Do you have to change your golf driver again and again? In this case, you should have the best and long-lasting driver for your golfing that can last for a very long time.

Hence, there are many golf drivers that can last for many years, and TaylorMade Sealth Driver is one of them.

But, is it good to buy just following someone’s recommendation? No, you need to review any product before making the decision to purchase it, because ultimately, you are spending money, and you should have the right to have value for money as well.

In this review section, we will go through the different aspects of this driver of the TaylorMade brand and it will let you decide how beneficial this deal for you is.

Factor #1: Look

With an all-black crown, TaylorMade has returned to manufacturing some of the most attractive golf clubs in the game. 

Features such as a large carbon crown have carried over from previous models, but not the different colors. This more traditional look makes the Stealth driver easier on the eyes.

There’s a stealth logo on the heel of the crown, but it blends in with the color so it’s hard to see.

All three models are 460cc and have a slight pear shape. This means you can buy based on performance, instead of appearance. I applaud this.

Perhaps the most striking feature of this driver is the red Carbon Twist Face.

The eye-catching is very nice, but not because it’s distracting to the golfer during their address. The dark reddish colors were barely noticeable during setup.

Factor #2: Sound and Feel

It’s been a while since the last TaylorMade drivers came out, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost any of their lusters. 

The previous generations of TaylorMade drivers were celebrated for their unique and exceptional feel.

With the new Stealth driver, it doesn’t matter if you’re hitting a pure shot or an off-center strike. You’ll still get a buttery-soft feel and a fast swing that you don’t see with other drivers.

Stealth’s satisfying feel and muted impact sound are consistent across all three Stealth driver models, making this seem like a worthwhile choice for those who care about that.

However, it is still a little noisier than most drivers, which makes audio feedback slightly harder to follow.

Factor #3: Performance

The consistent ball speed of the TaylorMade Stealth driver was a major highlight for me.  It was observed that one had more control and increased accuracy every time.

The average speed of the club head is around 1.45 and the smash factor is just slightly below that, at 0.89. 

As you improve and play better golf, these alone could make a significant difference in the distances your drives fly.

The stability of the head, combined with the flexibility of our new 60X Carbon Twist Face, is key to producing a consistent ball speed. 

The name of this face comes from the sixty different layers of carbon fiber and the shape that helps keep balls straighter off-center shots.

One of the key elements of the Instinct Club is the Asymmetric Inertia Generator. 

This raises your MOI and makes it so that you can’t twist your head when mishitting shots.

The difference was noticeable and it is definitely preferred the Stealth over the 705 for your game.

One of the most important distinctions between each model is how they launch and spin. 

You’ll see a gradual change in launch power and how high they spin, with the Stealth Plus being the lowest and the Stealth HD being the highest.

Although all three have a great feel to them, you should go with the Stealth. It’s a lower spin player, which is perfect for you because it’s preferred to the neutral ball flight off the Stealth driver.

Factor #4: Forgiveness

The Stealth is one of the best choices due to its low-spin profile and adjustability. 

You may also try the Stealth HD version of this driver, which has a slightly higher center of gravity for more forgiveness.

If you mis-hit your drive, it will travel significantly less distance and go off in a different direction. 

If you’re not quite on target, you might lose 20 yards of distance and 30 yards in direction, and it is pretty good for a driver.

Factor #5: Playability

Playing the Ventus Red stock shaft with a regular flex, the latest out of TaylorMade has a slight draw bias.

Your shot shape tendencies and apex depend largely on your swing. For example, those who want to hook the ball, will not have more support with the correct short. 

If you have a slow swing speed, there’s a good chance you’re not getting the ball up in the air enough.

Due to the way the ball is seated in the weight, there isn’t as much room for experimentation. 

That said, you can still use a loft sleeve or change your shaft to get the trajectory you want.


  • Super fast off the face
  • Exceptional forgiveness
  • Nice headcover
  • Comes with an adjustment wrench
  • Nice launch and great sound


  • Minimal performance advantage over previous TM models such as the SIM
  • Some dislike the feel
  • Pricey


Is the stealth driver worth it?

The TaylorMade Stealth driver is a fantastic golf club. It provides excellent ball speed and has high forgiveness. This makes it one of the best drivers on the market in 2022 – 2023.

Is the stealth driver forgiving?

The SIM2 Max D-Pro is even better than its predecessor, the SIM2 Max D. It also benefits from increased ball speed and a smooth, consistent feel during play.

Final Thoughts

Hence, after going through the full review of TaylorMade Stealth Driver, you are sure that it’s a very good deal to invest in it, as it seems one of the best golf drivers for every golfer.

It gives you the ease of purchase in terms of pricing, quality, and features as well, so, our recommendation is not to miss the chance to invest in it for a long-lasting golf driver for you.