Spiked Vs Spikeless Golf Shoes

As a golfer, you should understand that every module in golf is equally important, whether it is a golf club, a cap, a golf ball, or maybe golf shoes.

Golf shoes have different categories with two major categories, spiked golf shoes, and spikeless shoes, amongst all the shoes, you need suitable ones for you.

Now, the question should be raised in your mind, if we compare spiked vs spikeless golf shoes, which are better, which shoes should you use, is there any price difference between both, or is there any quality and feature difference between both?

It will be disclosed after exploring them in terms of different characteristics such as traction, durability, manufacturing, comfort, versatility, and other features.

But let me tell you that all features and characteristics are essential to consider, but the most crucial factor is your comfort, if you are comfortable with any of them, you are good to go.

Well, it doesn’t mean that you ignore the other factors before choosing golf shoes between spiked shoes and non-spiked shoes.

Spiked Vs Spikeless Golf Shoes

You need to understand that both golf shoes are good for you, it depends upon your comfort, usage, way to use, how many times you use the golf shoes, and many other factors.

Features are also quite important such as how much they are durable, and whether spike shoes are more durable or non-spiked are, so if you are confused about buying the golf shoes, you should read the article till the last line of it, and end it, you will be full of confidence to make a proper decision.

Aspect #1: Traction

The very first thing you should consider is traction when you are going to buy golf shoes between spiked golf footwear and non-spiked golf shoes.

The cleated design at the bottom surface of the shoes holds the shoes with the ground whether you are on a green or sand or on a mud surface.

Nowadays, the spikes are made from softer plastic material because the harder metal material damages the green grass of the course.

In addition, if you are standing on a smoother surface while hitting the ball, the spiked shoes hold your leg while swinging the golf club as well.

In spikeless golf footwear, there is a rubber nub on the outsole of the golf shoes, and it generates less traction and holding than the spiked golf shoes.

However, it’s not enough definition, some manufacturers such as ECCO and Nike provide special features like stability, durability, and rotation with the inclusion of a fin-like pattern that grabs into the ground.

So, if we compare, we can not neglect the traction ability of non-spiked shoes as well, but on the wet golf course, on smooth golf courses, or else in the monsoon period, you will feel more comfortable with spiked golf footwear.

Aspect #2: Durability

The more you use it — walk, run, or jump, the bottom sole of your golf shoes keeps fading away continuously.

Even if you use any shoes, whether you use golf shoes, other sports shoes, casual or party shoes, every shoe dies naturally for this reason, and that is a non-rejectable fact.

While using the spiked golf shoes, you would observe that the cleats start losing their grip when it starts to wear down.

The benefit of the spiked shoes is that they come with replaceable cleats, when they are about to fade away, you can replace them with new ones and use them as they were — it increases the durability of your golf shoes.

Moreover, if there is only one shoe cleat has been worn down, you are not supposed to replace both, which saves your unnecessary expense as well.

Talking about the spikeless golf shoes, they do not have such durability as the spiked shoes, however, the manufacturers use very good quality materials in the outsoles and other parts — still, they are supposed to wear down.

As long as they start wearing down, the traction starts to decrease and the shoes are not in a condition of working properly as you expect.

And, if you wear the spikeless golf shoes out of golf shoes (for other purposes) along with wearing them on the golf course for playing golf, it wears down faster than normal, which decreases their durability.

So, in the aspect of durability also, the spiked golf shoes win, now, let’s move on to the next aspect.

Aspect #3: Comfortability

In the aspect of comfort, the spikeless shoes may win the game because there are no cleats in the shoes, and they are lighter than the spiked golf shoes.

Moreover, they are made in such a way that it removes the additional pressured points where your legs stand on the cleats of the spiked shoes.

But as you know technology is a thing which always evolved and due to very high competition in the business world, each business segment has to offer a new and advanced thing to the customers.

Some manufacturers such as Adidas are offering lightweight spiked shoes with advanced features that compete with spikeless golf shoes, however, spikeless shoes are not supposed to leave the game in terms of comfort.

