How to Waterproof Golf Shoes

Do you like that you feel wet and cold on the golf course while playing golf? The constant interaction of meshy water with your feet and fingers feels very irritating, am I right?

You might have come to feel like this, right?

Yes, of course!

It doesn’t mean that you keep changing your golf shoes, again and again, it’s a total waste of money, instead of changing, you should make your golf shoes waterproof.

For that, you don’t have to pay a single penny to someone, you just need to learn how to waterproof golf shoes, and that’s it, you are done!

Like, you don’t replace the pair of golf shoes when the golf shoe spikes are about to change, you just replace the spikes of golf shoes, because the golf shoes come very costly — because you prefer only high-quality golf shoes.

Maybe you might have leather golf shoes, FootJoy golf shoes, or mesh golf shoes, you can make waterproof all of them by following a certain method that I am going to share step by step guide in this article.

Guide to Waterproof Your Golf Shoes

You might have any type of golf shoes, whether you may have leather shoes or FootJoy golf shoes, and you might exactly be searching about how to waterproof leather golf shoes or How to waterproof mesh golf shoes.

Well, after going through this waterproofing golf shoe guide, you will be able to make your golf shoes waterproof, it doesn’t matter which one you have.

Step 1: Product to Use for Waterproofing Golf Shoes

Waterproofing golf shoes is not rocket science or a machinery technology for which you need the machine equipment.

It’s a simple process that you can execute by having some important products and tools to make the golf shoes waterproof.

The essentials you need to waterproof your golf shoes are:

  • Clear fiber cloth
  • Some water
  • Waterproof Spray
  • Soap


Do you need only these tools to make your golf shoes water-resistant?

Yes, it is!

Step 2: Clean The Golf Shoes

The very first step in the journey of making your golf shoes waterproof is cleaning golf shoes first. You have played many rounds and there will be an amount of mud and dirt on the surface and inside of your golf shoes.

It’s very mandatory to double-check whether the golf shoes have been cleaned properly or not because you will be using a waterproof spray.

A spray will work only when it will get a good and clean surface on the golf shoes, otherwise, it will be wasted.

Keep in mind that don’t do the golf shoes too wet while cleaning them, it will not let the spray be applied on the golf shoes.

The better way is to mix a little water on the cloth and rub the surface of the shoes very smoothly so that the surface will be cleaned and will not be very wet.

Step 3: Make The Golf Shoes Dry

Washing and cleaning the golf shoes before applying the spray is very mandatory but after washing and before making them waterproof, there is one step that you must follow.

And, luckily, it’s the simplest step of waterproofing the golf shoe process because you just need to leave them for becoming dry.

But, make sure that you don’t try to dry them early or not put them in a warm place, it can harm the leather shoes, just have patience and let me be dry naturally.

Step 4: Polish The Golf Shoes

Wait, Wait Wait!

Don’t apply the spray instantly after drying, before doing so, polish the golf shoes properly so that the unnecessary stains can go.

For polishing the golf shoes, you can use the regular polish that you use for leather shoes, it will work very finely.

Take a good amount of polish and move on the surface of golf shoes smoothly so that they can be polished well and shine well.

Now, our recommendation is to utilize a piece of smoother clothing and a toothbrush to polish the golf shoes.

Before starting polishing, make double sure that the golf shoes are dried 100% because after polishing, we are going to apply the waterproof spray, and the dry surface is very preferred to apply the spray in a better way.

Step 5: Apply The Waterproof Spray

Now, that all the preprocessing steps have been completed, we have reached the final step when you will be using the waterproof spray to make your golf shoes waterproof.

Make sure that you are using a good and high-quality waterproof spray for your golf shoes so that it can make it worth your money and efforts, and yes, for your golf shoes as well.

You can choose the best spray from the recommended waterproofing sprays as well that you need to use.

The next important point is to not forget to read the recommendations for the usage of waterproofing sprays in terms of rounds.

Now, it’s time to apply the spray on the golf shoes, make sure that you are spraying the waterproofing solution from a distance of 30 cm from the golf shoes’ surface.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant Golf Shoes

If you play on a wet golf course, or a moist atmosphere, you have another option to avoid the unnecessary obstacles that occur in a wet and moist atmosphere.

You can use water-resistant golf shoes as well, they are recommended in moisture and wet atmosphere whereas waterproof golf shoes are recommended in all conditions.

If your regular golf rounds are held in the dewed morning and on light moisture golf courses, then the water-resistant golf shoes are good for you.

Well, the waterproof golf shoes, you would not get moisture protection, so if the majority of your golf rounds are held on dry golf courses, waterproof golf shoes are the best for you.

Moreover, if you regularly play golf rounds in wet and rainy climates, waterproof golf shoes are most recommended for you.

FAQs: Get Quick Answers in Short

Q1: Are Waterproof Golf Shoes Worth It?

Ans: The waterproof golf shoes are totally worth it for you even if you are a beginner or expert, waterproof golf shoes keep you away from unnecessary irritation that you feel in your feet while swinging the golf club, walking, or running on the golf course.

Q2: Do Golf Shoes Need To Be Waterproof?

Ans: Waterproofing golf shoes is not mandatory or compulsory, but for the better, not better, for the best experience of the game, waterproofing of the golf shoes is very recommended.

Final Words

Waterproof golf shoes are very needful if you want to enjoy the uninterrupted game of golf on the golf course, whatever weather is around you, it will not disturb you while being and playing golf on the golf course.

the most important thing is the selection of the right and best waterproof spray, you might find cheaper sprays as well in the market, which do not provide you the actual worth.

Better is that you choose the best golf spray for waterproofing the golf shoes by going through the proper guide for buying the golf shoes waterproofing spray.

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