If you are a beginner in golf and a little bit aware of the golf clubs required in the match, then you might be thinking that what is a hybrid golf club and why do you need it, right?

Because you are already having the iron and fairway wood within your golf bag, so why do you need the hybrids?

Basically, the hybrids are the mixture of irons and fairway woods which gives you better outputs in the middle condition of playing with irons and woods.

You might be surprised to know that hybrids were not existing before 2003, a brand named Taylormade introduced this kind of golf club which revolutionized the golf sport to a new height.

Then after different brands started to include hybrids with different patterns of manufacturing.

What is a Hybrid Golf Club?

You already knew in the introduction that what is a hybrid club in the golf kit — it is mostly used when you want to hit the ball at more height with very less energy.

In general, the hybrid club is considered the best replacement for long irons as it accomplishes all the functions of a long iron.

Reasons to Use Hybrid Golf Club

If you play any game, the game is the second solid form of uncertainty, no one can predict what will happen at the next moment.

Similarly, golf sport is full of uncertainty, and you can’t predict when you would have to play which shot.

In this situation, you must have the perfect solution for each situation.

During the game, the time may come when you need to play the shot with height and distance as well.

At that time, if you hit with wood or iron, it would produce only length or height in one shot.

But if you are having the hybrid in your golf bag, you will be able to generate both of them in a common shot.

Hybrid is made in such a way that gives you the loft and length level together, and that is why you must have at least one hybrid in your golf bag.

The hybrid golf clubs are specially designed for generating playability, distance, and height together in a common shot.

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Usage of Hybrid Clubs

As we know that the hybrid is typically the replacement of long irons, and that is why you need to use it.

If you are a beginner, you might face many problems using long irons for swinging.

Whereas hybrid is a combination of fairway wood and irons and that is why it’s lighter than an iron and due to that reason, it is very easy to hit a golf ball with precision.

In addition, it is highly lofted with light weight so that you can get much height as well and cross the green course very easily by skipping the major obstacles as well.

Structure of The Hybrid Clubs

You have come to know that hybrids are very special and unique clubs in your golf bag, but why is this so?

Because they are made for a special purpose and those changes make the hybrid different from the traditional irons and fairway woods.

Designing and Materials

It doesn’t matter whether you are a male golf beginner or a female golf beginner, hybrids help you to make your game and victory easier.

Irons have a very small club head and the fairway has the larger clubhead, and here the hybrid wins the game.

The size of the club head in the hybrid is larger than iron and smaller than a fairway wood.

Due to this reason, a beginner feels very comfortable while taking aim and playing the precise hit. 

Talking about the material used in the hybrid, the face is generally made from titanium and/or steel.

It is closely similar to the irons which enables beginner golf amateurs to play the hits with more accuracy.

Getting the high swing speed with height is difficult for a beginner in one shot — it is only possible when the gravity center is on the lower and back sides.

Fortunately, the hybrids are made in such a way that a beginner is able to take the maximum advantage of them.

In addition, the hybrids consist of the wider sole which is responsible for protecting the ball coming into contact with a divot while hitting.

Lastly, talking about the design, the loft — is a very important factor, the loft of hybrids is between 16 degrees to 27 degrees which is responsible for creating longer and higher shots.


In general, the shafts are made from many materials such as graphite, steel, and other metal.

The shafts of hybrids are made from graphite and due to this reason, it becomes very lightweight.

As it’s a very lightweight, a golf beginner does not feel difficulty while swinging the hybrid golf club and can achieve the target very easily.

In the woods, shafts are made from graphite, and in the irons, they are made from metals generally — but the functionality of both is different.

So, the hybrids are made to combine their functionality and features by combining the materials used in the shaft of hybrids.

Length Parameter of Hybrids

Even if you are a beginner, if you do have a little bit of practical experience of playing golf, you know very well that how much the golf club length is important.

Another important intent of introducing the hybrid is to create convenience in the aspect of length for beginners and intermediates.

The hybrids are slightly longer than a long iron and shorter than the fairway woods.

Now, due to this reason, for a beginner, holding and controlling the hybrids becomes very easier than long iron and fairway hybrids.

Most Beneficial Feature: Customization

In the hybrids, it’s not like that you must use the hybrid as it comes to you, you can customize it according to your convenience.

You can adjust the face angle, loft of the club up to three to five degrees, center of gravity, etc..

In fact, the different manufacturers provide you with different types of customizations.

Hybrid Golf Club Distance Chart

  • Hybrid 2H = 4 Wood = 3 Iron
  • Hybrid 3H or 4H = 5 Wood = 4 Iron
  • Hybrid 5H = 7 or 9 Wood = 5 Iron
  • Hybrid 6H = 11 Wood = 6 Iron

How to Hit a Hybrid Golf Club

As the hybrid clubs give you too much comfort in terms of hitting the ball, you might be thinking is there any defined pattern for hitting a hybrid club or not, right?

See, there isn’t any different method for hitting the ball with the hybrid golf club, but a little bit of planning and wisdom can invent a new method for it.

This way, some experts have done the same as you can follow from the below video.

Source: Mark Crossfield


Q1: What is a hybrid golf club good for?

Ans: Hybrid is a golf club that has been made in such a way that can replace the fairway wood and long iron at one time.

It can generate longer and higher hits and is very recommended for beginners who are not able to generate a good swing speed in the first attempt.

Q2: What hybrid clubs should I carry

Ans: Generally it depends upon your experience, skills, and tenure, however, if you are a beginner, you should carry the 3,4, and 5 irons with you while entering the golf course.

The 7 iron allows you to hit from 150 yards to 160 yards, and if you replace it with the 3 hybrids, it enables you to hit for more than 170 yards with the same effort.

Q3: What does a hybrid golf club replace?

Ans: In general, the hybrids replace the fairway woods and longer irons. In the wood, you can replace it with the 3 and 5 woods.

Q4: Are hybrids better than fairway woods?

Ans: Yes, the hybrids are better than woods because of the improved center of gravity, shaft material & design, forgiveness, and loft as well.

Q5: Can I replace all my irons with hybrids?

Ans: In case you are struggling to get the heightened shots with your irons, you should definitely change your all irons with hybrids.

Final Words

From the entire article, I am damn sure that you have come to know what a hybrid club is and how important it is to achieve the target during the match.

If you are a beginner, it’s very recommended that you must have at least one hybrid golf club inside your golf bag.

As it enables you to create the higher and longer distance hits in one hit, and that is why, you can save your hits and reduce your overall score.

There are many branded hybrids that you can purchase within your budget, but it’s very advisable that you don’t buy them randomly without going through the buying guide for beginners.