Who Makes The Heaviest Golf Irons

The weight of the golf irons matters a lot to build your golf portfolio, when you hit the ball with the iron, you might have felt it’s too light or too heavy, right?

So, it’s very important to decide your comfort zone in terms of the weight of golf irons, whether you are comfortable with heavier irons or lighter irons.

If you are comfortable with heavier irons, then you should know all aspects of heavier irons, and don’t miss to gather the information about what is the heaviest golf iron, it may add value to your golf career.

In this segment, there are many factors of which you must be aware, such as who makes the heaviest golf irons are heavier irons better or not for you, how you can make your irons heavier, etc…

Well, don’t worry, if you are seeking this information, you have landed at the very right place, because this article will answer each question.

So, it’s very strongly suggested that don’t miss a single word of this article till the last line of it, so let’s get started!

Who Makes The Heaviest Golf Irons

Well, if you find over the planet, internet, sites, and manufacturers, you will find plenty of them who make heavier golf irons for golfers.

However, a common name that you will see repeatedly is “Boccieri Heavy Irons’.

The Boccieri is well known for making the heaviest irons, however, you have the option to make heavier golf clubs than the readymade heavier ones.

How Do I Make My Irons Heavier?

The best option is you buy an already heavier golf iron, case, if you have already bought an iron, and it’s not heavier according to your requirement, don’t worry, you don’t have to buy the new one.

You can add weight to it and can make it heavier according to your comfort.

You need to just follow a process that I am going to mention here — you need to add weight to your iron club, but not randomly, it has a significant process that you must follow.

First of all, you should know how many ways you can add weight to golf iron clubs, and which way is best for you.

There are three easy methods to make your golf iron heavier — by adding weight screws, lead tapes, and rubber-coated tungsten weights.

1. By Weight Screws

The weight is dependent upon whether the head has a removable screw and if there are heavier options.

It is generally more effective to change the weight for drivers and putters than fairway woods or hybrids. 

Everything that is needed is a wrench to remove the weight you don’t want and replace it with the one you do, but you must use weights that are available. 

Further adjustments may require using the next two items.

2. By Lead Taps

The head of the golf club is usually adjusted with lead tape to attain the right weight. 

Professional clubs often have a layer of lead taped to different clubs, making it easy to play around with its weight.

A lead strip will have a strip of paper on one side that needs to be removed before using it, after which the sticky side of the lead will be exposed.

There are different types of lead foil tape and you may need to stack them on top of each other. 

The lead foil tape is thin, so layering it will make it easier to add more thickness.

It may not be aesthetically pleasing, but it’s effective. The downside is that you need to take safety precautions like wearing gloves, disposal, and washing your hands after.

3. By Rubber Coated Tungsten Weights

Do away with lead tape and try rubber-coated tungsten weights instead. 

These can be cut and placed onto the club head for a better grip on the golf club.

Tungsten is dense and can therefore be compressed into smaller spaces than lead. 

Rubber tungsten weights offer a safe, clean alternative to lead weights that are dangerous to handle but otherwise produce the same effect as lead.

This is done so that the weights don’t overlap. In the example, 7 grams of weight is used in the same space as was used for the lead tape shown earlier (1-7 grams).

These are the common and easy methods by which you can increase the weight of your favorite golf iron.

Now, it’s time to decide which one is the best for you, or else, better for you.

Now, honestly speaking, it matters on personal opinions and choices, however, the recommended by experts method is the lead tape method.

So, let’s explore how to make your golf iron heavier with lead tape.

There are many options and ways to increase club weight by adding lead tape.

Adding tape to the club can make a huge difference. If you add too much, then you can’t control your swing as well- and too little will also do the same. 

Add it cautiously and make sure to add about one square inch.

