How Long Does it Take to Charge a Golf Cart

Golf cart batteries lose power when you drive them, unlike cars that recharge their power by driving.

When golf cart batteries are low, it could be an inconvenience. In order to avoid the frustration of a drained battery, it’s best to charge them fully before each use so that they can last as long as possible.

When your phone dies and stops working, you won’t be able to do anything until you can find a way to recharge it.

Knowing how long it will take for your golf cart battery to charge gives you time and freedom to plan better.

Factors That Affect Charging Time of Golf Cart Battery

Well, majorly, there are four factors that affect the charging times of your golf cart battery, and these are the points on which you have to focus.

Quality of The Golf Cart Battery

Golf cart batteries are operated by charging, then discharging, then recharging again.

Durable batteries can charge to full percentage in less than 2 years. Relative new models with shorter life span charge slower and don’t have the maximum potential of 2+-year-old batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries charge faster when they are close to their peak capacity. 

Therefore, with older batteries, as they gain battery power (they lose it as they age), you charge them too rapidly, which can cause damage and reduce the shelf life of your battery.

If you’re using a new battery pack with 100 amp hours, you can discharge half of it before needing to recharge.

If you have an old battery pack, it will be quicker to charge 30 amps than the newer 50 amp charge.

Battery Charging Cycle

The average lifespan for a golf cart battery if you charge it after each use is six to seven years. 

The life span for golf cart batteries is usually guaranteed for two to three years, but with proper usage and maintenance, the battery will last longer.

Protecting the battery means charging it before it runs out of power. For recharging, remember to reserve 50% of the battery’s life after each use.

When charging a battery, it is a bad decision to charge the battery at 85% or higher. 

This will decrease the lifespan of the battery and cause long charging times because you are overcharging it.

It can also cause the battery to discharge more quickly while under-maximizing its power.

DOD: Dept of Discharge of Golf Cart Battery

If you’re not careful about charging your phone, it will probably take more time to fully charge.

This means that batteries with a higher depth of discharge will take longer to charge than the standard.

Batteries with a 50% charge will need ten hours or more to recharge using a standard charger. However, using a heavy-duty charger will only reduce the charging time by a small amount.

Quality of The Golf Cart Battery Charger

Keeping the right charger in your golf cart would decrease the battery life.

To always have the right charger, you’d need to understand what type of cart you are using.

Smaller 12V batteries are typically used on a golf cart, while bigger 36V and 48V batteries are typically found in electric golf carts.

Golf cart chargers should correspond to the number is voltages of their corresponding golf carts. A 48V charger is for a 48V battery, a 36V charger is for a 36V battery.

To determine how many volts your golf cart has, you need to read the number of holes in the battery. 

A battery with 6 cells will be a 48V golf cart with 4 cells in each battery.

If the battery is half charged and has an appropriate charger, the charger should work quickly. 

However, if the battery is half charged and has a low output, it may take 10 hours to charge.

9 amps will take 2.8 hours to charge a golf car battery with an amp hour rating of 220.

Plug in the amperage of your batteries and the power they can output, add this together with the amperage of your charger, and calculate how many hours it will take to charge.

Golf Cart Battery Charger Cycles

To actually charge a battery, chargers can use a variety of techniques to more efficiently charge up the battery.

The majority of energy, measured in amp hours, goes into the battery when charging. 

When charging, the charger uses the maximum amp hours and puts most of that energy back into your battery.

The Absorption prevents the battery from dispersing if it sends more amperage, and decreases it at the end.

The charger will slowly charge your batteries to keep them from getting too low.

You can’t fill a hundred amps in ten hours of charging, even with a 10 amp charger.

How to Know Your Golf Cart Batteries Are Dying

To start your golf cart, turn on the ignition and press down lightly on the gas pedal. 

If you notice that the vehicle is slower than normal to accelerate, this may be a sign that your battery needs to be replaced.

There might not be any major problems if you shift from driving to Reverse after fully charging your car. However, even the slightest addition of a battery-draining action such as shifting gears can make this an issue.

There might not be any major problems if you shift from driving to Reverse after fully charging your car.

However, even the slightest addition of a battery-draining action such as shifting gears can make this an issue.

If you have to press the gas pedal to your car hard in order to climb a hill, this may be a sign that your car battery is not functioning properly.

You feel relieved when you reach the top of the hill and can coast. Replace the battery if this is happening often.

If your CD player isn’t functioning as it should – or if your refrigerator isn’t working hard enough – it could be that your battery is dying.

Turn off the cart when it is not in use, to prevent the battery from draining. 

If it starts to hesitate in the middle of driving even though there are no impediments, you should replace the batteries.

So you are known to the sign of a dying golf cart battery. If there is any opportunity to use your battery you can read this article to revive your golf cart battery.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Golf Cart?

Here are a few factors that determine how long it takes to charge a battery: depth of discharge, how many amp-hours you’ve used, and how many amp-hours your charger can charge.

It also takes 8 to 14 hours to charge a fully discharged battery. It’s the same for any golf cart, whether it’s an EZGo, Club Car, Yamaha, or other.

You can determine your battery life by dividing the amp hour rate by how many amps have been used. 

This can be difficult because most golf carts do not have a meter telling you how many amps you have used.

You can divide your battery capacity by the amp hours to get an approximate idea of how long it will take to charge.

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How do I know when my golf cart is fully charged?

Your golf cart is fully charged if the lights on the battery are green or blue.

How long will a golf cart run on a full charge?

Typically an electric golf cart can run for 45 to 90 minutes after being fully charged, but newer models may be able to run longer depending on the age of the battery.

Can you charge a golf cart while driving?

No, it’s not advisable to charge a golf cart when it’s driving, turning the golf cart off when charging is important because it will drain the cart’s energy. The golf cart turns on once fully charged.

How often should you charge your golf cart?

You should use your golf car batteries often to make sure they are always at maximum capacity. Several maintenance measures will also help you extend the life and functionality of your golf car battery.

Should I keep my golf cart plugged in all the time?

Manufacturers advise that your golf cart be plugged in all of the time, to keep the auto battery charged and always available. If a battery is not charged for prolonged storage, it may damage over time and deliver less capacity.

Final Words

It will not take a ridiculous amount of time to charge a battery, depending on its condition.

Ask about the power supply for your battery charger. If you want to charge it quickly, you’ll need a heavy-duty charger.

You should also be aware that the frequency of shopping will impact the life of your battery.

One way to increase the life of your batteries is by using them until about 30% of their battery life remains. 

This is called a shallow discharge cycle and will prevent them from deteriorating with deep discharges.

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