Swing a Golf Club for Beginners

In every segment, a beginner should not skip learning the micro-step of it, and even golf is not excluded from it.

Golf is not a game of hitting the ball by the golf club randomly, if you do so, there are lots of chances that you can not win the game.

An interesting thing about golf is that there are many small aspects that affect your shots and games and make them incorrect.

Swinging the ball is one small aspect that you should focus on and learn how to swing a golf club for beginners.

The shot of golf starts with the swing, and as a beginner, you should not avoid learning how to swing the ball.

That is why, I am publishing this guide, especially for you, so you can improve your skills at the beginning of your golf career.

6 Tips To Swing A Golf Club For Beginners: Step By Step Guide

You don’t need to overthink because you are a beginner, the things in the starting are pretty tough.

But with practice, you will get a good command over swinging the golf club.

Swinging a golf club is not a very hard deal if you have gone through the step-by-step guide of it, and this article will give you the same exact thing.

So, let’s begin exploring how to swing a golf club for beginners. You should stick with this article till the last line.

#1. The Feet Positioning

You need to set your left in such a manner that your front foot should be a minute ahead of the ball.

This position will allow the club to be at the center of your body which will give you a comfortable position.

The gap between your two legs should be wider than the width of your shoulders, and the ball should be in the middle.

While using the driver and hybrid, you should keep it at the front side of your leg, and short clubs should come in the middle of the legs.

Now, if you are a right-handed player, this process will be reversed, your left leg will be around one foot, and in some cases, it will be closer to the hole.

#2. Shoulder and Elbow Position

Many players keep their elbows straight while taking the position which is quite wrong.

Your elbows should be bent slightly inside to take the exact and comfortable posture while setting up the golf club.

The meaning of this is that you should not stand too near the ball that you have to bend the elbows to set the position and don’t stand too far that your elbows are in a straight position.

By taking this position, your waist will not take too much load and you will feel relaxed.

#3. Space Between Feet and Ball – Your Alignment

Alignment is an imaginary line that passes through your back foot to the front foot and back shoulder to right shoulder which gives you the judgment of your alignment.

By doing this, you will be able to judge your position whether you have stood correctly or not.

#4. Bend Your Knees Slight

It would be very difficult to hit the ball by standing in a very straight position.

Instead of this, you should bend your knees slightly so that you can feel more comfortable while swinging the golf club.

Try to balance your weight on your leg balls instead of the heels — it could be difficult for you, but it’s good for better swinging.

While taking this posture, you should divide your entire weight on your legs, and move the heels slowly.

#4. Proper Grip

Holding the golf club plays a very major role in swinging, and that is why you should grip the golf club.

You can use the grip whatever you are comfortable with, whether you are a right-handed player or left-handed player, you should learn how to hold the golf club.

Hold the golf club light, don’t grip it too stiff which doesn’t allow you to perfect the shot.

The tight grip resists your muscles while playing the shot, and protests the swing which affects your game, so hold the club lightly.

You can use any method of grip from — Interlocking grip, overlapping grip, or 10 fingers grip.

These all grips are good to go, it depends upon with which one you are comfortable.

#6. Swing

You should feel that you are minutely pulling the club head while swinging down.

Then play the shot with the required force according to the destination of the shot wherever you want to make the ball reach.

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Tips to Improve Golf Swing

You can do a better swing by using the above-mentioned method of swinging, however, if you want to improve your golf swing, here are some very useful tips.

You must be clear with your target where you want to hit the ball, and you should use the golf club on which you have practiced a lot.

You need to master your own golf swing which you can play very easily.

Learn the selection of golf clubs according to the clubs such as a driver is used for longer distances and a putter is used when a ball is very near to the hole.

Last but not the least — always try to improve your grip and keep trying to make your golf grip better and better day by day.

And also you can go through this guide on improving your golf swing which is in-depth and definitely will help you in improving your swing.

Final Words

You should feel confident while playing golf instead of becoming overconfident.

Many golf lovers ignore the importance of golf swing and it becomes the major reason for high scoring.

I have observed these things many times during my deep research, and that is why I have given this guide following which you can make your game better and win.

Moreover, the golf club you are using plays a very important role in swinging it because it is the tool on which you depend a lot.

So, use the golf club on which you have practiced a lot instead of doing different experiments.