You might have heard the sentence that practice makes man perfect, and if you are eager to know how long it take to golf, then this sentence is applicable to you exactly.

See, there is not any certain time frame that has been decided or introduced to take to golf, it depends upon your mastery and quantity & quality of practice to make the golf.

It also depends on how many players are playing golf, and this article will give you an outline of the time to be taken to play golf.

If 4 players are playing, it takes another time, if 2 players are playing then it takes a different time, moreover, the numbers of holes also impact the time to be taken to golf.

How Long Does It Take To Golf – The Time Frame

Now, there are many factors that are affecting the time golf to take while playing the game, which kind of golfer you are, how much you have practiced, and how much experience you have.

You are reading this article, so I believe you don’t have much more experience and that’s why, I am going to share with you the perfect information in this article.

As, The Golf rules have been revised in a big amount on January 1st of 2019, and they are tending to make golf better by modifying the golf rules.

There are many external factors that affect the time of golfing for every player which we are going to explore so that you could have the perfect outline.

Before exploring the secrets of making golf, let me tell you that there is not any officially published data on how long it takes to golf, but based on certain experiences and experiments, we can predict so.

Factors That Affect Golf Take

As I mentioned above there are many different factors that affect the golf course and it is very important to know for you.

If you book a hotel, then it is very recommended to have the proper information about that hotel, right?

So, if you want to succeed in golf, then it is very advisable that you hold practical information about the game.

Now, let’s explore what are the factors that affect golf take and how you could work on them so you could become a pro player of golf.

1. Traffic of The Course

It may not be possible that you will get the free course during every game, but sometimes you will get traffic and it is one of the most effective factors.

As a player, you can wait for around five minutes before starting each hole of each tee box, and by adding this on the top of 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Intervals of Tee Time

Make sure that you are finding out the tee time intervals facilities, and if you want to have the longer round, it is necessary that they are sending four players every seven to eight minutes on each of the weekends in a full tee sheet.

More players will make you enjoy it more, so you can ask the pro shops, and on another way, if you are booking your sheet online, make a note of how much time you are getting between the tee time.

3. The Available Time of The Day

None of us can be free the whole day, a significant time of the day is busier than the other people, and talking about the golf courses, they are mostly occupied from 7.00 am to noon every day.

If you are used to earlier than the sun, you have a great chance to focus on developing your golf skills.

You are free to book an earlier time for the golf when nobody is there, and you can enjoy your game without any disturbance or distraction.

But what if you are not the early bird? Is there any chance to have the same opportunity?

The answer is: Yes!

You have another opportunity to pause your play until the mid-afternoon, after that time, the course is free, and you can book your tee time after that.

In order to do so, I would recommend you to time your round and finish it before daylight so you can enjoy your game.

4. Weekdays And Weekends

It’s commonly understood that most people are free on the weekends and able to engage themselves in golf.

But it is not necessary that you must play golf on weekends, if you are able to set the timing on the weekdays, you can do so.

And even, it is beneficial, because during the weekdays, the traffic on the golf courses is very low and you can concentrate on your game as well.

5. Size of The Group

If there is a foursome game of golf, then 4 hours to 4.5 hours are commonly expected for a round, whereas if there is a group of two or three, three or four hours are expected for the same.

Talking about the single player, he can play as fast as allowed by the front player, it is impossible to complete the round of golf within one hour like.

6. Riding or Walking

The course of golf is not like a cricket ground where you can reach from one end to the last within five or ten minutes.

It is up to 6 to 8 kilometers, and it consumes a lot of time if you determine the distance by walking, right?

So, here it depends upon you whether you ride or walk during the game.

By reading this you might have made up your mind to use the cart forever to determine the necessary distance, right?

But, I am going to state a situation, where walking will take less time than riding. What is it?

Here You Go!

When your cart is lying on the left rough side, and your ball is on the right side, then you will have to determine the distance from your position to the cart’s and then go to the ball.

In this situation, the beneficial activity is that you determine the distance by walking if the ball is not too far, but make sure that you are carrying all the clubs with you.

7. Type of Courses

The approx. Golf takes time is also depending on the course type, if the course is par-72, it would take around 4 hours to complete.

Whereas, if you are playing golf on a par-3 course with 18 holes, it would take around 2 hours.

8. Your Skills

This is the heaviest factor on which almost the entire game depends, how skilled you are and what is the quality of your skills.

If you are a member of a group in which everyone has the upper skills, finish the round at the earliest.

How Long Does It Take To Play 18 Holes of Golf With 4 Players

A normally experienced golfer takes around 15 minutes to play golf, so considering this, if 4 players are playing golf, it will take around 4.5 hours to play 18 holes.

