How Much are Golf Clubs

If you are a golf lover then it may be possible that the price of a golf club may not matter for you.

But it’s not similar for each golf amateur, and as a beginner, you should invest only your money in what you need.

It means you must have knowledge about how much are golf clubs cost and how much you should spend.

It is necessary to determine that you have enough potential to buy a golf club for beginners, intermediate, or an expert, whatever you are.

In this article, you will come to know about golf club prices, and how much you should spend for the same.

Overspending doesn’t make any sense, so you must be aware of all the things about golf clubs.

How Much Are Golf Clubs: Detailed Determination

See, there are various types of golf clubs, in terms of materials, gender, skills, seniority etc…

If you are a woman golfer, then you can buy special golf clubs for women, if you are a kid, you can buy dedicated golf clubs for kids, and so on.

The prices differ with the variations of all the golf clubs, and each golf club has a different price.


As long as you upgrade your skill level — you become intermediate from beginner, expert from intermediate.

And with this change, you need to upgrade the set of golf clubs that you use as well.

A putter will not cost you too much, but the other clubs for golf may vary with high cost as well.

But with all these aspects, you need to pay attention that you are aware of the prices of golf clubs which will be explored by this article.

Starting Cost For Golf Clubs

Well, you can get the golf clubs starting from $250 onwards — putters are the cheapest, and drivers with hybrids are costlier than it.

It depends upon your budget and which kinds of golf clubs you are choosing.

You will find some drivers at a cost of $600 as well, and yes, definitely, you would be finding the drivers at a cheaper rate than this — quality will not be so good.

Materials Used — Major Aspect

The major aspect of the price of golf clubs is the material used to make them.

There are many kinds of materials used in different parts of the golf clubs.

For example, golf club shafts are made with various kinds of materials such as graphite and stainless steel — graphite shafts golf clubs are costlier than steel shaft golf clubs.

Typically, the drivers are the costliest module in the entire set of golf clubs — you can expect to buy it for $250 to $600 individually.

Or else, if you want a very high quality with good material, you would have to pay $800-$1,000 as well.

How Much a Does a Golf Driver Cost

In general, the price of a driver depends upon many things such as the brand, quality, material, popularity, and many other things.

You can expect to buy a good quality gold driver for between $250 to $600 from good manufacturers.

No doubt, if you are a beginner in the golf sport, you have multiple options with a low range such as the $120 — starting price.

It would not be a very good quality, but good enough driver for beginners in golfing.

In a nutshell, if you are an expert, you can go with any range according to your requirement, skills, and experience, but if you are a beginner, you should not spend too much on the golf driver.

The Putter Cost

You would be surprised that in spite of being a very important club of golf, a putter starts from $25 to $600.

Yes, the quality matters and it depends upon your skills on which kind of putter you should buy.

If you are just a beginner, the putter of $150 is more than enough. In case it’s unaffordable for you, there is plenty of $75 to $100 that you can buy a good quality of putter.

Cost of Iron

Irons are one of the costliest clubs in the golf club kit in the golf bag, which starts at almost $800 onwards.

You can even go up to $1000 as well in search of good quality golf irons. And you must also know when to change your golf iron to maintain your consistent improvement in golfing.

How Much Does The Wedge Cost?

If you go for buying the wedge separately, you will have to spend around $100 for a good quality wedge that can provide you the ease of hit and accuracy.

What is The Cost of Good Quality Hybrids?

Talking about the hybrids, if you want good quality of them, you would have to spend around $199 per hybrid.

At this cost, you can get a brand of a hybrid like Wilson, if you are having more budget, you can go for the Cobra brand, for which you would have to spend over $250, and you’ll get a better one.

But if you are a beginner, then the $199 hybrid is good enough for you.

How Much Are Cheap Golf Clubs

Using cheap golf clubs is a precise decision if you are a beginner, because, at the beginning of your practice, you would not be able to use all the premium features of the expensive golf clubs.

If you want a cheap golf club, you can buy it from Amazon — other sites, and from the local stores for around $120 as well.

