When to Replace Your Golf Irons (How Long It Lasts And More)

Don’t you think that your golf irons should be long-lasting? Or else, you would have to replace it after a very long time?

Yes, I know you want, but, with this, you also should know when to replace golf irons, and which iron lasts how much, am I right?

Along with this knowledge, you are supposed to have information about the tips to increase the lifespan of golf irons.

If you are the same who is looking for this essential information, then let me tell you that you have landed in the very right place.

This article will take you through zero to a hundred about golf irons maintenance, life, and replacement.

So, it’s very important that you stick with this article till the last line of it, and don’t miss a single word among it.

How to Know Your Irons Are Worn Out?

The signs that your irons are due for new clubheads are when you’re consistently being outperformed by newer models or if parts of your clubs start to visibly wear out.

When your golf player’s face is worn down, you won’t be able to get the same spin on your ball. It is time to buy new golf irons.

When your iron gets worn out, it’s the last time to replace it, after that, it’s meaningless to continue with it.

Apart from the above-mentioned signs, there are some other signs by that you can conclude that your iron is getting worn out, and it’s time to replace it.

1. Poor Performance

Golfers with old or used irons will notice that their performance on the golf course isn’t as good as it once was.

You may notice that you are not hitting the same distance or achieving the same spin on your ball.

2. Changes in Swings

Golfers living in certain regions need to adjust their equipment to match the climate, while others might need a new golf club because they’ve improved their swing.

If you feel that the swing of your golf iron has been changed or diverted, it’s an indication of warning your golf irons.

3. Technology Aspect

In order to improve a specific area of your game, such as struggling with the golf irons, it is more productive to change out the clubs rather than trying to change the entire swing. 

Technology is constantly evolving, changing the game, and lets you take advantage of evolutionary progressions.

When to Replace Golf Irons

When to Replace Golf Irons 1

Without having reasons, it’s meaningless to buy a new golf iron, and that is why you must know the perfect time and situation to change the golf irons.

There are some very important indications by following which you can firmly change the golf iron.

1. More Than Regular Spin

When playing golf, having too much spin can be bad for the ball.

Launching it high will help, but making it too high in the air with too much spin will cause the ball to lose distance and control when turned by the wind.

Most new golf equipment is made to increase height and decrease spin, leaving those with older technology at a disadvantage.

If your ball is rolling out of bounds or floating, it may have too much spin. To get better distance, newer technologies could be helpful.

2. The Overall Condition of Golf Iron

Even if your club grip is worn, you may not need a new one. Worn grips can just be replaced in some cases.

If the appearance of your club is showing signs of major wear and tear, with loads of chips and scratches on the impact area of the face, then it may be time to look at replacing the club.

3. Decrement of Performance

You need to replace your clubs after they start to lose performance and over time, you will find that your clubs can no longer achieve the distances that they used to be able to, it becomes difficult to work the ball around, or the club face loses spin as a result of damage to the grooves.

Regrinding your clubs can be a quick solution to fix an issue, but you will easily know this is not a long-term fix.

4. Insufficient Height

If you have difficulties in the air, it may be time to get a club upgrade.

You might have trouble flipping the club because it lacked enough loft and your irons might be bouncing out of bounds.

On a bright and windy day, it’s helpful to get some extra distance for your shot. 

However, if the ball is traveling just under the ground after landing, this could be an issue in the long run.

The game changer for golfers who hit the ball too low could be new equipment; every year, new technologies hit the market that helps golfers hit the ball higher.

You can control better and improve your distance off the tee, by hitting the ball higher into the air.

How Long do Golf Irons Last

Asking how many years a golf club lasts is not a valid question because it varies based on too many factors. 

A more helpful question would be “how many rounds can you play with one set of irons?”

Higher-quality golf sets will last longer than low quality, and their cycles vary based on frequency and skill. 

Higher-quality clubs last longer and they stay in good condition with frequent practice.

The average golfer should expect to purchase a new set of irons after four to five years or approximately three hundred rounds. 

