I assume that you have been playing golf for a long time, and you know how to clean golf shoes very well.

Eventually, if you don’t know then it’s very recommendable to be aware of it that how you should wash your golf shoes.

By doing this, you add effort to increase the life of your golf shoes, no matter whether it is spiked or spikeless golf shoes, moreover, you feel confident while entering the golf course with your golf club set.

You might have any kind of shoes such as leather or any other material, and if you are thinking that you are having expensive shoes that are long-lasting so you don’t have to clear them, you are wrong.

No worries, our goal is to learn about the cleaning process of golf shoes, so let’s go in that direction of it.

Cleaning golf shoes is not like cleaning formal/casual shoes or other sports shoes, it has a unique and different step-by-step process that is executed with the help of certain tools.

Tools You Should Have Before Cleaning Golf Shoes

As I just informed you that you would need some sort of equipment to clean your golf shoes properly to make them shined.

  • A brush (you can also a toothbrush)
  • Shoe Cream
  • Leather Softener
  • Shoes Whitener

5 Steps To Clean Golf Shoes

You might be feeling suspense that I am talking about these kinds of things about golf shoe cleaning, how difficult would be golf shoe cleaning, right?

Let me tell you, it’s very simple, but there are many things to be taken care of while cleaning the golf shoes and that is why I am publishing this guide for you so that you can avoid the mistakes.

So, without wasting time, let’s explore how you can clean your golf shoes in the best way so that they look like new ones.

1st Step: Wash Your Golf Shoes

The first step in the direction of making golf shoes clean is to eliminate the dust that is stuck on your golf shoes.

In order to execute this process, you need to wash the shoes properly, but make sure that don’t wash too much, the intent is to just clean them by removing the dust on them.

If you want the ease of washing your golf shoes, you can use the boot buddy which will save your time and energy by providing the easiness.

It doesn’t matter whether you wash your golf shoes with a brush or sponge, make sure that it removes the dust from the shoes.

After washing them completely, put them to dry and wait to get them completed.

2nd Step: Use The Suede and Nubuck Kit

Now it’s time to apply the premium product to the shoes to clean them, use the suede and nubuck kit.

Yes, if you don’t want a stiff or traditional brush to avoid possible scratches on the shoes, it’s very advisable to use the suede and nubuck kit with the replacement of a brush or sponge.

3rd Step: Use The Leather Softener

The leather softener is the liquid that gets the softness back of your golf shoes after washing and drying.

Once you wash and dry the golf shoes, it becomes stiff and harsh, and there are possibilities to come to the cracks on them, so the leather softener will not let it happen to your shoes of golf.

You will find many types of leather softeners for your shoes and golfs from which you are supposed to select the suitable one and that is why we are recommending to you some very preferred leather softeners that you can buy without doing any research as they are fully trusted.

4th Step: Apply The ShoesCream to Your Golf Shoes

If you want to improve the life of your leather golf shoes, you should not miss this step of applying the shoe cream to your golf leather shoes.

You need to buy a shoe cream that comes with a foam nozzle so that you feel very easy to spray it over the body of the shoes properly and equally to each part.

Moreover, if you are not preferring the foam nozzle, you can use the horse brush as well to apply the cream to your golf shoes.

Once the application of the cream on the shoes is done, leave them as they are for 10 minutes to 20 minutes.

5th Step: Use The Shoe Whitener

This step is going to be taken to restore the color and vibrance of your golf shoes after processing the above-mentioned four important steps.

If your shoes are not white, then you need to buy black or brown shoe polish, and if your golf shoes are neither white nor black or brown, then you should buy non-white shoe polish according to the color of your golf shoes.

If you are having white golf shoes and using the whitener, you should fill the cracks with it, and go from the toe part to the bottom part of the shoes with the whitener.

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Things to Avoid While Cleaning Golf Shoes

As you have come to know the process of cleaning golf shoes, there are certain points that you should not do once even.

Don’t ever wash the golf shoes in the washing machine to clean them, it can reduce the life of your golf shoes.

If you use the wired brush to clean your golf shoes, it can leave permanent scratches and lines on your leather golf shoes, therefore, avoid using the wired brush.

Somewhere you can find the usage of bleach, yes, it can clean your golf shoes quickly, but as a side effect, it can damage the cleats of your golf shoes leaving stains as well.

The last tip to avoid while cleaning golf shoes that don’t let the mud stick on the golf shoes for a long time, clean it the earliest possible.

Tips to Improve the Life of Golf Shoes

Cleaning your golf shoes helps to improve the life of your golf shoes, but it’s not enough for making your golf shoes last longer.

You should take some extra care to make it very long-lasting such as by using them in the right way.

You can use the spike golf shoes so that they can not feel the erosion more to the bottom surface, if you don’t have the spike shoes, you can use the softball for your golf shoes.

Moreover, you should respect your golf shoes, dump the trunk, and never feel lazy to clean them on a regular time and soak them.

As an additional point, one very important piece of advice is that you should keep more than one pair of shoes to use regularly, it is the most effective tip for improving the life of your golf shoes.

Next, try to do not to use golf shoes apart from playing golf, do not use them for other sports, or running in the morning, or don’t use them casually as well, keep them dedicated to golf only.


Q1: Can I bleach my golf shoes?

Ans: You can bleach your golf shoes, but doing the wrong process while bleaching the golf shoes can leave side effects also such as scratches, marks, and lines on the golf shoes, so it’s better that you should not use the bleach while cleaning the golf shoes.

Q2: Can you wash golf shoes with spikes?

Ans: Yes, you can wash your golf shoes with spikes by following a certain process that is given in the article.

Q3: How do you get stains out of white mesh shoes?

Ans: Use the mixture of some dish soap, with warm water, and scrub the shoes with the older soft toothbrush in a circular motion, it will do your work precisely.

Q4: Can you clean white mesh shoes with baking soda?

Ans: Yes, you can do so by using baking soda with white vinegar.

Final Words

Cleaning golf shoes is essential to make them long-lasting, and it’s not as normal as cleaning normal shoes like formal shoes, party shoes, or else casual shoes.

The ingredients and materials used to clean your golf shoes are quite different, and there is a certain process that you need to follow which is mentioned in this article.

Cleaning the shoes for golf is not just to shine them, but it also becomes last longer as well, and that is why you need to take care of the do’s and don’ts that have been mentioned in this article as well.