and shiny, no one will believe that you are having the old one.

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How to Polish Golf Clubs By Hand?

The method explained above is the same method for cleaning the golf clubs by hands, there is not any other special method.

Yes, you can add your additional ideas to it, like you can wash the clubs twice to make them shinier.

In addition, you can use the premium quality polish to get a long-term shine and reduce the frequency of cleaning the golf club.

How to Polish Old Golf Clubs?

The tenure of the club doesn’t matter while cleaning it. Yes, for cleaning the older golf clubs, you should use premium quality polishes that can clean the golf clubs with less effort.

FAQs: Get Answers Quickly

Q1: Should you polish golf clubs?

Ans: Why should you not?

Polishing the golf club is necessary and must be a portion of the maintenance of your golf kit. Polishing makes the golf look better and protects it from external dust.

Q2: How do I get my golf clubs to shine again?

Ans: If you want to get your golf clubs to shine again, you should polish the golf clubs with premium quality polish which will shine your golf club again.

Q3: Can You Buff Out Scratches on Golf Clubs?

Ans: If you want to buff out scratches on golf clubs, you need to wash the head clubs with warm soapy water and next dry the club with a dry towel of cotton. Then clean it with the sandpapers by rubbing on the scratches.

Final Words

Cleaning the golf clubs is very needful if you want to use them for a long time and keep your interest alive in golf.

New and clean golf clubs reflect the positive energy in your mind, I think you might have felt this also.

But, it is not good that you spend very much money on cleaning the golf clubs, you can opt for the simple method which I have suggested in this article as it consumes very less cost.

Your main internet is to make your golf newer, so this method is well and good for you.

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