If you are a person playing golf regularly, you are supposed to take care of each component of the golf such as golf clubs, golf balls, attire, cap, gloves, golf bags, and yes, of course, golf shoes too.

As a golfer, you know better how major role the golf shoes play while playing golf on the golf course, and that is why it’s very important to use the right shoes while playing golf, and don’t forget to take care of your golf shoes as well.

Now, the question is how long golf shoes last, how much they are durable, which are factors that reduce their lives and how can you improve them.

This article is dedicated to the life of golf shoes, and yes, I will also be sharing how can you improve the life of your golf shoes.

There are many types of golf shoes such as spiked golf shoes, spikeless golf shoes, etc… and there are many brands as well that make the golf shoes via different materials and using different techniques, so the life and durability of golf shoes matter on many factors.

Factors That Reduce Golf Shoes Life

As I suggested just above that there are many factors that affect the life and durability of your golf shoes, and no worries, you can control them at such a limit as well.

Maybe, some of them may not apply to you, and some may, in this article, you’ll come to know all the factors that affect your golf shoes.

1. Rounds You Play Per Year

It’s the biggest factor that affects the life of your golf shoes — the usage amount of your golf shoes every year.

Now, it can not be measured through any scalable unit, but yes, you can assume the usage by the count of rounds that you play per year.

If you play around five to ten rounds per year, it will not affect too much your golf shoes, and you can cross a year or a couple of the same very easily.

But if you are one of those golf lovers who play sixty to eighty rounds per year, then the durability of your golf shoes may not be more than a year.

And, yes, P.S, this is not a thumb rule, after all, the final result depends upon your maintenance of the golf shoes, if you replace the spikes regularly (if you have spiked golf shoes), you clean the golf shoes regularly, then it can be durable till two-three golf seasons.

There are many golfers who prefer to change the golf shoe pair due to just staying in the fashion or desire to have a new and latest pair of golf shoes, well, it’s a personal choice, but just think that what if buying a golf shoe pair would be as difficult as buying a new car?

2. Your Golf Shoes Quality

This factor is directly connected with the first aspect, whether you take care of your golf shoes and maintain them, it depends upon the quality of your golf shoes.

You know that all golf shoes are not equal, and they differ in quality such as used material, manufacturing methods, fitting, etc…

There are many qualities of golf shoes, as you can buy waterproof golf shoes as well by spending some more money, it would resist the side effect of water and increase the life as well.

Opposite of it, if you have stiff and uncomfortable golf shoes with which you have to struggle, will not encourage you to take care of them, and will destroy them early.

So, the quality of the golf shoes that you are using, matters a lot in their life and durability of them.

3. Your Playing Condition

The surface of golf courses on which you play golf regularly, the season and atmosphere, and the other relevant conditions play a very major role to decide how long your golf shoes will survive.

If you play in your rounds on a dry golf course, with a warm atmosphere, you can have more life in your golf shoes, and in reverse, if there is a wet golf course and a very cold atmosphere, they can have fewer lives.

4. Do You Walk or Use a Cart?

You have two options to determine the distance on the golf course after hitting the shot — either you go there by walking or using the cart.

If you are using a cart, your golf shoes will survive longer, and if you are walking, then short!

How Long Do Golf Shoes Last?

The answer to this question has different variations such as which kind of shoes you are using and how are you maintaining them.

Generally, the standard golf shoes might last from two years to five years, depending upon unavoidable factors such as quality, maintenance, and other factors.

How Long Do Spiked Golf Shoes Last

The spiked golf shoes have more traction and can sustain longer than the spikeless shoes, if you take care of them, such as cleaning them regularly, changing the spikes whenever it is needed, and not wearing them for other sports and occasions unnecessarily, etc…

Usually, spiked golf shoes last for 2 to 5 years if you go with perfection, as mentioned steps above, and if you do not take care of them properly, you may have to change them early as well.

Moreover, the conditions and weather also play a very major role to determine how much they will survive.

Another better way is to change only the spikes of the spiked golf shoes instead of replacing the whole golf shoe pairs.

How Long Do Spikeless Golf Shoes Last

Well, spikeless golf shoes reflect less friction than spiked golfs, but it doesn’t mean that they can not survive long, generally, they also can survive for 3 to 5 years.

But the benefit of spikeless golf shoes becomes the biggest problem in the way of its life.


Spikeless shoes can be used for multipurpose such as other sports, walking, running, and occasional uses.

Due to having such beneficial flexibility, people use it for multipurpose and it becomes the biggest reason for the shorter life of spikeless golf shoes.

Tips to Improve Golf Shoes’ Life

  • Don’t use the golf shoes for other use apart from playing golf
  • Clean them regularly using the golf cleaning guide
  • If you have spiked shoes, change the spikes regularly
  • If you are having a cart, use the cart if there is a longer distance
  • Keep away the most possible from the dirt and muddy surface on the golf course
  • Use it one-handed only
  • Don’t experiment while cleaning and changing the spikes

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The lifespan of Golf Shoes By Brand

Golf is a very huge sports industry and it has a very big market in which you will find plenty of manufacturers of golf shoes.

Some companies are producing all the golf equipment including the golf shoes and some are producing only the golf shoes, well, the quality doesn’t matter on it.

But there are many kinds of golfers that prefer different kinds and quality of golf shoes, and that is why every brand produces different quality of golf shoes, but some brands are very famous and popular for their best quality of golf shoes.

Generating the lifespan of golf shoes for a particular brand is very difficult ass you know it depends upon many factors.

Even though, if we assume that you are maintaining all the standards of golf shoe maintenance and using a brand of golf shoes and you are playing golf two times per week, then we can have the mentioned below data for the lifespan of golf shoes for brands.

Adidas Tour 3602.5 Years
Footjoy Fury2 Years
Puma Ignite2 Years
Puma Grip Fusion3 Years
FootJoy Dry Joy3 Years


Q1: Can you wear golf shoes every day?

Ans: Yes, you can, but it is not recommended, it will decrease the life of your golf shoes.

Q2: Is it bad to wear golf shoes on concrete?

Ans: If you are having spikeless golf shoes, then there is not any problem, but if you have spiked golf shoes, you should not do that.

Final Words

Finally, the conclusion will be the same the life of your golf shoes depends upon you totally, your choice, brand, quality, and how you maintain them.

Don’t spend over money only for the look, or don’t prefer the lower quality for saving little sort of money, both will be harmful to your golf shoes’ life.

Spend exact money on getting the exact durable golf shoes, it will make you a wise golfer.