How much does a golf cart weigh? You might be thinking that what if the battery of the golf cart stops working on the way, would you be able to roll it by pushing, right?

If you are thinking this, then you are one of the most intelligent golfers, well, the weight of a golf cart is from 500 pounds to 1,100 pounds, so now it depends upon your physical strength to roll it by pushing.

The manufacturer, model, and size determine a golf cart’s weight. Manufacturers may add modifications (such as a roof) to increase the weight of a golf cart.

Reason to Know Golf Cart Weight

Before moving on, we must first decide why comprehending the weight of a golf cart is important. 

It does signify something, as with anything, it must be weighed.

The weight of the golf cart will decide the hill climbing capability of your golf cart and the weight will determine this.

A tow hitch is also needed to help you figure out how much power is needed to tow the golf cart.

If you don’t know the weight of your golf cart, there’s a chance it won’t be able to support the route you want to take.

There are a number of situations in which a golf cart may be necessary.

What Are Dry Weight and Curb Weight?

If you are looking at the weight of a golf cart, there will be two numbers. One number is the dry weight and another number is the curb weight.

When designing a golf cart, you need to take into account the total weight of the vehicle when it’s ready to be driven. 

For example, the dry weight of the golf cart should include just the frame, without any batteries or other accessories.

These cars are lighter than those using gas because they have less mass due to the fact that the battery is not installed.

Dry weight is the weight of your vehicle when there are no passengers, cargo, or any liquid inside it. 

In order to measure the weight of your car, you need to account for all the weight, including what is attached before the battery.

These extras can include anything from tires to rear seats.

Dry weight is similar to curb weight (weight without fluids needed for operation).

When most people think about curb weight, they only think about the weight of the vehicle, however, it is with the inclusion of fuel, oil, and other components that are required.

If you think of curb weight as natural weight, it can be applied to the weight of your vehicle when it is sitting at the dealerships.

How Much Do Golf Carts Weigh?

There are many types of golf carts and each kind of golf cart has a different amount of weight.

It depends upon you what type and what brand of golf cart you are using.

Well, you don’t have to worry after reading this, because we are going to cover many types of golf cart weights, so you will have a clear idea.

Average Golf Cart Weight

An average golf cart weight is 500-1100 lbs. The number is different for the type of golf cart and any modifications made to it.

Golf carts come in varying weights and given two carts, the weight could be different depending on which materials have been used. 

You can expect an electric golf cart to weigh more than 900 pounds.

You can control the weight of your golf cart with your preferences. The cart will weigh the same amount, but the dimensions may change with how much it weighs.

Electric Golf Cart Weigh

Golf carts with batteries in them are heavier than their counterparts that run on gas. 

Gas-powered models weigh up to 800 pounds, while electric golf carts range from 900 to 1,1000 pounds.

Usually, electric golf carts weigh less than gas-powered models. But this changes when you consider the weight of the battery.

An electric golf cart typically weighs 900 to 1,000 pounds, which is all due to its batteries.

48-Volt Golf Cart Weigh

The 48V EZGO RXV is the lightest in the lineup, weighing less than 565 lbs.

The gas model weighs more at 676 pounds. The lithium-powered model is heavier at 605 lbs.

Golf Push Carts Weigh

The material that is used to make a pushcart can greatly affect the weight and durability of the cart.

A smaller push cart is easier to maneuver and carry, so you will be in the groove faster.

The weight of your cart and bag may not seem like a big deal until you’ve raised the amount by double.

New push carts can be as small as 10 pounds, while most weigh around 15.

Gas Club Car Weigh

Gas model Club Car golf carts are on average 619–642 pounds, With a gas-powered car, it is heavier than an electric counterpart. 

The difference in weight between models of gas-powered cars is usually around 100 pounds.

With a gas-powered car, it is heavier than an electric counterpart. The difference in weight between models of gas-powered cars is usually around 100 pounds.

48-Volt Club Car Weigh

The Club Car DS IQ system has a battery pack weighing 872 pounds, and the Club Car DS PowerDrive system packs weighs 854 pounds.

The weight of a golf cart may differ based on the type. For example, if a cart uses four 12-volt batteries, it will be heavier than if it used six 8-volt batteries.

This can also be indicated in different-sized golf carts. The 48-volt Club Car Onward with six 8-volt lead-acid batteries weighs 975 pounds.

Whereas the four-passenger Club Car Fairway Villager with the same battery setup weighs 873 pounds. 

Alternatively, the 48-volt Tempo Club Car only weighs 903 pounds.

How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh With Batteries

A golf cart’s curb weight is either the weight of its batteries, fuel or a combination of both.

The golf cart is more than 1,120 lbs. It’s not just the dry weight of the golf cart.

Some people have even lifted carts with batteries and rear seats weighing over 1,120 lbs.

