Replace Golf Driver

Upgrading is a mandatory aspect in every segment. Whether you are golfing, you should keep replacing your old equipment with the passage of time to upgrade them.

In today’s article, we are going to explore the secrets of driving in which you will come to know how often you should replace your golf driver, and what is the ideal frequency of changing the driver clubs.

I don’t know whether you pay attention or not, but you would notice that most manufacturers keep many changes in their products with a certain frequency of duration.

If you are in a hurry, then you should know in short that you should change your golf drivers every five years.

Typically, there is not any certain time to change the drivers, but according to constant experiences and experiments, these stats are revealed by some trusted sources.

Along with this information, this article will let you know the checklist to follow for the same, why you need a new driver, and many other secrets.

How Often Should You Replace Your Golf Driver

As I mentioned in the introduction, there is not any defined or certified time to change your driver or any other golf club.

But yes, you need to change your golf driver when it seems to upgrade with a new one with more features according to your experience,

The estimated time is 3 to 5 years because, with this time-frequency, manufacturers introduce new featured drivers and other golf clubs.

Do I Really Need a New Driver?

This is a very important and crucial question that you must raise yourself and try to find the correct answer.

Do you really need a new driver? And if yes, then why?

Why do you need a new driver?

See, when you start golfing as a beginner, you are having limited skills and experience, and that is why you don’t need the fully featured driver at that time because you are in the practicing phase at that time.

But as long as you become tenured and gain more experience, the golf drivers for beginners can not fulfill your requirements.

Now, you need a golf driver that can fulfill your requirement as an intermediate golfer or experienced golfer.

In addition, when you keep using one piece of equipment constantly for a very long time, after a certain time, it starts discharging and at once it becomes useless.

You would be thinking that it’s fine when it will be useless, I will change it, right?


But one thing you should know is that when it starts discharging, it can not perform according to its features and you can’t get the expected results, so you need to change the drivers at this moment.

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Checklist to Know When You Need to Change Your Golf Driver

Now, you have come to know why you need to change your driver within a certain time, but the question is how you will come to know that it’s time to change the golf drivers.

So, for this you don’t need to worry, I am sharing the signs which indicate that you will upgrade your golf driver soon.

In the old days, it was not difficult to determine the change of drivers because they were indicating clearly, but in the current time, due to advanced technology, it has become a little bit difficult.

1. When You Find a Damage on Driver

This is a very clear indication which informs you that you need to change your driver instantly.

While arranging and playing golf, you have to do in-out your golf clubs many times.

Now, it may happen that while doing this stuff repeatedly, due to friction, the shaft and clubhead may be damaged.

I recommend you to observe your golf drivers constantly after each game (if possible), and when you find a crack or damage anywhere on the driver, you should replace it instantly.

2. If You Feel Changes in Swing

Sometimes it happens that the shaft or club head of your golf driver has been damaged, but the damage is not visible, and you think it’s fine.

Then you are not able to determine that it has been damaged, but with your feelings and experience, you can observe it.

If you feel that the swing of that driver has been changed, then you should be alert, and observe very closely your driver, it may be a very minute hair crack in your driver.

A minute hair crack is also dangerous for your game, so at this time, you should not waste your time and change the golf driver as soon as possible.

In this case, your skills and methods also are associated, it is not necessary that if the swing has been changed then the driver has been broken.

If you use an inappropriate driver that does not match with your method, then also you can not control it, so you need to verify this aspect as well before taking the decision to change your golf driver.

3. When You Find Decrement in The Distance

If you might have been using a single driver for a very long time, you feel the decrement in the distance, and there will not be any damage on the golf driver.

But at this time, you should not rely on the visible damage or swing qualities, the distance is decreasing, which means the driver is not able to take the load of the game, and it is asking for retirement, and you should replace it as early as possible.

4. When You Are Becoming More Experienced Golfer

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, as long as you gain experience, you need more features and advanced golf equipment to win the game.

So, if you notice none of the above-mentioned signs, but if you become experienced and feel that the current drivers are not enough for you, you should not wait for a single couple of minutes to order a new driver.

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Tips to Improve Driver Life

Along with buying a new driver, it’s very important to maintain it to make it durable and long-lasting so that you can save unnecessary expenses, right?

In this case, I am sharing very important tips that can improve the life of your golf driver.

  • Check it constantly after each game
  • Polish the golf clubs after a certain time
  • Don’t apply much force while in out the driver from the golf bag
  • Try that it hit with the ground very minimum times


Q1: Should I replace my 10-year-old driver?

Ans: Definitely, don’t think twice before doing this, because if you find any damage, you should change your driver every three to five years.

If you have been using the same driver for the last 10 years, it means you are using very outdated initiating equipment for your golfing that you should change as early as possible.

Q2: Can a golf driver lose its pop?

Ans: Yes, if there is a crack, defect, or manufacturing fault in the golf club face or head, a driver can lose its pop very soon, and it impacts the performance and distance.

Q3: Does a new golf driver make a difference?

Ans: Yes, it does the same, however, the performance of a new driver majorly depends upon the manufacturing, quality, and other features as well along with your experience, methods, and skills.

Q4: Are expensive golf drivers worth it?

Ans: Typically, the expensive drivers have quality features in comparison to the cheaper drivers, they can produce more distance and height with the same effort and force.

And, obviously, expensive material provides you with different results.

Final Words

This article has given you a complete guide for changing the golf driver in every scenario.

And again I recommend that you don’t rely on the visible indication to replace or upgrade your drivers.

Your experience and tenure is the most important aspect which knocks you to replace the driver of golf — in this time, you will not notice any visible reason, but you must change.

Moreover, after you buy a new driver, you are supposed to maintain it from the first day, so that you can sustain it for a very long time.

Driver is the initiative of your game, and the initiative is mostly judging the end, I hope you are aware of this fact, am I correct?