Electric golf carts use a battery as a power source, and you can help take care of the battery to keep it running for longer.

If you want to make your golf cart batteries last, you MUST maintain the batteries of the golf cart.

Sometimes it happens that we avoid caring for and maintaining the golf cart battery, and as a result, we have to spend full money to buy a new golf cart battery only for a small fault.

For small faults, a new golf cart battery?


Because, when it was small, we didn’t pay attention to it, and with the passage of time and usage, it becomes bigger, and in the end, it converts into an unavoidable and unsolvable problem.

As a result, we must buy a new golf cart battery.

So, I wish that you might not have to pass through this kind of situation, and that is why I am making this golf cart battery maintenance guide following which you can make your golf cart battery last.

4 Tips For Charging Golf Cart Battery

If you want to make your golf cart battery last, there are some tips that you have to follow.

Yes, you will find many blogs and videos regarding golf cart battery tips, such as the charging time of golf cart batteries, golf cart battery selection, the weight of golf cart batteries, etc…

However, there are some important tips that are missing on them, and hence, I am sharing the same here, that must go through.

1. After Each Use, Charge The Battery

You need to charge the batteries after every use. If you charge it overnight then it will be ready for another day.

If you have only used the golf cart for 10 minutes, recharging your batteries will take more than 10 minutes.

2. Don’t Forget to Water Your Battery Regularly

Once or twice a month, inspect the watering schedule for your golf cart battery. 

Regular inspection will allow you to maintain your golf cart battery and make it last longer.

When you use a new battery, be sparing with adding water to it in the first month. Check your batteries every week during summer.

It’s important to water batteries, fill them up when they’re full, and know just how much they need. 

Yours uses machine learning to optimize your charging cycle and ensure the best results.

3. Clean The Golf Cart Batteries regularly

Learn the importance of cleaning and regular maintenance of golf cart batteries.

You’ll need to clean your batteries by mixing baking soda, water, and a brush. 

Mix the baking soda in the water then use the brush to coat the battery.

4. Must Buy a Quality Charger

There are a variety of different factors that affect battery life. 

The lowest cost doesn’t necessarily mean a better-quality golf cart charger. Consider everything you need before making the purchase.

6 Things To Avoid When Charging Golf Cart Battery

Only tips to charge the battery are not enough to maintain your golf cart’s battery life.

But there are many things that you must avoid while charging the battery of your golf cart.

1. Don’t Overcharge The Golf Cart Battery

You should not overcharge your golf cart batteries to avoid water consumption and corrosion of the positive plates. 

Once the battery is charged, do not allow it to stay on the charger for too long.

When your batteries are fully charged, you can use an automatic charger to save additional energy from being used.

2. Don’t Use Inappropriate Charger

Improper battery changes can lead to severe problems such as decreased charge and the life of the battery, so it’s safer to use a charger designed specifically for golf cart batteries.

3. Locations Freezing

The best time to travel places for your battery is if the temperature is expected to be above freezing so it’s not damaged in the case of freezing.

4. Keep The Battery Away From The Direct Heat

Always avoid applying direct heat from the battery, it will damage very hard.

If you want to last your golf cart battery long, make sure that you keep the golf cart battery away from direct heat.

5. Don’t Drive Until The Battery Dies

Wait until your golf cart is on standby to charge the battery. Driving will not damage the battery, but if you wait, it can lead to irreversible harm.

6. Don’t Ride on Steep Hills

Golf carts are made for long-distance, rough roads. Driving one forcefully up a steep hill could damage it and your batteries.

6 Ways To Maintain Your Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart maintenance is important to maintain the golf cart battery. Here are the essential tips to ensure a long life from your golf cart battery guaranteeing excellent performance.

1: Keep The Top Clean and Dry

You can use a brush and baking soda solution to clean your batteries but protect your eyes and gloves.

2: Don’t Remove Until Full Charge

Golf Carts have been suggested to be charged when they are low or drained, based on an 80% charge. 

20% of the time, people charge their carts after using them for the day. This can result in shortened battery life because such cells will not hold a charge as well.

If you use the golf cart for less than five minutes, it is a good idea to charge the batteries. 

If you are looking for quality golf cart chargers, it may be a good idea to find something that can plug in overnight.