The technology changes too quickly for a golfer and this will allow you more dependence on the industry.

Golfers who are not highly competitive can keep their irons for up to eight years.

If you do not have time to sharpen every club after use, it is more likely that your shorter irons and wedges will wear out before other clubs.

Not regularly cleaning your clubs will negatively affect the hole’s spin pattern and the quality of your game.

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5 Tips to Improve Lifespan of Iron

Only buying a new golf iron is not enough, although, you must take care of your golf irons.

Once you purchase a new golf iron, start taking care of it from the first day, by doing this you will make your golf iron very lasting. 

1. Always Keep Your Irons Clean

You should have your iron clubs cleaned regularly and keep them clean to avoid damage to the surface. Dirt on the clubface can cause scratches, dents, and other defects in the grooves.

To maintain the spin and performance of the club, it is important to clean your clubs after every shot. 

This can be done by wiping down the club’s face with a wet towel, cleaning the grooves, and then drying it properly.

To clean golf clubs, wipe the grip first. It’s not enough to just wash with water.

2. Use of The Golf Bag

To properly protect your golf clubs, you should pack a bag with individual dividers to hold fourteen of them, or have separate storage for your putter. 

This is very important if you have graphite-shafted clubs.

Another point is the selection of golf bags, you should select the perfect golf bag for your golf irons and other golf clubs, that can not harm your irons.

Moreover, the use of golf bag tubes is very recommended because, with the use of it, your golf iron will remain very safe and survive till a very long time.

3. Impact of The Surface

While hitting the golf irons you must take care that you swing in a proper way, it should not be rubbed with the surface with a high force, it can damage your golf iron quickly.

It’s not like it will damage or break in just one collision, but it will make the iron weaker, and with the multiple same incidences, it will break earlier than in real-time.

So, make sure you swing through surfaces that won’t damage your clubs, such as the cart path or a mat.

4. Storage Selection

It’s very inactive where you store your golf clubs when it’s not in use, if you idle your golf irons randomly anywhere, it impacts the lifespan of your golf iron club.

A golf bag is a highly durable, yet surprisingly flimsy item that can be damaged by the sun and weather easily. 

If you are not using your clubs, store them in a cool, dry place where they can safely rest until you need them again.

Your car trunk isn’t a good storage place for your clubs because it tends to experience temperature variations. 

In addition, heat isn’t good for keeping your clubs in good condition.

5. Renovate of Irons

You could remake your clubs to be as effective as when they were new, but that would make them date with the latest technology.

With the passage of time and usage, you should not avoid refurbishing the irons as it has too much potential to increase the lifespan of your golf irons.

Benefits of Changing Golf Iron

You might be thinking, is there any benefit to replacing the golf iron or not, right?

Let me tell you that there are some benefits that you get by changing the golf irons, like performance improvement, having a new and better grip, and implementation of new technology as well.

In the new iron, you will get increased and improved spin and distance which directly impacts your performance and practice also.

New golf irons have more inbuilt technology and features than the old ones, and that is why you get an enhanced feel and workability in them.

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Final Words

Golf irons can last anywhere from 8 to 12 years. Factors such as the player’s level and frequency of use must be considered when determining their lifespan.

In order to increase the life of your golf iron, don’t avoid maintaining and taking care of it also, otherwise, it is meaningless what quality and amount of expensive iron you buy.


Q1: Are 20 year old golf irons still good?

Ans: Irons, a staple golf club, have technology that has not changed in decades. There is no reason a set of irons should not last five to ten years, depending on how much you use it.

Q2: How Often Should I Change My Irons?

Ans: Golf irons should be replaced once every four to five years, or after three hundred rounds. This prevents them from becoming worn to the degree that they could seriously hurt your game.

Q3: How Often Do Pros Change Their Irons?

Ans: Generally, the pro golfers change their iron every year. With their specially fitted iron set, they will be able to increase their performance and endorsement revenue.

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