What to Wear Golfing Women

Every game has cloth for the comfort of players, and golf is not excluded from it.

This article is dedicated to women golf amateurs who are not aware of what to wear while playing golf.

It’s very obvious that you are a lady golfer and curious to know what you should wear during the match if you are reading this article.

Because, fashion is a different thing and comfort is a different thing, and you need comfort more than fashion in the golf tournament.

In this article, you will know what is appropriate golf attire for women according to the conditions and what you should wear.

There are many kinds of women’s golf attire in the market, but which one is good for you?

It depends on you how you select the attire of golf for you as a woman, and in this article, you will be able to determine it.

Proper Golf Attire for Women

For your comfort, you need to select the proper dress for you as a beginner lady golfer, and you are not supposed to make a mistake in it.

As golf is a sport, you should wear sportswear which can give you full comfort.

You need to select the top wears, bottom wears, and head wears that can make you feel comfortable for better golfing.

Well, let’s deep dive into this segment and explore how you can make yourself comfortable with golf attires for ladies.

Many beginner female golfers have a common question: what to wear golfing for first-time ladies while playing the game, for that, Here You Go!


Considering the common golf wear for ladies, mostly, golf courses want the women to wear sleeved blouses, and in case they don’t have it, they are allowed to wear sleeveless blouses with a collar.

Now, it is not compulsory, for comfort, you can wear polo-type shirts as well, and most senior lady golf lovers are comfortable with this.

If you want to add style and fashion to this, you have various options.

Yes, it is!

As a lady golf player, you can wear different kinds of tops having various colors and designs such as zip-top, long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, V-neck, and many other types of tops.

If you don’t want to wear only plain attire, you have various choices of striped tops, floral tops, and other various patterned tops.

According to the golf dress code, you are not allowed to wear tops like halters, T-shirts, and tank tops.

Sweaters and Jackets

If you are looking for women’s golf attire for cold weather, you should go here.

As cold weather attire, you can use a combination of polo shirts and sweaters or jackets.

It does three things — it protects you from the dew and cold air, feels you the most comfortable, and you look stylish as well (which every lady wants to be looked at).

If you want to add more layers, you can use the wind shirt or a shirt with down collar buttons.

Moreover, you should avoid using denim jackets and sweatshirts as they are not appropriate for women’s golfing attires.


The atmosphere plays a very major role in the selection of golf cloth — hot environment and cold environment.

In a hot environment like summer and spring, wearing short slacks, crops, and capris gives you the most comfort.

Whereas in the cold atmosphere, most women golfers prefer to wear the full slacks to protect their skins from the cold.

Excluded: wearing jeans, informal bottom wears, athletic pants, and sweats are not allowed to wear during the tournament.

Amongst these, you can choose the best combination of beginner casual golf attire for ladies according to your comfort.

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Head Covers: Additional For Golf Girl Outfit

You are supposed to play golf in a day environment, not a night environment, and meanwhile, you must deal with the sun rays and sunburns that affect your skin.

To avoid this skinny harm, you need to protect your face by wearing a cap or visor.

Like the upper outfit and bottom outfit, you can get different varieties in caps such as different colors, designs, patterns, and fabric materials.

Socks and Shoes

You must wear the shoes on the golf course while playing the golf match, and many of the golf courses allow you spineless shoes only — you need to wear soft shoes only.

You need to wear good and appropriate socks as well along with the shoes.

For this, you can choose low socks, short pants, or good skorts which will give you more comfort while gripping the golf club.

Moreover, if you have worn long pants, you can buy matching colors of socks which will make you feel stylish.

Other Needed Golf Outfit Accessories

And apart from the golf attires mentioned above in this article, you can use the other modules as well.

Such as polarized goggles, sport watch, golf gloves, and other accessories which give you protection from direct sunlight.


Q1: What is golf casual attire for women?

Ans: The casual attire for women golfers depends upon the atmosphere and season, if there is a cold season, they like to wear full-sized slacks and on hot days, they prefer to wear short slacks and other allowed short wear.

Q2: Can girls wear leggings while golfing?

Ans: No, wearing leggings inside the golf club during the match is strictly not allowed, if you do so, you will be out of the match.

Instead, you can wear the full length of ankle-length slacks, it’s allowed.

Q3: What should you not wear when golfing?

Ans: You are not allowed to wear denim jeans, cargo shorts, any athletic pants, yoga pants, and sweatpants.

Q4: What do pro women wear?

Ans: Well, the choice of golf dress depends upon the lady golfer with which outfit she feels the most comfortable.

However, the common dress of lady golfers is a shirt with sleeves or sleeveless shirts with a collar.

Q5: Why do female golfers wear long sleeves?

Ans: It’s very obvious that the skin of women is more sensitive and that is why they have to wear long sleeves.

Q6: Can you wear tennis skirts for golf?

Ans: While wearing tennis skirts, wear tights or spandex underneath with it, and if there is a hot environment, you should wear a longer shirt.

Final Words

As a beginner or expert, it’s very mandatory to feel comfortable while playing golf by following the rules of golf dressing.

There are many better combinations of golf outfits for women, but it’s not necessary that each would be comfortable for you.

You need to use your own women’s golf outfit ideas to decide the cutest golf outfit for you.

Moreover, as I mentioned in the article, the atmosphere matters a lot as well, if you wear warm attire in the summer—hot atmosphere, you would not be able to focus on the game due to uncomfortably.

In addition, if you are still confused, you can monitor what the lady golfers are wearing who have been playing golf for very long.

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