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What is an Average Golf Score? (And Tips to Improve It)

Being a member of a golf game, you must be aware of the good average golf score, and you might be thinking about what is the average score of golf, right?

Well, as there is not any official and certain data exists for the time taken to take golf and it depends upon the multiple factors, similarly, the average score of golf depends upon many different factors which we are going to explore in this article.

Some players are able to shoot the ball very precisely, and some are not. Then, the club that you are using matters a lot, even the quality of your golf and all.

If you are in a hurry and want to get just the top information, then let me tell you that an average male amature can make a score of 96 whereas a female can make 108 for 18 holes.

Moreover, the average score for golf for different holes matters on different aspects like level of your skills, gender, age, and some other dynamic factors.

This article will give you the proper information about golf scoring and how you can improve it as well.

What Is A Good Score In Golf

If you are playing 18 golf, then the considerable average good golf score is about 90. Well, it does not mean that if you have scored 90, then you are a pro player.

There are also other factors considered in it including your skill level as a golfer, if you are having a very high and sharp skill, then a 90 score is less for you, you are expected to play fewer strokes.

But if you are a beginner, and you play 90 or fewer strokes to complete the round, it indicates you are going in the very right direction and your progress is awesome.

If a player is able to complete the round in less than 75 strokes then they must be considered the pro player of the golf game.

Talking about the 9 holes, the good average score is 40 to 70, however, if you are a highly skilled player or you are a pro player, then you can complete the match with less than 40.

An average player of golf moves around 50 to 60 strokes for 9 holes, so in a nutshell, the good score in golf for 9 holes is around 45, and the score of 40 is considered excellent.

What is a Bad Golf Score

The bad score in golf depends upon the various aspects, however, an average bad score in golf is around 115.

Why the bad score in golf 115?

Because an average player is smoothly able to do a score of 90 if he has not much more experience, if an individual is taking 115 or more strokes, it is considered a bad score in golf.

Now, if you are thinking that you will be scoring less than 95 or 90 from the first day of golf, then you are wrong.

Every pro player who is scoring less than 90 has to pass through the bad score, but he needs consistent improvement in his game, so after a certain time, he can reach a good score by practising.

What is The Average Golf Score By Age?

Average Golf Score

You might be thinking that age relates to the average golf score, right?

The answer is, yes, it is but not much more. According to the USGA, the average score for the people including all age ranges is around 91 on a par 72 golf course.

However, it is very easy to read this data in the tabular form so you can determine it very precisely, you can refer to the following table.

Age RangeAverage Score
All Golfers91

What is The Average Score For Beginners?

As a beginner, the average score varies, it depends upon your skills, gender, courses, holes, and many things, however, we could have some landmark stats by which an individual can determine his game.

The beginner with perfect physical condition can score 100 after having the practice of some weeks in an 18 holes course.

However, the considerable average good score for the beginner is 108 strokes for 18 holes because as I said there are also other factors affecting your game.

So, if you are a beginner, and you are supposed to complete the match within 108 strokes, you are moving in the right direction and you should continue practising in the same manner to reduce these numbers. And this Best Golf Club Sets for Beginner will also help you to boost your game efficiency.

Talking about only the American game, the score of golf for 18 holes is between 96 to 108, and considering the average golf score in America is around 100.

Average Women’s Golf Score

Talking about the beginner, the average golf score for women for 18 holes is around 108, which means if a woman takes 106, 109, 107 strokes, then also it is considered a good average score for women for 180 holes.

Women can also go through the guide on Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Beginner and can win the in less par.

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Average Golf Score For Professionals

Pro players are known for their precision in their respective stuff. In the golf game, a professional player is not expected to play more than 75 strokes to complete the game, however, the average golf score for professionals is around 72.

Because they are very clear with each thing of golf and they have practised a lot, they are expected to finish the round within 72 strokes.

Average Golf Score By Handicap

According to the published data from the USGA, the average golf score by handicap is 90, however, on average, the USA people take an average 100 shots for the same.

