You don’t need to worry about the process of resetting a golf cart battery meter. With these instructions, you can manage to do it by yourself.

A golf cart battery meter can indicate the level of discharge for your batteries and keep them in proper working order.

If you discharge golf cart batteries below 20-30% of their total charge, they will wear out and eventually need replacing.

Golf cart battery meters warn you when your batteries are drained and tell you when to recharge them, so you do not drain the batteries.

The meter, which is analog, obtains voltage from the battery and moves its needles indicating the level of charge.

On the left of the dial, you’ll see “E” (which means it’s empty), while on the right there is an “F” (which means full).

If you have a digital meter, the lights on the display will tell you how much charge there is. 

A higher number of bars or lights indicates that your battery has a higher level of charge, while a lower number of bars or lights means that it has less charge.

Types of Golf Cart Battery Meter

There are two types of battery meters- analog meters and digital meters. 

In general, analog meters are more commonly used in golf carts while digital meters are newer and more accurate than analog.

Analog Battery Meter

Older carts may have analog battery meters, but newer less costly models include this type of meter.

Digital Battery Meter

Digital meters are probably more common than analog meters since they have a higher degree of accuracy and the cost of these meters has dropped since they were first introduced.

Some meters are cheaper and can easily monitor voltage levels, but due to different problems, they may not work as well.

To understand how to use an analog golf cart battery meter, first follow the simple steps—  find a positive and negative link terminal on each gauge.

How Does a Golf Cart Battery Meter Work?

Golf cart battery meters display the discharge level of the golf cart’s battery, which helps to maintain your batteries.

Discharge your golf cart batteries below 20-30% to prevent them from wearing down and becoming more costly. 

Let us know when you need the battery charged so we can charge the battery before it drops below 20%.

Golf carts have a battery meter to make it clear when the cart driver has to exchange their battery for a new one, preventing damage or costly repairs.

Golf cart batteries use cables to connect and track the depletion of power. 

The battery meters typically produce alarms to notify users when it is low.

The needle on the meter indicates how much charge is in the battery by moving.

There is one letter on the right with a picture of an empty battery and one letter on the left with a picture of a full battery.

The battery charge can be known from the needle position as well. It will also tell you when it is time to recharge it again.

You will be able to check the status of the battery meter on the LED.

A battery meter for a golf cart displays a set of lights to indicate the charge level. 

The higher the charge level, the more bars are lit up on the display.

The first time you charge your phone, it’s important to fully discharge the battery. To avoid losing power, do not let it get too low.

How to Read a Golf Cart Battery Meter?

When climbing a hill in your golf cart, it is helpful to glance at your battery meter.

Press the pedal all the way down. If you see your needle in the red zone, it indicates that your batteries need to be recharged soon.

Display areas of the 36V meter have zones of red, white, green, and red from left to right.

The CHARGE area of the battery displays your current charge status. When the RED area to the right of the CHARGE is lit, you need to stop using your device because your battery will be overcharged.

Your battery needs to be charged if it is in the red zone. If you see the green zone, it is ready for use.

If your meter shows that your batteries are discharged, but they are fully charged, then you may not have wired them correctly; consult the instructions to see how they should be connected.

How Do You Hook Up a Golf Cart Battery Meter?

Surface mounting is the most common option when it comes to hooking up a golf cart battery meter.

When checking your gas before you drive back home, make sure you can still see the meter.

Put the wires behind the console (through a hole or a crevice) to hold your meter water-tight with Velcro strips or zip brackets.

There are 6-12 measure wire pigtail lenses with LED and digital battery meters, but you’ll need to purchase more wire for the power terminals.

In golf carts, the batteries are connected together and have the positives on the outside with the negatives on the inside.

It is possible to add the voltages of two batteries together by adding their values together.

There will be one wire on the first battery and one wire on the last battery. Make sure these wires are not touching.

The battery’s positive terminal is linked by wire to the wire, and the battery’s negative side is linked by wire to the other side.

Run an insulated wire from each terminal to the point at which you want the meter to be located, and place it in a safe, visible area.

When you are hooking up your battery and a voltmeter, connect the cables on the battery to the pins on the voltmeter according to their polarity.

One of the pins from the LED meter should be connected to the positive side of the power supply. Another should be connected to the negative side.

How To Reset Golf Cart Battery Meter

The battery meter on SV-110 golf carts can be reset with a voltmeter, The steps to reset your golf cart battery meter is much simpler than installing one.