You can not control all the impacting factors of golf, some of them are out of your control, players are supposed to wait for a maximum of five minutes before playing each hole.

Moreover, it depends upon the tee box, the golf club that you are using, and the course. Some courses are very busy and you need to wait for some time as well.

No. of players18 holesPar 5sPar 4sPar 3s
12 hrs 30 mins10 mins8 mins7 mins
23 hrs12 mins10 mins8 mins
33 hrs 30 mins14 mins12 mins9 mins
44 hrs16 mins13 mins10 mins

How Long Does It Take To Golf 9 Holes

As I mentioned, the expected time for the golf matters depends on many factors, as in this case, all the matters are involved.

If you are playing on the empty or very less busy course, and it is a twosome game, then it may take around 75 minutes.

It is also not the accurate timings, it depends on the other factors as well like whether the player determines the distance by walking or riding, and all the other aspects mentioned in this article.

Moreover, if an average or a player with poor practice is playing the game on the busier course, then it may take around 3 hours as well.

In a nutshell, the last conclusion is in your hand and the affecting aspects as well, however, these are the expected stats.

No. of players9 holesPar 5sPar 4sPar 3s
11 Hour 15 Minutes10 mins8 mins7 mins
21 Hour 30 Minutes12 mins10 mins8 mins
31 Hour 45 Minutes14 mins12 mins9 mins
42 Hours16 mins13 mins10 mins

Tips For Speed Up Your Round in Golf

Who likes slow games?

Do You?

I think definitely Not!

So, don’t you think that you should speed up your round and earn the prestige of the pro and legendary player in the world of golf?

I believe you think so, and you want it as well.

So in order to boost your round speed, I am going to share some hidden tricks that you can apply to make your golf game faster than others.

And also if you are a beginner, then go through this article and pick your best golf club sets and end the game before your competitor.

Are you ready to have it? I believe so Let’s Explore the tips for speeding up your round in golf without wasting time!

Also Read:

1. Determine When to Use the Cart And When to Walk

Above in this article, I mentioned a basic scenario for this event, and from that, you might have come to know the time-saving in golf.

You are the player, who is making decisions for every event, so it depends on you when you should walk to take the ball, and when you should use the cart for the same stuff.

If it seems that the cart is far away from you, and the ball is near by you, and it seems that the distance is very walkable, then avoiding the use of the cart is recommended.

2. Make Yourself and Your Kit Well Prepared

Before starting the round, make up your mind that you are going to finish the round the earliest, which will encourage you to avoid wasting time.

Double-check your kit completely, whether nothing is missing in it and you haven’t carried the clubs over the limit.

As you know that you are allowed to carry a maximum of 14 clubs including putter, so make sure that you have carried it with the respected rules.

Next, check that you hold the ball markers, putters, clubs, and green repair tool with you that will be working as a catalyst in order to save your time and make your game faster.

3. Track Your Position

A bulk of minute objects can build a taller pyramid, similarly, the bunch of minutes of wasting can make your game longer overall.

Make sure that you are in the right position with your group, relatively the front group, and don’t waste time resetting your position again and again during the game.

4. Take The Leadership

As you know that a crowd of people can not determine the destination and route without the correct mentor and guide, you are supposed to apply the same strategy here.

Be the leader of your group who guides the other players of your group on the spot so they can avoid time lapse.

Alert him whether you found that he is doing unnecessary activities or going in the wrong direction.

5. Don’t Wait For Another Player

Be ready with your shot, don’t wait for the other player to play his shot if he is not ready, and keep yourself ready to hit out of the sequence.

Sometimes, it happens that the other player might not be ready, else he might be missing something, chaos in his clubs, or may have forgotten something.

In this case, he becomes idle and not able to play the shot, meanwhile, you also have to be inactive, which you are not supposed to do.

FAQs: The Direct Short Solution For Your Queries

Q1: How long does it take the average person to golf?

Ans: There is no specific data that has been published for the time to be taken for any person to golf.

It depends upon many factors like your skills, your practice, accuracy, clubs, tees, the course type, course area, holes, players, and many other objects.

Q2: How long does it take to mini golf 18 holes?

Ans: Again, there is no specified data for this, but on average, it takes around 4 hours for 18 holes.

Q3: Is it weird to play a round of golf alone?

Ans: No, it’s not weird to play the rounds of golf alone, if you want to have the joy of relaxing by playing the golf round alone, you can do so, nothing is weird in it.

Final Words

I strongly believe that from this article, you have got secret steps and information about the time taking aspects to complete the golf, which is rarely available on different sources.

There are many things that you will be learning while playing the game practically, articles and videos just give you the outlines for the game, rest are explored by jumping in the battle with equipment.