Whether you are a right-handed golfer or a left-handed golfer, if you are struggling with the hook shots, let me congratulate you because you have landed in the very right place.

As, mostly golf is started with the driver, in this article, you will learn how to fix a hook in golf with a driver with a brief guide.

It’s indispensable to hold the straight way of the ball to finish the round with a very low score, but due to the hook golf shot, a beginner golf amateur struggles to do so.

When you play the hook golf shots, your ball curves according to your hand orientation in the air, and lies at a different place than you targeted.

However, you don’t need to worry about that, because this article will take you to the solution of fixing the hook shots with your drivers.

As an initial tip, I would suggest that control is the key to holding your game by your hits, and further information is going to be provided later on in this article.

What is a Hook Shot in Golf?

The definition of a hook shot in golf is quite simple when a golfer hits the ball, the ball travels from one side to another side during the flight, that is called the hook shot in golf.

But for both-handed players, it acts differently — when a right-handed golfer hits the ball, it flies from right direction to left direction and when a left-handed player hits the ball, it swings from left side to right side.

If you are a beginner golfer and can not control the hook shots, you should not play the same, and if you are not able to do so, you need to fix the hook shot with your golf driver.

What Causes a Pull Hook With Driver

The solution of hook shot could be done once you determine the reasons for a pull hook with your driver, without it, you can not do so.

Majorly, there are two reasons for the generation of the pull hook by your driver:

  • You have aimed your body and the clubface left to the target and it enforces the direction from out to in.
  • If the first scenario is accurate, you are aiming perfectly, but the clubface is too near to the contact point.
  • Moreover, your club swing speed matters a lot to generate the hook while the ball flight,

For the pull hook, these are the major reasons, and you need to work on them in order to fix it to have a nice and enjoyable golf round.

Why Does Pull Hook Occur?

If we define the pull shot, in short, it’s the swing or movement of the golf ball after hitting the shot which moves the ball from the target, and it happens in the opposite direction of the hitting.

However, in the pull hook shot, if after you hit the ball, the ball starts with the left side and moves to the left more, it’s very terrible for any beginner golfer because it causes a high-scoring game.

It happens mostly when you play the hit with the neutral club path or left-direction-oriented club path with more curves to the left.

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How to Fix a Hook in Golf With a Driver?

As you know now what a hook in golf is and how it’s impacting your score, as a beginner golf amateur, you need to fix the hook while hitting the golf ball off the tee.

My final intent to publish this guide is for you that let you not to play the duck shot again ever in the future to conclude your round with the lowest score.

1. Slow Down Your Self

While hitting a golf ball, don’t be in a hurry, the ball is stuck on the tee, it’s not moving anywhere, and your very fast swing could be the cause of a hook during the shot.

Don’t hurry, relax first, feel tension-free while holding the club, take your position properly, and arrange yourself in the perfect posture before you swing the golf driver club.

Even, for beginner golfers, very fast swing shots are not recommended as they create more hooks, so slow down and swing the driver’s golf club slowly.

2. Go Outside From The Back Way

If your swing path is from inside to outside, it will play a very major role to create the duck hook in your shot.

Keep your club outside on the way back, magnify your first move, and take a proper straight alignment of the golf driver.

In the beginning, you would not feel enough comfortable with this method, but with more practice, it would become habitual for you and become the cause of avoiding the hooks in your hit.

Pay attention that you are not applying lots of force on the backswing, and by doing this, the ball will not have to absorb the unnecessary jerk coming from the driver.

This strategy will not work immediately after applying, it will take time, and you will have to do enough practice for it as well.

3. Grip Selection

The grip selection is also very responsible for creating a hook in your hits, the stronger holding also causes the hook as well.

You must know how to hold the golf club so that you can avoid the hook definitely.

The more knuckles in the grip indicate its harder grip, you should not select the golf club having more than two knuckles in the grip.

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Final Words

The hook generated in the hit creates a high-scoring match that impacts your career scoring, so it’s very necessary to fix the hook in golf, but for that, you must know how to fix it.

Well, there are many ways to do so, but in this article, I have addressed the major three reasons and ways to overcome them, as applying all the ways is not possible for any golfer, otherwise, he would not be able to focus on the game.

Apply these methods and practice for some time, you will overcome this bigger problem.