You may get the steel shaft which is not good enough for you as a beginner, you should increase your budget a little bit and go up to $220 and you will get enough quality golf clubs with the graphite shafts.

Used Golf Clubs Cost

You might be thinking “Do used golf clubs really exist and can you buy them?”

The answer is: Yes, you can get used golf clubs from a different pawn shop and they cost very less than the new one.

The old golf club’s cost depends upon many factors such as its brand, tenure of use, how it has been used, what is its current condition, and how durable it is from now.

Typically, at some places, you can get used clubs for golfing from $60 to $90, whereas, at some shops, you will get them from $100 as well.

The factor of brand plays a very major role to decide the final price of used golf clubs.

Best Time to Buy Golf Clubs

Buying golf clubs is not dependent on the seasons like summer, but there is a certain time to do so that you should understand.

A golfer buys the golf clubs in two conditions — if he is a beginner and buys it the first time, or else he wants to upgrade the set of his golf clubs.

If you are a beginner, then you should buy the golf clubs after you get a good command on hitting the shots.

And if you are already a good golfer, then you should buy the golf clubs if you feel that you are over-experienced and you need to upgrade your golf equipment.

When you feel that you need to upgrade your golf tools to make your game sharper and the current clubs are outdated, then you should order a new set of golf clubs.

Moreover, the best time to buy a new golf club is January and February of every month, as the brands typically release new variations.

What Are The Golf Club Brands To Avoid

While surfing for the best golf clubs, you would be coming to interact with many reputed brands like Callaway, Taylormade, Wilson, Cobra, and many best brands that you can buy blindly.

But there are some brands that you should avoid buying due to some very sensitive reasons.

Knock Off Golf Clubs

Sometimes you will find them having a very good look, features, and functions like the pro clubs.

 But in actuality, they are not what they look, because they are knockoff golf clubs that are not made in the USA.

In these kinds of golf clubs, you will find low-quality materials used with a good look, having cheaper rates.

Anybody will get attracted to these golf clubs and may order as well, but you must not do so.

The Knock-Off golf clubs are not durable as the reputed brand and break very soon in very light accidents as well.

These kinds of golf clubs are manufactured in countries in which there are no strict laws to make low-quality products.

Copycat and Cloned Golf Clubs

Some manufacturers are too good to make clones and copy products of the other brands by changing a little bit of the original name.

By taking the benefit of subconscious non-awareness, they succeed in selling those kinds of products.

In this aspect, you will find the same golf clubs as the branded and reputed manufacturers’ golf clubs, but the quality will be very low.

Moreover, the prices also will be much cheaper than if you will force yourself to buy it.

But you are not supposed to make the mistake of buying it.

Component or Assemble Golf Clubs

The component golf clubs are not illegal but are not good for you as the parts of these kinds of golf clubs are used from new or second-hand golf clubs from the original manufacturers.

Reputed brands do not allow their parts to be sold, they make the entire clubs their own, and that’s why these kinds of golf clubs are risky.

So, you should keep your distance from these kinds of golf clubs.

Name Of Those Brands

As you have come to know which kinds of golf clubs you should not buy, it’s not enough, you may have some references of brand names from which you should keep your distance forever.

  • Yonex Graphite Driver
  • Alien Golf Club
  • Giga-Golf Club Brand
  • Bullet Hollow Point Driver
  • Ryoma Clubs
  • Yamaha
  • Flip Face Odyssey Putter
  • Precise Golf Club 
  • Nike SQ 5900 Iron

These are the golf clubs that you should never buy even if they offer you it at a very low price, right?


Q1: When Does a Company Release New Golf Clubs?

Ans: Generally, during January and February, the companies release new golf clubs, so it’s the best time to order new ones.

Q2: How much should I be spending on golf clubs?

Ans: It is totally a personal choice, and depends upon your choice and comfort, moreover, if you are a beginner, you can buy a good golf club set from here.

Final Words

It’s very good that you are a golf lover, and money does not matter to you as you love golf.

But as a golfer, you should be aware of the real pricing of a golf club and how much you should spend for it — moreover, you should use the new golf clubs or used ones as well.

I hope this article has cleared all your doubts.

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