How Much Does a Club Car Golf Cart Weigh

A new Club Car golf cart can weigh between 619 pounds and 1393 pounds. Gas-powered carts are on average heavier than electric models.

Golf Cart Weight by Brand

A golf cart with a higher power and weight limit will usually be more expensive than a standard golf cart.

Golf cart companies will have their own weights for gas-powered and electric models.

Ezy go, RXV Fleet,Electric906 lbs
Club Car Onward 4Gas795 lbs
Club Car CarryallElectric1,393 lbs
Yamaha Concierge 6Gas 1,010 lbs
Yamaha Adventurer Sport 2+2Electric1,387 lbs
Yamaha Concierge 4Gas767 lbs

Golf Cart Weight and Dimensions

The size of a standard two-seat golf cart typically ranges from 92x48x75 inches.

The cart’s most important component is the solenoid, which can also be a possible fault.

The height and width of a golf cart are usually the same with an increase in seats.

The length of each kind of golf cart will only vary by one to two inches. The height will also only differ by a small amount. 

The type of lift kit installed on the golf cart can have an impact on the height.

Moreover, A golf cart’s size depends on the model and features, with models such as Marathon going at 25 miles per hour and other features such as the weight capacity.

Golf carts come in two different sizes, standard and six-seater. The size is usually within inches.

How Much Weight Can a Golf Cart Tow?

Golf carts can be used to transport cargo over short distances or, for people who already own a golf cart, it is cheaper to use them as transport.

Generally, a golf cart can carry 1,000 pounds of weight. The exact weight and distance are dependent on the specifications of your golf cart.

The main deciding factor of a golf cart is its horsepower. Gas-powered golf carts have higher horsepower, ranging between 9 to 12, while electric ones generally range between 3 and 5.

Your golf cart’s towing capacity should be considered if frequently carrying cargo is important to you. 

Manufacturers can typically provide information on the horsepower of your vehicle.

Golf Cart Weight Limit for Passengers

Golf carts can be used for transportation and are safe for up to six passengers.

Your golf cart might be going slower and putting strain on the engine if you’ve reached the weight limit for passengers.

The driver will damage the golf cart’s power system if they exceed the weight limit.

Golf carts are capable of holding more than 600-800 pounds. Those with higher seating capacities can support 1,000 to 1,200 pounds on average.

If you are looking for gas-powered golf carts, you should explore some of the options available.

As a good rule of thumb, don’t carry more than 200 pounds per passenger. Don’t drive fewer passengers than the maximum capacity.

How Much Does a Golf Cart Battery Weigh?

The heavier weight is required to get the cart up and moving on rough terrain, but this weight can vary.

Electric vehicles are usually heavier because electric cars have larger batteries that weigh more and can also be heavier when there are two car batteries in a golf cart.

Electric vehicles typically weigh more than their fossil fuel counterparts. For example, a single golf cart battery might weigh as much as 15 pounds, leading to the total weight of an electric vehicle rising to over 1000 pounds.

Golf carts with a seat for 4 or more people are observed to be able to tow heavier loads.

Gas Vs Electrical

You should consider your needs and preferences when choosing between an electric or gas-powered golf cart.

Gas-powered golf carts have an engine that is similar in size to a car. Electric engines are larger and more powerful.

You do not have to worry about bad terrain or carrying many people because gas-powered golf carts can now be serviced with just one person.

Electric golf carts do not use gas and often need to be charged a few times throughout the day. However, they are lightweight and easy to carry despite being bigger than gas-powered ones.

Materials Utilization

There are a number of golf carts on the market, but there are two styles in particular:

The Yamaha Drive2 PTV, and the E-Z-Go Express S4. The weight of one versus the other is about 130 pounds more for just one of them.

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Q1: What’s the average weight of a golf cart?

Ans: The weight of a golf cart can vary depending on the make, model, and type. But, it can be an average of 500-1100 pounds.

Q2: How heavy is an Ezgo golf cart?

Ans: An EZGO gas golf cart weighs an average of 742 lbs, which is increased by the weight of the batteries. The result is a 925 lb electric golf cart.

Q3: How do you tow a golf cart?

Ans: Hitch a trailer to your vehicle using a ball receiver. Grab the latch to secure it and make sure it won’t fall if you take off quickly. Attach the wiring harness to the hitch, open the gate of the trailer, and place a ramp at an appropriate height.

Q4: How fast can you tow a golf cart on a trailer?

Ans: You don’t need to worry about how quickly you’re driving as long as you have the roof strapped on well. It’s ok if you go 60 or 70 miles an hour.

Last Words

That is some of the weight in the typical golf cart. You can buy a weight-fitted golf cart to meet your needs.

Before you buy a cart, it’s important to consider the dry weight and curb weight of the cart.

The golf cart battery can weigh a lot, and that weight is usually ignored by most golfers.

You should also take into account the weight of your passengers and make sure the cart can support them.

Pay attention to the weight of your carts, and you will be able to keep them in good condition.