3: Charging The Golf Cart Battery

It is important to maintain your golf cart battery, and when you are not using it, always make sure that it is charged. 

To do this, there are a few extra safety precautions you should know about beforehand.

If you charge your golf cart in a well-ventilated area, don’t smoke, ensure the terminals are tight or corroded, and make sure your charger is working correctly.

It’s good practice to recharge your golf cart after every use, as it will be ready to go whenever you need it. 

Out of a stock golf cart, you can expect to go 15-20 miles (depending on the terrain) on a full charge, and recharging the battery after each use will ensure that it is always ready.

To avoid the loss of charger power, try unplugging and re-plugging your charger. 

The batteries in golf carts can lose power over time; however, the charger may not have an indicator to detect this loss.

4: Cleaning of The Battery on a Regular Basis

If you act quickly, corrosion will not build up on your golf cart battery terminals and prevent damage to your battery.

First, mix the corrosion with a little water and baking soda. Once the corrosion is removed, rinse the battery terminal protector on the surface. 

Make sure you read the manual before using this method, as this may cause a dangerous chemical reaction.

5: Golf Cart Battery Troubleshooting

Check if your battery is not performing to its full capacity- If there are no visible issues, such as defective connectors or low electrolyte levels, then the problem is most likely your battery.

Crown Battery recommends that you keep the battery fully charged and avoid cold weather. 

Here is the battery troubleshooting guide which will help you to run out from the golf cart battery problems.

For battery maintenance, a little practice can go a long way. With the right batteries, the operation of your car will be smooth and without any issues for years.

6: Apply The Proper Strategies For Replacement 

You’ll know you need to replace a golf cart battery when its performance decreases. Often, this decrease in performance will be a sign.

Resist the urge to replace only one battery and instead replace all of your old batteries. New batteries will charge faster, which can shorten their lifespan.

You can also recondition your golf cart battery which has lost its life.

How to Maintain Golf Cart Batteries in Winter

Golf equipment needs to be maintained in the winter to prepare for the spring when playing golf will become possible again.

To make sure your golf cart works when the new year starts and to avoid costly repairs, make sure to take it in for winterization.

Prepare The Storage For Your Golf Cart Battery

Lack of maintenance during the off-season can leave your car ready to run, but there might be cases where neglecting the battery care leaves your car without enough power to get through the garage. 

A simple charge during winter can help make sure you will have a running car in the spring.

To winterize a car, park it in a garage or other covered area and use protective coverings to keep the car safe.

When your golf car’s maintenance/run switch is in the neutral position, you will be able to maintain the battery and reduce the risk of the car starting unexpectedly. 

Refer to your user manual to have additional information about which position your car has this switch.

Fully charge the battery (including watering), and follow instructions from the battery manufacturer.

Inspect the terminals for corrosion. Although corrosion may seem inconsequential, it can actually be a sign of battery damage and lead to you mistakenly disposing of your 6-volt golf car batteries. 

Clean your 6-volt golf car batteries with a water and baking soda mixture before putting them in long-term storage.

You should make sure the battery on your golf car is charged every month, clean it, and hit its brakes at least once a year while stored. 

If you don’t, when you turn on the vehicle in the spring, you will likely be unable to drive. 

You should also wipe down and vacuum everything within reach before starting it back up in the spring.


How often should you put water in golf cart batteries?

For the best battery longevity, be sure to keep your batteries full. You should do this at least once every 30 days but this might vary in consultation with your own situation. When filling them, use only enough water so that it’s 1/4 to 1/8 inch shy of the indicator ring.

Should I charge my golf cart batteries after every use?

Your new golf cart batteries should be charged after they are used so they will last longer. It’s important to charge them even if it is the first time.

How often should golf cart batteries be checked?

Make it a routine to check the water level of your battery. The bladder risk of ruining your battery may be increased due to low water levels.

Final Words

Well, at last, I would repeat the same sentence that only charging the golf cart battery is not enough to make it durable.

You must maintain it with proper strategy and checklist, just cleaning and charging it regularly will not return you the expected results.

The tips, processes, and does-don’t given in this article will assist you to maintain your golf cart battery for a very long time, and yes, don’t forget to charge your battery after every usage, as it’s a very important step that must be executed by you without fail.