If you buy or own an elephant, it isn’t the end, you have to maintain it as well, you might be thinking why am I telling this here, right?

Well, many of you think that why only rich people play golf, well, there is an answer that golf requires some maintenance and high-paid expenses.

Let’s come to the center point, using the cart on the golf course is very beneficial, and it depends upon many situations whether you should use a cart or not.

And, if you are using the golf cart to determine the distance, and the cart is not automated, it needs fuel in the form of electricity, and it can be passed through the golf cart battery.

Owning a golf cart requires you to maintain it. Check if your golf cart battery is charged before using it.

This unit might struggle with performance issues that diminish over time.

You need to test that your golf cart battery charger works in order to avoid any problems and make sure it provides the desired performance.

Reasons to Test Your Golf Cart Battery Charger

A good way to maintain your golf cart battery charger is to regularly check if you need any upgrades in order to keep it running at peak levels.

You need to consider a multitude of chargers when the charger stops working properly.

Possible issues include but are not limited to, wiring problems and problems with the function of the charger.

Testing is typically done at least once a year. Testing schedules vary depending on factors like what the company produces, the number of products required to test, product durability, and the industry in which the company operates.

Well, there are some very crucial reasons for which you have to check the golf cart battery charger.

To Ensure The Strength of The Battery

A battery will fully charge when you use a battery charger if it’s in great shape.

If you use a charger that isn’t good enough, your phone battery will die faster than with a better charger.

It Will Catch if There is Electrical Problem

Your charger’s life span may be shortened if something goes wrong with the electronics inside.

If your charger is getting old and you notice electrical problems, it may be time to replace it.

There are some important tests to make sure your charger isn’t short-circuiting when powering batteries.

It Will Enhance Your Cart Battery Life

If you want to recharge your golf cart’s battery, make sure you drain it completely and then re-charge. 

This will help maintain your battery’s charge life and keep your golf cart running smoothly when you come back.

These benefits make the process of testing very worth the time.

If you’re able to adapt and speed up the test process, there is no reason why you cannot do this on an annual basis.

If you use your car a lot, it is smart to get a test done every few weeks. High mileage is key in these situations.

Your battery will last for a lot longer if you attach it to its charging pad in the right way.

When you charge your battery for too long, this can cause it to overheat because the heat expands more but is not able to escape.

Now Testing A Golf Cart Battery Charger

To test your battery charger you will need to conduct a variety of procedures that assess not only the charger but also the battery and the cart.

Well, it’s not too hard to do so, you just need to follow the process which is mentioned below, so let’s ready to test your golf cart battery charger.

Step 1: Turn On The Cart Battery Charger

To measure the electrical output of your battery charger, turn on the charger and attach it to a voltmeter.

Typical voltmeter needle movement is left to right. This can indicate the number of amps produced.

Step 2: Track The Charger Issues

If your charger isn’t making enough power, detach the voltmeter and see if you can find the problem.

And luckily, the troubleshooting of the issue does not have too many longer steps, it can be fixed by following a few numbers of simple steps.

Step 3: Find The Dirt and Stuck Grime

You may have buildup such as dirt and grime, which can affect the performance of your charger over time.

You should be aware of and clean these stains from both units to prevent charging issues.

Step 4: Checking The Cables (Important)

When your charger won’t work, you need to troubleshoot it. You should check all the cables for damage that causes issues.

Breaks in the charger cable or disconnects are the most common sources of damage.

Step 5: Check The Transformer of The Battery

If the wires are fixed and your charger still isn’t working properly, turn it back on and listen for humming sounds.

If you hear a humming sound, the transformer is working. If you do not hear a hum, it might mean that the transformer needs to be replaced.

Step 6: Checking The Circuitry of The Wiring

The instruction manual will show you the wiring diagram for your golf cart battery charger and how it connects to the cart.

If a circuit is not hooked up properly, reconnect or replace the wires to ensure the charger runs efficiently.

Step 7: Do Inspection of The Grounding Wire

One wire should be detached from your battery charger and connected to the metal frame of the engine housing.

If a circuit is not hooked up properly, reconnect or replace the wires to ensure the charger runs efficiently.

If your charger is not running smoothly, check to see if the grounding wire has come disconnected and reconnect it if needed.

Step 8: Check The Fuses

To help prevent electrical overload, batteries, and golf carts usually have a series of fuses that blow should the current be very high.

The fuses on your car’s battery should be switched and/or replaced if it is damaged. This should happen both in-store and on our cart as well.