Aspect #4: Versatility

Again, in the versatility aspect, the spikeless golf shoes win the game as you can use them for multipurpose whereas, the spiked golf shoes can be used for only one purpose i.e. playing golf, not other than it.

Well, using multiple intents decreases the durability of your golf shoes, so even though spikeless shoes are multipurpose, you have to restrict yourself to using the only for golfing.

Here, you might feel a little bit confused, because if you want the versatility, you will have to give away the durability and traction that is very important for holding your game and saving unnecessary expense.

And if you want to choose the two aspects, you will have to sacrifice the versatility, in a nutshell, the versatility is your first preference, then the spikeless golf shoes are the best choice.

Aspect #5: Fitting of Golf Shoes

The last but very much important factor is the fitting of your golf shoes, in reality, it does not connect with the choice of spiked shoes or spikeless shoes because it depends upon your foot size.

If the golf shoes are not fitting in your legs, the above four factors are meaningless, so make sure that your leg is fitting in the shoe, the upper part of your legs with fingers fit perfectly in the toe of the shoe, and from the heel part, you are comfortable to walk, run, and jump as well.

Infographics For Spiked vs Spikeless Golf Shoes

Do Golf Shoes Make a Difference

According to the FactMr, the overall golf shoe market is around $8,504 Million — if this much volume of golf shoes are being sold, it makes sense how bigger a difference creates the golf shoes, in a nutshell, the golf shoes make a very huge difference while playing the golf.

While playing golf, if you have worn spiked golf shoes, it gives you unbelievable benefits in terms of control.

It holds your legs to the surface while swinging the golf club to hit the ball and control your position, and you do not lose control of your body, you don’t slip after swinging the golf club.

In other words, the golf shoes give you a better grip, control, and more stability, and make you able to deliver the hits consistently.

Moreover, they are more durable than normal shoes if you take care of golf shoes properly, which is a very good step in the direction of saving unnecessary expenses.

Can You Wear Spikeless Golf Shoes Anywhere

The legit answer is: Yes, you can wear your spikeless golf shoes anywhere you want, but it would impact the durability of your golf shoes.

You can use them as casual wear, and sneakers, you can also use them for other sports as well, they will work as all-in-one shoes.

Pros/Cons of Spikeless Golf Shoes


  • Spikeless golf shoes are very lightweight
  • There are comfortable for every golfer even for newbies also
  • It provides you the style along with quality features
  • Multipurpose: You can wear them anywhere in events including on a golf course


  • They are not very long-lasting
  • Spikeless shoes create less traction than spiked shoes

Pros/Cons of Spiked Golf Shoes


  • Spiked shoes are very durable
  • They generate the extreme traction
  • Spiked golf footwear provides you control, strong holding with the surface, and stability while swinging a golf club


  • They can be used only while playing golf
  • Less comfort than the Spikeless golf shoes


Q1: Is it better to have spikes on golf shoes?

Ans: It’s too better to have spikes on golf shoes if your intent is only playing golf, but if you want to use them for multipurpose, you should have spikeless shoes.

Q2: Do pro golfers wear spikes?

Ans: Yes, most pro golfers wear spikes as it gives them more control while playing.

Q3: Do pros wear spikeless golf shoes?

Ans: Yes, pro golfers wear spikeless golf shoes, but the majority are very less.

Q4: How long will spikeless golf shoes last?

Ans: On average, the life of spikeless golf shoes is around three years.

Q5: How long will Spiked golf shoes last?

Ans: On average, the life of spiked golf shoes is around three years.

Final Words

Finally, the selection of golf shoes depends on personal choice and comfort, however, you have gone through all the aspects of golf shoes.

The choice of golf shoes undergoes your preference, what you prefer, durability, stability, traction, comfort, and multi-usability.

Whatever you choose, you should discuss it with yourself, and come to the right conclusion by deciding your requirements.

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