For high handicappers, they can go through on guide to select the Best Complete Set of Golf Clubs for High Handicappers and improve their game.

Factors That Affect a Golf Score

As I mentioned in this article the average golf score depends upon many factors, including age, course area, course difficulty, clubs used for golf, and many other aspects.

Here we are going to explore all that stuff so that you can have more clarity about the factors that affect a golf score.

Difficulty of The Course

The course difficulty plays an important role in the scoring of the golf, the course with an uneven surface will create more difficulty to complete the game in fewer strokes.

However, the pro players prefer the higher slope courses to improve their skills more and more, and the average players are supposed to choose the possible straight course to improve their game in the beginning.

Condition of Weather : Previous Day V/S Current Day

The weather has an essential role to play during the golf game. The surface of the course is responsible for rolling and controlling the golf ball before it goes into the hole.

It may be possible that the weather of the current day may be quite different from the last day you played your rounds.

Good weather can make your game faster and bad weather can make your game slower compared to the previous days and other players’ as well!

Your Skills

This is one of the most important factors which affects a lot on your golf scoring. If you are fully skilled, then you can deal with the other factors very easily.

But if you are not fully skilled, then the other factors may control your game and you might not be able to deal with the other factors.

It is very recommended for you to work on making your score less than the average score for golf which will make you listed in the category of pro players.

So, what is the way to do so, is there any checklist for improving your golf skills? If you are finding the answer to this question, then you should keep reading this article till the last line.

How to Improve Golf Score

What does it mean by improving the golf score?

It means that as a golf player, you will have to reduce the number of strokes that you play to complete the round.

If you are scoring 95 for par 72, 18 holes course, it means you are taking 95 rounds to complete the 18 holes, so you need to try to complete all the 18 holes in less than 95 to improve your golf score.

So, what are the steps you need to take, or what is the process or tricks that you should follow to improve your golf score?

No Worries, Choose The Best Golf Club Sets and follow the tips that are given below. Go!

Do More Practice – Golf Training

With more practice you do, your skills will sharpen quickly, and on the basis of more accuracy, you will be able to play fewer strokes to complete the holes.

Even if you won’t be able to do it, you should remember that if you give 10,000 hours to any dedicated task, you become a legend in it.

I know, you are mostly not supposed to do that, but you should focus more and more on practising which will make your events more precise.

Or else, if you are not able to do so by yourself without mentorship, you can join the golf training as well, you will find many coaching around you for the golf training.

Use Your Favourite Club

The golf ball must be obeying your orders in order to reduce the score and for that, your club must be following you.

You should have the club on which you have been practising more and more and due to that, you have good control over it.

So, make the habit to use your signature clubs while playing the shots during the match which will work as a catalyst to reduce the number of strokes to complete the holes.

FAQs: Some Direct Answers

Q1: What is the average golf score in America?

Ans: For 18 holes, the average score of golf ranges between 96 to 108, however, the average golf score for Americans is 100.

Q2: Is 100 a bad golf score?

Ans: A golf score of 100 is neither a good score nor a bad score, it depends upon which kind of player you are.

If you are a pro player, then yes, definitely, the golf score of 100 is bad for you, but if you are a beginner then the 100 is not a bad score, but not also a good score for you.

Q3: What is a good average golf score?

Ans: Considering all aspects are working fine, the good average golf score should be 90 for 18 holes and 45 for the 9 holes rounds.

But, as you know there are many other factors that are affecting the overall golf score.

Final Words

The average golf score depends upon many factors as I mentioned in the article, but you are the last authority to decide the score.


Because you are the doer, and you can do anything you want, you can do more practice, you can focus on your weak areas, and determine why you are taking more time and more strokes.

You are only the one who can identify your loopholes and convert them into strength.

Moreover, the score of golf also depends upon whether you are male or female, how old you are, how’s the weather, and many other aspects, so, you should plan your game and improvement considering all these aspects as well.

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