Step 9: Inspect The Battery Terminals

Check your battery for leakage by carefully pulling off the caps. When the battery is beginning to degrade, it starts showing a gray or brown color to the liquid. This usually means that it can no longer charge itself.

How to Test a 36 Volt Battery Charger

To measure a battery’s voltage, put the red lead of your voltmeter on the right-hand side of the battery post and the black on the left. 

When you turn on the power, your measurement will appear.

A typical reading for an amp on a voltmeter is around 36. In most cases, the needle moves from left to right – with the right being higher – to measure the amps used by a battery charger.

How to Test 48v Golf Cart Charger

To measure the voltage across the terminals of the charger, touch the red probe to the “+” terminal and place the black probe on the “-” terminal.

If you are charging a laptop below 48 volts, then the charger is no longer working and will need to be replaced.

Tips to Improve the Life of Golf Cart Battery (Not Charger)

Golf carts make the game easier and more comfortable. They also help with pace-keeping, speeding up play to the benefit of all players.

Golf carts are used for golf and to make walking easier for players. Golf carts help people with limited mobility play golf for many more years than those who have to walk.

Golf carts are quite an investment and it’s important to get the most performance out of them. 

The quality of the battery impacts your investment and so it’s important to get the most out of it.

So, let’s explore the tips that how you can improve the lifespan of your golf cart battery charger.

Frequently Charge The Battery of Your Cart

Make sure your golf cart battery is charged for at least 8 hours with the proper style of the charger in order to be productive.

You should charge your cart overnight after you’ve finished unpacking from the day, as opposed to leaving your cart by the door.

It is important to fully charge the batteries after using the golf cart so that you can use it the next day.

Battery life is decreased if you allow your batteries to sit in a low state of charge for extended periods of time.

Always make sure to use a matched voltage charger and battery pack system. 

An incompletely charged battery will never work regardless of the time it’s left on charge.

Clean The Battery Regularly

Learn the importance of maintenance for golf cart batteries. Batteries attract dirt, grime, and other materials. 

Keeping your hands clean can help you avoid potential problems. For example, if there isn’t sufficient grime, it could lead to the emergence of signs of trouble.

To clean golf cart batteries with a bristle brush and baking soda solution, wear eye protection and rubber gloves.

Maintenance Of Your Golf Cart Battery

To extend the life of batteries in your vehicle, remember to keep them clean and free of corrosion.

Clean electrical terminals with a hard-bristled brush and dry with a cloth.

You should make sure that all cables are tightened, and replace any in poor condition. Protect terminals with petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion. Make sure that electrical connections are tight.

If you don’t maintain the golf cart battery, be ready to pay the price of a new golf cart battery.

Don’t Ever OverCharge

It’s best to have a simple safety measure like an automatic golf cart charger. 

That will solve the worries you may have about one thing not working during your trip without having to worry about the others.

Long term, the best way to avoid any battery issues is to make sure you charge your batteries fully as soon as possible.

Don’t Discharge Before 80%

Do not charge the battery all the way up or let it run out. Charging below 50% can reduce the service life of your battery.

The hydrometer reading can be used to determine if the battery is charged. Voltage tests give information on the charge and whether there are any bad cells in the battery.

Poor battery performance can cause companion batteries to break quickly. 

To identify these types, load testing is more successful than other methods.


Q1: What should my golf cart charger read when fully charged?

Ans: If the initial ammeter reading is close to the 15 amp mark, and it eventually drops below 2 or 3 amps, this indicates that the battery is nearly fully charged.

Q2: Can I use a 36-volt charger on a 48-volt golf cart?

Ans: It is never okay to use a charger with a different voltage than the battery. When you’re matching up your charger with your battery, make sure that the volts are on par.

Q3: Can my golf cart battery charger be repaired?

Ans: Cheaper, less complicated repairs can be done to the most common failure of a golf cart charger. More expensive, more complicated repairs might be needed for things like a faulty circuit board or burned-up transformer.

Final Words

I have explained a series of steps that can be used by a golfer to check the battery charger for their golf cart. 

I think this information should help any new or veteran golfer. For convenience, I included all the steps in as much detail as possible.

There are many numbers of tutorials as well on YouTube that are presenting a guide to test the golf cart battery charger practically, and yes, honestly, they are supposed to give you live knowledge as well.

Well, this guide is also not less than practical knowledge, by following this guide, you will surely be able to pass the work for which you are looking.

Well, you should not forget to fully charge your golf cart battery as well after using it, if you miss it, it can be the cause of decreasing the durability of your golf cart battery.

In other cases, people ignore it, and they always have to spend unnecessary and extra money as well for golf cart battery maintenance