  • Add The Tape to The Toe: Stripping a tennis racket across your toes will help make you hit the ball at a downward angle.
  • Add Tape to The Heel: If your golf swing includes having more weight on the heel of the club, you won’t have as many slices and will be better at developing a draw-spin.
  • Add The Tap to The Front of The Sole: When you place a cassette (a type of adhesive tape) on the front part of the sole, this reduces spin and produces a lower ball flight. It also makes your club less forgiving.
  • Add The Tap to The Back of The Sole: For more height and spin on your ball, the best method is a heel raise. The heel raise will move the golf club’s center of gravity away from the face, making it easier to get good contact with the ball.

Are Heavier Irons Easier to Hit?

The common and ever-said answer is, yes, heavier irons are easier to hit, but, wait, it’s not the end of the logical answer.

Well, the common and ever-said answer is also right, but it isn’t justifying the question, because, it can not be applicable in the same way for each golfer.

It depends upon many factors such as the weight of a golfer, the type of course land, whether it’s greener, or drier, the common atmosphere, and many aspects.

If a golfer’s weight is less, then it becomes difficult to balance the heavier iron for him, right?

Second, practice from the beginning — you will become handy and familiar with the iron with which you have been playing or practicing from the beginning.

Whether it is lightweight or heavier, it won’t affect your mind, balance, and game, as you have become habitual for it.

Now, going technically, the heavier golf irons are good because it has more potential to stay stable than the lightweight golf iron due to more weight and center of gravity.

How Heavy Should My Irons Be?

You should play a lighter shaft if you have a slower swing speed and tempo.

Irons typically weigh 55-60 grams for men and 45-50 grams for ladies. If your physique is heavy, you can use heavy iron shafts at 130 grams in steel.

Do Heavier Irons Hit Further?

The acceleration of an object results from its size, weight, and the amount of force applied.

The golf ball is small and weighs less than 2 lbs. When golfer swings their golf club, the force can change the way that the ball moves, depending on how fast they swung and which body parts they used to hit it.

The final outcome of the golf swing, getting a ball into the air, is all determined by the force behind your swing.

A heavier golf club, if swung at the same speed, will hit the ball harder and farther than a lighter one.

A heavier club is more difficult to swing because of its weight, but it can be used for power shots if swung at high speeds.

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Pros and Cons of Heavier Golf Irons

Moreover, before you buy heavier irons, it’s essential to go through their impacts, how much it is beneficial, and what are its drawbacks.

In simple words, you must be aware of the pros and cons of heavier irons.


People with a heavy shaft in their golf irons tend to make better shots because the ball is more accurate.

The decrease in the length of the shaft may lead to a loss in distance on heavier clubs.

The shafts of heavier clubs, often provide straighter shots with less torque and less chance of slicing or hooking.

Swing mechanics will be easier to focus on with practice because of the increased contact created by an enhanced tempo.

If you hit the ball too high, then a heavier shaft will decrease the launch angle and reduce spin.


With the heavier irons, the swing speed will be decreased, and you might lose the distance as well, so you would have to apply extra force.

Seeing the next con, you will feel chaos to release the golf iron, as due to its heavy weight, it would be a little bit difficult to balance it for lightweight golfers.

You know very well, that more weight of golf irons creates low swing speeds, so you will have less control over the greens.

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Q1: Is It Better To Have Heavier Or Lighter Golf Irons?

Ans: If you optimize your golf shaft with an appropriate weight, then you will have more success in accuracy and distance. More weight equals greater accuracy, and lighter weight means more distance.

Q2: Should older golfers use lighter clubs?

Ans: If your swing speed is low, make sure you have Senior shafts when purchasing clubs. For maximum efficiency, look for lighter graphite and stronger metal in the clubheads.

Final Thoughts

We can conclude that the weight of iron matters a lot in your play, and consistent performance, and by the article, don’t judge that you must select the heavier iron because it gives you more benefit.

You need to stick with your natural game, requirements, and comfortability of hitting the ball.

As you know that the swing and swing speed with curve impacts your game, so choose the golf iron wisely according to your natural game and requirements. 

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