The process of resetting the golf cart battery meter is very easy, which is mentioned below.

  • Disconnect the battery meter from your golf cart.
  • Before you disconnect, you need to make sure that the cart batteries are fully charged.
  • Finally, reconnect the meter to the golf cart to reset it completely.

How To Troubleshoot Golf Cart Battery Meter

Troubleshooting golf cart battery meters are not too hard, but there are some cases when they come, a person becomes thoughtless.

Because, in a common troubleshooting guide, only the troubleshooting process is given, special cases and causes are not mentioned.

But here, we are going to mention all aspects of it, so be sure that you are going through them in depth.

1. The Battery Meter Keeps Flashing

When you see a flashing or blinking battery meter light, it means that the battery is unplugged and won’t turn on.

To fix any issues of blinking, consult the manual for the owner to see. There is no one-size-fits-all solution because there are too many possible causes.

2. Red Light Flash Twice

If the red light on your golf cart battery charger flashes twice, this means that the voltage being received is insufficient.

Ensure the cleanliness of the battery by cleaning off any dust from the connections. This could be the cause of the problem with your battery charger.

Determine the voltage of each battery. Check the voltage of any batteries with low readings. Try to trickle-charge those batteries.

3. The Golf Cart Battery Isn’t Charging and The Meter Is Flashing

Golf carts require a minimum of 24 volts in the battery, and without these voltages, the charger will not get turned on.

To charge a 12 Volt battery using a 24 Volt power source, you must wire the batteries correctly in series.

Begin charging your batteries in the correct order but do it two at a time. 

If you’re unsure, try removing the charger from the bad battery or the battery from the device that’s being charged. 

To assess how good your batteries are, use a voltmeter to give them a read.

4. The Battery Meter Always Indicates Full Charge

Even if you know your battery is not completely charged, you can’t tell because the meter is always set to full.

The battery meter needs to be reset. For 10 minutes, turn off the power to the battery meter to restart it and clear out any errors.

If your battery reads 6.2 volts, then it should be replaced immediately because it has reached a lower point due to use.

You can refuel your battery if you’re having problems with it. Make sure that there is no other type of wiring issue that is causing it to malfunction.

4. Meter Keeps Flashing Even After Fully Charged

Faulty wiring in the battery meter might indicate that even if you have fully charged batteries, it will not detect them.

The best option is to either replace the battery meter or hire a licensed electrician to inspect and repair it.

One of the most common problems is when your car battery meter starts showing signs of trouble. A common solution is to get a new battery.

However, if something breaks and you can’t fix it yourself, you should hire an electrician to do it for you.

How To Install New Battery Meter On Golf Cart

Wear goggles and gloves to protect yourself before you work on the wiring for a golf cart.

You will use power tools in this job, so make sure you are careful and avoid getting hurt. Your hair should be tied back if it is too long.

To get started, you will need a wire cutter, hole saw, razor knife, 18-gauge wire, wire strippers, butane lighters, 14-vice grips, F2 terminal connectors, electrical tape, and mounting screws. 

Keep in mind that you should have these materials before proceeding to the installation phase.

In a nutshell, You will need a wire cutter, hole saw, razor knife, 18-gauge wire, and F2 connector to install the speaker.

These instructions will work for any golf cart. If you have a model other than what we provide, please consult the manufacturer’s website to find the right replacement.

Disconnect your battery and switch off the cart to avoid shock. Next, open your dashboard and disconnect the wires that are attached to your old meter.

To replace the old meter with the new one, carefully remove all wires from the first meter. 

Place the new one in exactly the same place as the other. Straighten any wires that need to be connected before you proceed by holding them with vice grips in place. 

Strip any necessary wire of protective coating and cut it to size, then crimp it well to finish off.

Connect the green and black wires to ground them. If there are any spare wires behind the dash, connect them to the wire leading from the starter.

Connect the jumper cable to the tab that is near the bottom of the battery gauge. This will ground them, avoiding any shocks. 

Connecting the battery cables to the terminals on the meter and then to those on the battery is important, as well.

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Final Words

Please review the information below and follow it carefully to avoid problems that could leave you stranded. 

The best way to avoid electrical risks is to have your battery tested regularly. 

We recommend taking your golf cart out at least twice per year with a fully charged battery, then allowing it to recharge fully before use again. This can help you avoid running on reserve power if your battery has a diminished charge.