How should a golf driver sit on ground

Hurrying in hitting the golf ball may cause imperfection, and the ball can fall at an unexpected destination.

You are a golf lover, and you might be often seeing professional golf and you might have noticed that the professionals take some moments to set up the tee and golf ball.

If the expert golfers are taking time, it indicates that the setup of golf is very important to play a winning game.

The setup is very necessary because it makes the players unable to use their ability by getting a proper posture and position before hitting the golf ball off the tee.

As a golfer, and if you have a little bit of experience as well, you know that hitting a golf ball is not very easy stuff, and a minute mistake can convert your good hit into a miss-hit.

The miss-hits can be converted into hook shots or slice shots which change the direction of flight of your golf ball, and you lose the score as well.

In this article, you as a beginner will learn how should a golf driver sit on the ground and how you can play a perfect shot by doing so.

How Should a Golf Driver Sit On The Ground

Let the driver sit flat on the course by putting the face of the club at 90 degrees angle, and it is the square position when it is flat to the wall.

Sometimes, it may happen that it could not get the square position, at this time, you should not do it forcefully, keep it as it is.

Put all the golf clubs on the ground while they are addressing the golf ball — you need to exclude the putters — if the club is too long or too short, it will sit, and you will have to change your posture.

While performing such stuff, you are advised to make sure that all the clubs are compatible with the face as it causes the miss while starting the game.

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Should My Driver Sit Flat On The Ground?

When you put the club on the ground, it should be addressing the ball with the toe from a few millimeters in the air, make sure that the clubhead is not touching the turf land.

There should be a space in which you can fit at least a smaller coin inside the toe of the golf driver club at the address in the heel which remains in contact with the ground.

Doing this stuff, you may get the result with two possibilities, either the coin gets fit under the toe of the golf club or it does not get fit.

If the coin is not getting fit under the toe of the golf driver at the address position, it indicates that you are setting up with the club’s very upper height.

And, on the other end, if your coin is getting fit, you are setting up the toe very far at the address point.

During the whole process, you should make sure that the toe part of your golf driver should sit a few millimeters above the surface of the ground.

If it is too far, the heel of your golf driver club will dig into the turf land while striking the ball, and it may become the reason for inconsistent efforts and a high-scoring game.

How to Position The Clubface at Address

The alignment of the clubface while addressing the golf ball is too important, and that is why you should perfectly learn how you should position the clubface at the address.

You need to position the face of the club directly behind the ball at the address, and for the straight shots, the line which the clubface forms, should be perpendicular to the normal target line.

What is The Proper Hand Position?

If you are thinking that if your hands are in front of a golf ball with the driver and you will be able to travel the ball farther, it’s your misconception.

Let me explain this, normally, a golfer starts the game with the driver, you should position the ball ahead in the stance so you can not start with your hands ahead of the ball set up.

While swinging, the ball is on the tee, and when you hit the ball by up swinging, your hands, at the time of impact, your hands will be in the middle of your body, and they will not be forwarded at the impact with your driver.

If you are using the fairway metal driver, the position of the golf ball will minute forward to the stance, and in this case, again, it’s advised that don’t change the position of hands to the forward to the ball set up, and at the time of impact, the hand should remain behind the ball.

Driver Face at Set Up

While setting up the driver, you should take care that the driver should have the top up at the address, and at impact, if the hands are returning close to the same position, it means that the force of up to 70 pounds is being applied from the center just before impact during the latest position of the swinging.

  • The right foot spread wide enough to support the body
  • Keep your club straight
  • Keep the ball inside the leg nearest to the target
  • Keep your club level
  • The hold is the same for the iron and driver

Final Words

The sitting of the driver on the ground is an important part of setting up before you strike the ball, and you might have observed that the pro golfers do not hurry in the setup.

Setting up the driver is not difficult stuff if you are having the process chart in your mind with exceptions as well.

This article contains all the details about sitting the driver on the ground and which is truly very important for you as a beginner golf amateur.

If your driver does not get to sit properly on the surface of the ground, it means, you are not taking the right position, and it affects your hit, ball flight, direction, and game as well.